The heptathlon is a women’s competition that encompasses multiple events in the Olympic Games . The competition is tasked with testing athletes’ endurance and versatility as they take on seven different events within a two-day time period. In the heptathlon athletes should try to reach a score of Olympic qualification and must qualify the Olympic team in his country.


What is heptathlon?

The heptathlon is a test of the branch of the athletics exclusive sex female and consists of seven different modalities sports that focus on racing speed , the jumps and throws.


What is the heptathlon?

The heptathlon is a competition developed specifically for sex female of athletics in which athletes compete in seven different tests that include races of 200 meters and 800 meter dash, 100 – meter race with hurdles ; high jump and long jump ; and release of weight and javelin.



The main characteristics of the heptathlon are the following:

  • It is a test that consists of seven different competitions that take place on two consecutive days.
  • The sports events are all carried out by the same athlete .
  • This type of event is part of the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships.
  • It can be performed on an indoor or outdoor track .
  • Four specialties are held on the first day of competition and the remaining three are held on the second day .

Heptathlon history

The history of the heptathlon comes from the Ancient Age , at which time an event known as pentahtle was held , which first emerged in Greece in 708 BC At that time three eliminatory tests were carried out that included the jump, launch of the puck, javelin throw and run and lastly, the wrestling that was used mainly to tie the tie .

In its history as a discipline, it began by contesting a female test called pentalón which consisted of 5 different tests. Over time it evolved and since the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 it was included in the Olympic program as we know it today.

In 1934 the first female competition in this athletic specialty took place , and in 1964 it was included in the calendar of the Olympic Games and is replaced by the heptathlon at the Los Angeles appointment in 1984. Official competitions began with the Olympic Games in Stockholm , Sweden in 1912, remained on the Olympic calendar until France in 1924. The events of this event were, long jump , javelin throw, 200 meter dash, discus throw and 1500 meter dash.


The tests performed in the heptathlon will depend on whether it is being performed outdoors or indoors, so that:

Indoor Heptathlon

The first day the following events are disputed in this order

  • 60 meter dash
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • High jump

On the second day

  • Long jump
  • Long jump
  • 60 meter hurdles
  • Pole vault
  • 1000 dash meters

Outdoor heptathlon

The following tests are held on the first day and in this order

  • 100 meter hurdles
  • High jump
  • Shot put
  • 200 dash meters

On the second day

  • Long jump
  • Javelin throw
  • 800 dash meters


The distances covered during the heptathlon tests are:

  • 100 meters for hurdles
  • 200 meters in smooth
  • 800 meters in smooth

Heptathlon rules

The general rules for heptathlon are:

  • Only three attempts can be made on throws and long jumps .
  • The way the bar is raised is uniform .
  • The time between jumps is 1.5 minutes in height and 2 minutes in pole.
  • Jumps or shoot- offs are not used .
  • There must be three timekeepers to take the time of each competitor.
  • The disqualification at the outputs occurs when three outputs are incorrect.
  • Between the end of the test and the beginning of the next, a minimum time of 30 minutes is given .
  • Between the end of one day and the beginning of the next there must be a time of 10 hours .
  • The participation is lots before the start of each test.


The training of heptathlon athletes includes personalized training for each of the disciplines that are played in the two phases. A correct diet and training focused on speed and strength are the most syndicated to achieve adequate athletic development. Training for jumps, distance and speed are essential for the development of the athlete, slipts are widely used by coaches like jump training.


There are two important competitions in which the heptathlon is practiced:

  • World athletics championship.
  • Olympic Games.


The equipment will also depend on the discipline that is being carried out. Probably the most important thing is that athletes have the right shoes and clothing for their sports routine.

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