There are many types of content management systems which are a type of software that have the main function of maintaining the traceability of each of the pieces of content that make up a page or website . One of the biggest advantages of using this type of manager is that you don’t need a lot of technical skills to be able to properly manage the content. One of the best content managers goes by the name of Joomla .

What is Joomla?

Joomla is considered one of the main leaders for creating web pages that makes it possible to easily manage sites, modify them, add images, create new menu options among other things, easily and without the need for technical knowledge.

  • Joomla Features
  • Source
  • Evolution
  • What is Joomla for
  • How Joomla works
  • What can be done in Joomla
  • Why use it
  • Installation
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Vulnerabilities
  • What web pages use Joomla
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantages
  • Importance

Joomla Features

Among the main features of Joomla are the following:

  • Joomla is a type of free software , in other words it is a type of Open Source that can be used for free.
  • It is a type of content manager .
  • It turns out to be quite simple to use and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to be able to create the website.
  • It is developed in PHP and also has a GNU General Public License.
  • It works thanks to an important community of developers who work on a voluntary basis.
  • It uses an administration panel with which you can create, edit or delete the content.
  • It is also an online manager because all the activities carried out are done exclusively through a web browser through the HTTP protocol.


Its origin was born in 2005 and it emerged as a “ fork ” of a project that already existed which was known by the name of Mambo . The Australian company Miro , who was the owner of the legal rights of Mambo and the copyright of the code, began to carry out various activities that were not to the liking of the developers. On August 17, 2005 , Andrew Eddie , who was the main leader of this team of developers, decides along with several others to abandon the project and start a new one, which is how the origin of Joomla began.


After the separation of the developers, a new community was born as a new project and just a couple of weeks later, on the first of September the name of Joomla for the project was announced. The name comes from the Swahili word “jumla” which means “all together”, and was chosen to represent the commitment to collaboration that existed between developers and users.

What is Joomla for

This content manager is quite useful and is used to make corporate sites , online magazines , newspapers , corporate intranet , electronic commerce , websites for small companies and for NGOs, it is also a very useful tool when you need to make portals for different communities and even to make personal websites , blogs or sites for schools and churches.

How Joomla works

Joomla works through its platform which uses a series of extensions that must be downloaded from the same web page. The site offers a wide variety of elements that can be added to the page to achieve the desired structure . From this administration panel it is possible to make all the changes that are necessary to improve the appearance of the web and with the menus , you have the option of creating different and new extensions.

What can be done in Joomla

It is a simple but at the same time powerful tool that allows the creation of web pages in a simple way and in a short time and that also makes it possible to manage it in a highly effective way . With Joomla it is possible to manage the page , interact with web users by generating and publishing articles or surveys , creating new content , thus giving rise to more organized , lively and constantly moving web sites .

Why use it

Besides being the leading tool in the creation of pages web and be considered the best content manager there, Joomla gives you the ability of the user to create web pages of simple and well manage with effectiveness allowing you to perform all changes that are necessary to improve your appearance. It is one of the best CMS on the market because its content management system offers a wide variety of options and interfaces. that allow the user to create, organize, classify and then display the content.


In order to install Joomla, you can follow two different ways, one that you can do manually and the other can be through an auto-installer. If you decide to use the first option, then you must follow the following steps:

  • Create a database MySQL and user . It is important that you specify your name, the username you are going to use and also the password .
  • Download the newest version or the official installation package which can be purchased for free from its official website.
  • Upload the Joomla file and then extract it the main file comes compressed. This can be done with the file manager .
  • It is important to make sure that the Joomla files are located in the root directory so that the manager can work through com. In this, it is important to mention that all files must be placed in public_html.
  • Run the manager installation .

In case you want to use the auto-installer, you will have opted for the easiest and simplest way as it will only take a couple of minutes. First, you must access the auto-installer where you will open the hosting control panel to locate the automatic installer . Then, the Joomla CM option is located and the initial configuration wizard is executed , here the basic configuration must be completed with the personal data and then the install button will be clicked .


Joomla plugins are a type of extension that provide a series of functions that are related to the launch of new events and that serve to expand and improve the functionality of the entire platform. For example, in Joomla you can find plugins such as content , load modules and the editor .


The widgets are very important exemptions that can be seen as a kind of mini – application and make responsible mainly to show the content also allowing the owner of the site has the ability to manage edit it if necessary

  • Akeeba Backup.
  • Editor JCE.
  • Mobile Joomla (Mobile Joomla).
  • SwMenu.
  • FrontPage presentation.
  • JSitemap.


The site can be affected on some occasions although this is not so common, however, its developers are always aware of this situation and constantly carry out revisions. In case of finding any vulnerability, the developers will be in charge of updating the versions in order to eliminate the threats .

What web pages use Joomla

There are several quite popular web pages that are part of the Joomla Community, among them we can find:

  • Harvard University
  • Greek Ministry of Education
  • UK National Crime Agency
  • Orbitel
  • Villareal Soccer Club


Some of its main advantages are:

  • It is very easy to install as it is perfectly optimized for the public.
  • It has a large community that is always aware and willing to help customers in the forums which means that it has a perfect user management.
  • It is very prepared for everything related to SEO and no additional add-on should be installed .
  • It has a wide variety of templates which are flexible and with eye-catching designs .
  • It is open source and its software is free .
  • It has a large number of extra plugins which are available to users.
  • It offers the option of being able to work with templates that have been predesigned and that are also free, although it also has some paid ones.


Some of its disadvantages are the following:

  • It is not the ideal platform to be able to create or maintain blogs because it does not have some fundamental aspects that they should have, such as a tagging and comments system.
  • For some people it may seem like you have a lot of configuration options which could disappoint new users.
  • Even though it has a good SEO setting , it is still below WordPress .


Joomla is a very important content manager nowadays because in addition to being quite simple to use even for those who do not have much knowledge, it turns out to be an incredible solution to be able to manage web pages with a great variety of tools and components that result be necessary so that businesses can grow properly . It is one of the best means that exists today to be able to create web pages thanks to all the important characteristics that it offers to the client.

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