Jet ski


There are currently a large number of different boats with which a person can be mobilized in an aquatic environment , an example of this is the jet ski , a type of motorcycle that operates similar to a conventional device but with the difference that you need a jet of water to be able to move .

What is a jet ski?

jet ski is a type of light boat that has a system similar to that of a conventional motorcycle and that is powered by a turbine that is located at the rear of the vehicle.

  • What is a jet ski for
  • Characteristics
  • Story
  • Parts of a jet ski
  • How does it work
  • What is needed to be able to drive a jet ski
  • What speed does it reach
  • Featured Manufacturers
  • Importance of the jet ski
  • Curiosities

What is a jet ski for

The jet ski is a type of boat that is used to be able to move from one place to another on the water either for recreational or sports purposes but they are also used as a means of safety in other nautical disciplines.



Some of its main characteristics are:

  • They are propelled by means of a jet of water known as a turbine .
  • They can carry a person sitting , standing or kneeling .
  • There are two types of activities in which it can be used, one for recreation and the other for sports .
  • There are two modes in which jet skis are used, jets or single-seaters and the
  • It is considered one of the safest means to be able to move around in the water as long as it is done responsibly .
  • They are easy to handle great physical strength or technical skills.
  • It has a fairly comfortable maintenance cost .
  • They are very versatile bikes , with good power and speed .


The first jet skis to exist were known as water scooters and were first built in Europe in the mid- 1950s by manufacturers trying to expand and improve markets. At that time, the Vincent company produced the first water skates which were known by the name of Amanda in 1955, however, they did not have the expected success. Then, the Italian company Mival , was in charge of presenting its version of the jet ski and the Australian Clayon Jacobsen II , decided to come up with his own version. so that riders could stand instead of hanging from the bike.

Jacobsen made his first prototype using aluminum in 1965 and a year later decided to use fiberglass. He first sold his patent to the snowmobile manufacturer Bombardier but the business did not work out and then he decided to sell to Kawasaki , at that time the jet ski became known as a jet ski.

During the following decades, the jet ski gained popularity as a means of personal transportation for the lakes and seas and new and innovative models were introduced that gave greater stability to the pilots and it became possible for two passengers to travel instead. one’s. With this increase in popularity , competitions and events began to be created , which made the jet ski finally gain great importance within the sports and recreational field .

Parts of a jet ski

The parts that make up a jet ski are:

  • Water outlet
  • Internal propeller
  • Nozzle
  • Transition Tree
  • Water inlet

How does it work

To function properly, the watercraft engine is responsible for sucking up water and expelling it from the rear. The water that manages to enter is responsible for moving the motorcycle forward but in reality it is the power incorporated in the engine that pushes the water out that allows the motorcycle to move forward. The water can enter the engine through an impeller which is a type of motorized fan that is responsible for dragging the water towards the boat and that maintains a constant stream of water to be the jet propeller the one responsible for pushing it out.

What is needed to be able to drive a jet ski

In some countries, to be able to drive a jet ski it is necessary to have a license and only when rented from a specific company that has been previously authorized for the activity, the license will not be necessary. To be able to drive it, you must first receive the basic instructions that the company provides. In addition, it is also necessary to have the necessary safety equipment to safeguard life in case of accidents.

Depending on the displacement of the engine of the watercraft might need the following permissions :

  • Nautical motorcycle pattern C: it is achieved through a theoretical exam and allows you to handle motorcycles up to 55 HP. To obtain them, you must be over 18 years of age or over 16 and have parental authorization.
  • Nautical motorcycle pattern B: it is necessary to drive jet skis of up to 110 CV, a theoretical test and a practical test must be done.
  • Nautical motorcycle pattern A : it needs the same requirements as the nautical motorcycle pattern B, but with it you can drive motorcycles of any displacement.
  • Higher nautical licenses : for when you have a degree higher than that required for the motorcycle.

What speed does it reach

Currently, jet skis have the ability to reach high speeds, some of them can even touch 120 km per hour and can reach an acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.96 seconds .

Featured Manufacturers

Many manufacturers are dedicated to the construction of jet skis as well as design, among the best known companies as jet ski manufacturers we find the following:

  • Yamaha : this company designs motorcycles that provide optimal navigation, modern and innovative.
  • BRP-Sea doo: commonly known as Bombardier is Yamaha’s main competitor.
  • HRS-Benelli: a renowned Austrian company that was the first to create a 4-stroke jet ski.
  • Castoldi: a well-known Italian brand that manufactures jet skis to use standing or sitting.
  • Polaris: manufacturers United States considered one of the best in the country.

Importance of the jet ski

Jet skis are currently very important for the economic sector as they represent one of the best opportunities to increase income through tourism and the practice of water sports . It is also used as a means of security for people who practice extreme sports such as surfing, as they have the ability to move through the waves in case a rescue has to be done. In the same way, it is used by the security teams that monitor the beaches since they represent one of the fastest means of being able to reach a person who needs help.


Some curiosities of jet skis are the following:

  • Jet skis are very safe equipment to be able to enjoy and make short trips, however, atmospheric conditions must always be monitored to avoid accidents.
  • In jet skis, the ideal will always be to accelerate slowly and thus not lose control.
  • The world record for nautical motorcycles was won by Pachi Pérez in 2010 who managed to travel a total of 474 points 5 km in just 6 hours.

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