James Hunt


Throughout modern history there have been men who have lived their lives in somewhat controversial ways. An example of them is undoubtedly James Hunt, a man who in addition to dedicating his life to car racing , had a controversial sex life and for this reason was considered a playboy.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 08/29/1947
  • Where he was born: Belmont, Sutton, UK
  • When he died: 06/15/1993
  • Where he died: Wimbledon, London, UK

Who was James Hunt?

James Hunt was a famous runner of cars Englishman who also had a reputation as a playboy . He was also an automobile racing commentator for television and managed to win the world championship in 1976, which earned him fame and a following.


What did

James Hunt was undoubtedly a world-renowned car racer . His passion for this sport, his life full of luxuries, excesses and eccentricities made him be recognized by many. He stood out mainly for his behavior , which was quite unconventional. He was characterized by driving his car a bit aggressively which caused him to have several spectacular accidents throughout his career and that is why he was known by the nickname ” Hunt the Shunt “.


He managed to get the victory on several occasions and had to face throughout his career to several problems including his disqualification and reinstatement as a winner during the Grand Prix of Spain , because according to regulations, his car did not meet the standards established. In 1979 he decided to retire from the slopes.

James Hunt Biography

James Hunt was born on August 29, 1947 in England . The son of a couple that was dedicated to the stock market, he had a very stable financial life. He dedicated himself to studying at Wellington College , an institution located in Berkshire, where he began his medical career , however, he did not finish studying because when he turned 18 he attended a car race and at that moment he knew that his destiny was participate in them.

He began his automobile career participating in the Mini category and later managed to rise to participate in Formula Ford and Formula 3. He was quickly recognized internationally for being a very agile, intelligent and fast racer, however, he was prone to have accidents.

In 1973 , he made his debut with Lord Alexander Hesketh’s team driving a March 731 . During the race he managed to take second place in the United States Grand Prix . Despite having achieved several triumphs, he had to abandon the championship because his team did not have sufficient financial funds. After being fired, the McLaren team decided to hire him.


James Hunt passed away when he was 45 years old of a heart attack while in his home in Wimbledon. He passed away in 1993 .

Legacy of James Hunt

He was known as a cheerful but aggressive driver at the same time. His legacy was mainly a source of inspiration for many of the young people who were starting their careers in the world of motorsport and in fact he was hired by the Marlboro company to give support to new drivers who were just starting out in beginning formulas.


His father was Wallis Hunt and his mother Sue Hunt.


His love life was full of contradictions and debauchery. In 1974 he married Suzy Miller, however, the relationship failed due to the crazy lifestyle that the pilot led. She referred to her divorce as “Suzy’s sale” as the couple she had found offered her a large sum of money to sign the divorce. Later he married Sarah Lomax with whom he spent five years, a relationship that ended in 1988.

A year later, he began a relationship with Helen Dyson , a special woman in his life who helped him overcome depression due to having lost custody of his children, helped him to give up cigarettes, alcohol and partying. He decided to propose to her on June 14, 1993, however, James died the next day.

Their romantic relationships were always surrounded by uncontrolled sex , shameful situations, drugs and alcohol . He had a lot of problems because of this and this fame made him known as a playboy .


He had two sons, Freddie Hunt and Tom Hunt , both car drivers.


He was a racing driver who despite having lived a life of excess, managed to reach the top of the tracks and motor racing thanks to his effort and perseverance.

James Hunt Achievements

Among his main achievements are the following:

  • He was declared the winner of the 1976 Spanish Grand Prix .
  • He managed to win the Canadian Award in the 1977 season.
  • Won second place at the United States Grand Prix .
  • He managed to obtain victory at the Zandvoort circuit , while the Netherlands Grand Prix was being held in 1975.


There are no records of public acknowledgments that have been made on behalf of James Hunt.

Presence in popular culture

In addition to being remembered in popular culture for his careers and for his effort, there is a film where his biography is narrated. This film is called ” Rush ” and his role was played by artist Chris Hemsworth . In it you can also see the rivalry that always existed between Niki Lauda and James.

Curiosities about James Hunt

Some curiosities of James Hunt are mentioned below.

  • Despite the fact that many drivers stayed away from sex and alcohol prior to a competition, James Hunt did the opposite, in fact, he was found on several occasions having sex with women minutes before races.
  • It is believed that throughout his life he may have had sexual relations with more than five thousand women.
  • He worked two different jobs as a young man so he could save and start his dream of driving a car on the most recognized tracks in the world.
  • He was characterized by driving very aggressively, always skidding on the track and almost at the limit of uncontrol.
  • He had several car accidents due to his driving.

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