John F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy is one of the most remembered presidents of the United States in the world, a fascinating and at the same time very contradictory man who became the first Catholic American president during the second half of the 20th century. A visionary with many political projects in mind which were cut short due to his assassination in 1963.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 05/29/1917
  • Where he was born: Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
  • When he died: 11/22/1963
  • Where he died: Dallas, Texas, United States

Who was John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy was an important and well-known politician belonging to the Democratic Party who was elected as the first Catholic president of the United States in 1960 and who was assassinated a few years later, in 1963.

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What did John F. Kennedy do

Some of the most important achievements of John F. Kennedy were the following:

  • He was in charge of promoting a series of progressive measures that seek to help improve Latin America .
  • He neutralized the possible nuclear threat that had been created during the Cold War by reaching a good agreement with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev .
  • He promoted social , political and economic aid projects in Latin America.
  • Established friendly relations with Argentina and managed to open trade with the country.
  • He created the Peace Corps, a program that allows volunteers to go to help other parts of the world.
  • It prompted exploration into outer space .
  • He succeeded in abolishing ethnic segregation in schools, as well as in public places.
  • He created the Law on Immigration and Nationality .

Biography of John F. Kennedy

His full name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy and he was born on May 29, 1917 in Brooklyn , Massachusetts . He did most of his school studies at a public institution, and in the fourth grade he transferred to a private school. He began to live with his family in New York and later in Brownsville . He did Boy Scout activities. He spent time in London with his brother and father, the latter being appointed by President Roosevelt to serve as ambassador.

He volunteered to work in the army but was rejected due to a series of health problems, however, thanks to the influences of his father, he was accepted into the army preparing uniforms and bulletins.


John F. Kennedy was sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 1961. In his opening speech, he spoke of the need for all his compatriots to be active citizens , he asked the other countries of the world to unite to fight against of common enemies like poverty , disease and war . During his presidency he worked hard looking for solutions to avoid a nuclear war between his country and the Soviet Union, knowing that if it happened, millions of innocent people would die.

During his tenure, John F. Kennedy always wanted the country to advance in terms of science and technology , he attached great importance to education and wanted the country to enjoy democracy and freedom . He fought against racial discrimination and got black and white children to attend education together. During his short term, he managed to eliminate fiscal policy , maintained interest rates, and greatly stimulated the country’s economy. He was also in favor of greater equality for immigrantsas well as the protection of the rights of citizens who obtained nationality by having been born in the country. He also tried to combat communism in Latin America by establishing an alliance through which he sought to standardize human rights .


On November 21, 1963 , President John F. Kennedy went to Texas to give a series of political speeches. While strolling through the streets the next day, we heard a series of shots with which they wounded of gravity to the president dying shortly afterwards. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with the assassination of the president. His grave is in Arlington Cemetery . During his funeral, the eternal flame was lit during a state funeral which was broadcast by all the national and international media.


His primary education studies were carried out at the Edward Devotion School and later at Dexter School . He began high school at the Canterbury School , an educational boarding school, and then at The Choate , a private school from which he graduated in 1935. He enrolled at Princeton University but was only there for a short time due to illness. Later he studied at Harvard University where he obtained his doctorate Cum Laude in International Relations.


If ideology was based on internal politics , a plan that sought the use of federal funds to support better education , health care and the elimination of the recession . The idea of ​​ending all kinds of racial discrimination was always on his mind.


John F. Kennedy’s personality had a great sense of belonging , he was a lover of independence and he was also a very cautious person in everything he did. He had very good expression techniques which allowed him to communicate adequately with those close to him. A good capacity for teamwork always characterized him, he was calm to make decisions and also very humble.

Physical characteristics

John F. Kennedy was 1.80 meters tall and weighed around 90 kilograms when he died. He was an elegant- looking president , very handsome, and had a very youthful appearance . His eyes were blue , his hair was reddish brown, and his teeth were almost perfect. He wore glasses , and as a curious fact, he had one leg larger than the other. He was muscular and very athletic yet his health was not very good.


His father was named Joseph P. Kennedy who was a very famous and renowned businessman who worked as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. His mother, Rose Fitzgerald , was the daughter of one of Boston’s most important congressmen.


He married Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis . Kennedy was a president who had many extramarital affairs and many of these were with film stars including Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, however, all of them could not be properly guaranteed.


There were four children that she had in her marriage; Arabella Kennedy who died before her birth, Caroline Kennedy , John F. Kennedy Jr., who would die in a plane crash, and Patrick Bouvier Kennedy who also died days after birth.

Brothers and sisters

Her siblings were: Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Rosemary Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, Kathleen Clanvendish, Jean Kennedy, and Patricia Kennedy.

Social life

Kennedy’s social visa was based on meetings with artists , famous writers , scientists , poets , actors and even athletes, for him, being together with these types of people promoted art and culture.

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was known for being one of the most glamorous stars of her time. After this singer interpreted the song “Happy Birthday” to the president at a party, rumors about a possible affair between the two began to emerge and speculations continue even after the death of the president. Many say that the relationship cannot be assured with certainty, but it is information that they were together on four different occasions .


John F. Kennedy is remembered primarily for the image he projected by prompting Americans to ask the question of what they as citizens could do for their country, a powerful message that continues to this day. In addition, his effort to achieve an alliance for progress is one of the most important projects developed by a president who set an important precedent in terms of social , political and economic aid mainly for Latin America .


Some of his most important accolades are mentioned below:

  • Purple Heart , a military decoration awarded by the United States.
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom , an award given for contributions made to the security and interests of the nation, the pursuit of world peace, and other significant efforts.
  • Navy and Marine Corps Medal , the highest decoration awarded for heroism.
  • Pulitzer Prize for Biographies .
  • Medal of the American Campaign , military award of the Armed Forces.

Works of John F. Kennedy

Among his main works are mentioned:

  • Profiles in the written value (1955).
  • A nation of immigrants written in (1964).
  • Prelude to leadership (1955).
  • The John F. Kennedy Letters
  • John F. Kennedy Memorable Quotas (1965)
  • The best speeches of President John F. Kennedy.


Some of the most recognized phrases of John F. Kennedy were:

  • You must forgive your enemies but you must never forget their names.
  • The success has many parents, however failure is an orphan.
  • A man who is intelligent is one who knows how to be smart enough to be able to hire people who are even smarter than he is.
  • The conformity is who holds freedom and is also an enemy of growth.
  • The change is a law of life. Anyone who only looks at the past or the present will be lost in their future.

Presence in popular culture

President John F. Kennedy is so well known in popular culture that most of the time just by looking at his initials you can tell his story. He managed to make the presidential figure become a celebrity . He was in contact with great Hollywood actors such as Frank Sinatra and his life is still shown today in magazines and documentaries that even detail his death.

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