Jose Lopez Portillo


José López Portillo y Pacheco was an important and recognized politician of Mexican nationality who held the position of President of the Republic in the period between 1976 and 1982. A lawyer by profession who helped significantly in the reform of the tax system of Mexico, thus managing to increase all government revenues.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 06/16/1920
  • Where he was born: Mexico City, Mexico
  • When did he die: 02/17/2004
  • Where he died: Mexico City, Mexico

Who was José López Portillo?

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1920, José López Portillo was a prominent lawyer and politician who managed to hold the position of president of the Mexican nation for several years. A lawyer who wanted to eliminate the country’s dependence on the United States by reestablishing relations with Spain .

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What did

During his presidential term, José López Portillo made a series of important changes that included aspects such as the application of the political reform that began with the democratization of the country, made his country achieve impressive growth in the economic field of the nation, although in the end , it fell dramatically. He tried to establish the economic independence of the United States and included the smaller parties within the Chamber of Deputies . In addition, he focused on establishing relations with Spain .

Biography of José López Portillo

Jose Lopez Portillo was born in the City of Mexico one 16 June 1920 . His family consisted of various intellectuals including his grandfather who was a member of the Academia Mexicana. His father was a cadet at the Military College while his mother was dedicated to housework.

During most of his youth he stayed away from the entire political field following the advice of his father and in 1958 he decided to start participating in the creation of a government plan with the candidate Adolfo López Mateos . He began to work in the National Heritage Secretariat in 1960 as an advisor and later took charge of several important positions, including the undersecretary of the Secretariat of the Presidency.


Jose Lopez Portillo died on February 17 of the year 2004 in Mexico City when he was 83 years old. His cause of death was due to a heart complication which had been caused by pneumonia . His remains are found resting in the Military Pantheon, which is located in the Federal District.

Political career

His political career had its beginnings when he began to work and rise in the hierarchy in the Federal Government , including the National Heritage Secretariat , the Office of the Presidency and the Federal Electricity Commission . He was also Secretary of the Treasury and participated in the political decisions of the president of the time.

He was chosen as a presidential option by President Echeverría and later he dedicated himself to proselytizing under his motto that said “the solution is all of us.” His greatest contribution in his political career came with the Political Reform of 1977, thus representing the first important advance to make Mexico a multi-party regime with shared power .

Government of José López Portillo

He held the position of President of the Republic in 1975 by the Institutional Revolutionary Party . He was elected with a total of 68 percent of the vote, assuming power in the country on January 11, 1976 . The main objective of his government was to achieve independence from the United States in economic matters, he also broke all kinds of relations with Nicaragua, specifically with Antonio Somoza, but he maintained the aid to the opposition Sandinistas and his first function upon reaching the presidency was based on in the reform of the public administration through the creation of an Organic Law that suppressed theSecretariat of the Presidency .

At the end of his term in office, the foreign debt caused by important loans made by the country increased considerably and the people accused him of corruption along with his cabinet. It devalued then the Mexican currency abruptly and nationalized the private banking for a few months, however, did not achieve positive results. At the end of his government he had many problems because the businessmen were against him as well as those of the radical left, including the middle class and the working class.

Economic model

The economic model of José López Portillo became known as Alianza based on the phrase that said “the solution is all of us.” He assured that to be able to face the economic situation of the country it was necessary to establish commitments with the population in order to seek equal development for the most needy families. However, his economic plan was based on the disorder caused by the different economic variables , the rise of the oil industry , the loss of purchasing power and the nationalization of the banks .

What study

José López Portillo studied law at UNAM and at the University of Santiago de Chile to finally graduate as a lawyer in 1946.

Ideology of José López Portillo

His ideology was based on Mexican nationalism , a social and political movement that sought to achieve and improve the national identity of the country. A type of Creole patriotism that promoted anti-centralist sentiments and that also sought the Ibero-American union.


Some of his main contributions from José López Portillo were the following:

  • It succeeded that when the sale of oil between the United States and Western Europe fell, Mexico would occupy the first place as an exporter of crude oil.
  • It raised the GDP to 8% per year .
  • It reduced the unemployment rate by about 50%.
  • He was in charge of promulgating a law of political amnesty .
  • He managed to reestablish international relations that had been broken with Spain .
  • He broke relations with Somoza and gave his support to the Sandinistas so that they could confront the United States.
  • He proposed a World Energy Resources Plan in the United Nations.
  • He made very important changes within the Chamber of Deputies , raising the number of members to 400, of which he established that 100 should belong to opposition parties.
  • He carried out an agrarian policy that managed to reorder the country’s economy .
  • It issued Petro bonds which had quite attractive interest rates.
  • It made it possible for the Pope to visit Mexico for the first time.

Physical characteristics

José López Portillo was a man of medium height, with black hair that with the passage of time showed some gray hair, abundant eyebrows and a thick nose. He was characterized by having little hair on the front of his head since he was young and was also slightly overweight.


He was a man who was characterized by having a personality full of decision, for being full of positivism and security that his government plans could move the country forward. He did not agree with the action of the United States in Latin America and despite this, he did not support presidents who had dictatorial airs.


His parents were José López Portillo y Weber and María del Refugio Pacheco who together formed a family of politicians and intellectuals.


José López Portillo married twice, the first with Carmen Romano and the second with Sasha Montenegro . Some time after he divorced his second wife, he lived a relationship with Rosa Luz Angela who was his former secretary and with him she lived in Spain until the day of her death.


From his first marriage to Carmen Romano three children were born and from his second marriage two more children were born . Their children were named as José Ramón , Carmen , Paulina , Nabila and lastly, Alexander .


The main importance of José López Portillo was the relevance he gave to oil. Thanks to this, important oil deposits were discovered in different parts of the country, which helped improve the economy, in addition, he sought by all means to break with the dependence that his country had on the United States .


Some of his recognitions were the following:

  • Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation in 1981.
  • Some schools and a town are also named after him.

Quotes by José López Portillo

Some of his most important phrases were the following:

  • I am responsible for the rudder but not for the storm .
  • At present, countries can be divided into those that have and those that do not have oil. We have.
  • I will defend weight parity just like a dog would.
  • The solution is all of us.
  • If I could ask something of the dispossessed and marginalized, it would be forgiveness for not having figured out how to get them out of their prostration.


It is said that José López Portillo was the most expensive president in all of Mexican history as his decisions were valued at $ 70 million per hour. During his last years he was against the Institutional Revolutionary Party . He was a president who reduced and devalued the national currency up to 278%.

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