Insectivorous animals


The insectivorous animals are all those within your diet consume insects.


What are insectivorous animals?

In the animal kingdom,  insectivorous animals are all those specimens whose diet is made mainly from insects . Insects have a very special place in the food chain. As a general rule, they are the animals whose population occupies a large part of the bulk of the biosphere. The biomass of insects (as a whole) surpasses that of many other species, so it is common for many other animals to depend on them for their food.

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  • What do insectivorous animals eat?
  • Types of insectivorous animals
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Definition of insectivorous animals

The animal kingdom is vast and diverse. One could say that it is part of the most important systems in the biosphere . The biosphere is the system that contains all living systems on the planet. The earth, very particularly, has a number of species whose magnitude would be far beyond what this article could monopolize. And one of the most significant groups within this system are, of course, the insects .


Did you know that there are more insects than humans than in the world? It is so. One could weigh the number of ants in a given territory, and their weight would far exceed that of all the cows in that same territory. With insects being such a large population, nature has had to develop its own means of population control to prevent insects from taking up more space than could be borne.

The insectivorous animals are one of those means.

They are all those animals whose diet is made basically and mainly of insects. They can be mammals (like the anteater), amphibians (like some frogs) or arachnids (like spiders). Next, a little more detail about these types of creatures.


In order to distinguish them from other groups of animals, insectivores have the following characteristics that we could highlight:

  • They are species whose diet is based mainly on insects .
  • They are generally terrestrial animals , although not always.
  • Your vision is not always very good .
  • They have a very keen sense of smell and hearing .
  • They are usually small in size .

What do insectivorous animals eat?

As has been seen, the diet of the insectivore is, of course, all kinds of insects. But if you have paid attention to what has been said so far, you will know that insects make up a fairly large population . And complex . One can meet animals whose main diet is ants and termites (and which are often given another name, apart from insectivore). There are also creatures that feed on other flying insects such as butterflies and bees and mosquitoes . There are even those who eat crickets, caterpillars, among many others.

Types of insectivorous animals

Among insectivorous mammals , which occupy 10% of the world mammalian population, one can find a classification that typifies these animals in order to have a more or less solid database that groups and classifies them. Here are the four types of insectivorous animals:

  • Erinaceids : which mainly comprise hedgehogs. Their distinctive feature lies mainly in the possession of thorns that protect them, since they are the smallest and most fragile animals. Their diet is usually in underground insects.
  • Soricidos : among which are the famous shrews. Like the previous ones, their diet is usually underground animals. Their most distinctive aspect is in the particular shape of their snouts.
  • Talpids : among which are the moles. They are subterranean animals, with little or no vision, that like to feed on worms.
  • Solenodonts : they are seen as one of the most eccentric among mammals. They are one of the few mammals that have venom.

Where they live

The habitat of these species can be located in almost any sector of the globe . It is known that as a general rule they are species occupied mainly by mammals, more specifically, in terrestrial and subterranean mammals . But we can also find them in aquatic sectors such as rivers and ponds , or in wooded and green areas .

Insectivorous animals by country

Although they are animals that we can locate in various sectors of the planet, we could mention some of the most particular insectivorous species of the following countries:

  • Mexico : among the examples that we can highlight from the Aztec country, we can mention the nine-banded armadillo. This animal, it should be clarified, has been in danger of extinction in recent times.
  • Argentina : this country counts the common swallow as one of the best known animals of this type. They are animals whose essential characteristic is in their migratory behavior; flies wide distances to breed.
  • Spain : the Spanish case has a wide range of insectivorous birds, such are the cases of: chotocabras, real woodpecker, blue tit, among many others.
  • Chile : in the Chilean case, the quiroptedos (bats) are very common species. Most of these, as in most of the planet, are, of course, of the order of insectivores.


Here, to serve as an example, we will name some known cases of insectivorous animals:

  • Starling
  • Swallow
  • Goldfinch
  • Blackbird
  • Chameleons
  • Dendrocopes.
  • Cinderella lizard geckos
  • Long-tailed lizard
  • Pipe lizard
  • Rock lizard
  • Armadillo
  • Aardvark
  • Sea urchin
  • Bat

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