Immigration Attorney


We know as immigration the act of a person entering a certain country with the intention of living there or going to work . This immigration system seeks a way to maintain an adequate function of the people who travel and for this , immigration lawyers are needed . The immigration processes that occur in countries usually are very long and stressful, and for this reason, choosing a lawyer so right is vitally important for many people who change country.


What is an immigration attorney?

An immigration lawyer is a person who is responsible for making the adjustments on the immigration status of a person and leading a request for eligibility within a territory that is not the own .

  • Characteristics
  • Duties of immigration attorneys
  • Fee
  • How to choose an immigration attorney
  • How to be an immigration attorney
  • Importance of immigration attorneys


The main characteristics that immigration lawyers have are the following:

  • He is an objective person to be able to evaluate the negative aspects of the case.
  • You must be meticulous and very diligent to ensure that all documents are in order and not to omit any type of procedural formality.
  • He is a sincere person and very quick to act.
  • It has easy accessibility and has good communication rates .
  • It is affordable.

Duties of immigration attorneys

The functions performed by an immigration attorney are:

  • Adjustment of Status : this aspect refers to the adjustment of the immigration status of a person who is eligible to acquire a nationality other than their own.
  • Asylum : Assistance is provided to those individuals seeking help to achieve asylum in a country , mainly those fleeing for political reasons .
  • Application for Citizenship : lawyers help with all the paperwork for the application of citizenship in pursuit of naturalization of those who manage to complete all the requirements for naturalization.

They also perform functions and services of all kinds, in addition to those related to the immigrant and his family . They can also provide advice to large capitals , SMEs , institutions and individuals who need to obtain a work visa and residence visas.


It is important to bear in mind before hiring an immigration lawyer, that most of them provide the first consultation for free , which will make you study the collection proposals of each of them. Before paying for services, it is also important to confirm the credentials given by the law degree to avoid being scammed . Generally, depending on the amount of paperwork that the immigration lawyer must do, this is how the payments and fees will be established .

It should also always be remembered that the value received will be greater and more important than the price paid for a service . That said, a successful and experienced immigration attorney may have a greater chance of achieving your goals, even if you have to pay a larger amount of money.

How to choose an immigration attorney

Hiring a good immigration attorney is very important for many cases in order to avoid serious problems. This lawyer must be able to have all the documents that are necessary to be presented, and everything that the immigration authority needs. It is important to observe and know exactly if the lawyer has their license up to date and if they are accredited representatives of a bar association . If possible, you should ask for recommendations about the person and their work. It must be a person who provides confidence , who makes meaningful assumptions about the case, will buy the pricesand the services provided by an immigration attorney are very important to your immigration process.

How to be an immigration attorney

To be an immigration lawyer, the first thing to do before choosing the specialty is to have completed a Law Degree at an accredited university, a degree that generally lasts four years. These Postgraduate degrees are generally carried out in Postgraduate schools of the Faculty of Law.  An important aspect when studying law is adding different degrees of law, such as languages , computers , etc. It is also important that they study International Relations. After having completed all the studies related to the Degree in Law , the specialization must be chosen , and this is done through a Master or Doctorate , so that in this way one of the specific specialties that enclose the field can be chosen of immigration, as is the official Master of Studies and Intervention in Immigration , Development and Vulnerable Groups and the Doctorate of Migratory Studies .

Importance of immigration attorneys

The immigration attorney is of the utmost importance because he is the one who can help us to stay informed regarding immigration matters . They are the people who are in charge of helping people so that they need to establish or legitimize their status within a certain country.

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