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Héctor Alterio is a renowned actor of Italian origin , a renovator of the theater in Argentina and best known for his participation in films such as Son of the Bride (2001), The Last Train (2002) and Cría Cuervos (1976). Famous for his film work and for participating in the best films of the new generation of Argentine filmmakers .


Personal information

  • When was he born:  09/21/1929
  • Where he was born:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who is Héctor Alterio?

Hector Alterio is a famous actor argentino which caused a renewal in the theater and cinema Argentina , renowned for its great performances, also founded the company New Theater giving a twist to the theater scene.

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Biography of Héctor Alterio

He was born on September 21, 1929 in Buenos Aires . His parents were originally from Carpinone , in the province of Isernia, in Italy . When he finished his studies in Dramatic Art , he founded the Nuevo Teatro company , thus becoming a renovator of the Argentine theater scene and in which he worked until 1968.

He made his stage debut in 1948 with Alejandro Casona’s Como suicidarse en primavera . Famous above all for his film work , which began in 1965 with Todo sol es amargo, by Alfredo Mathé.

In 1975, he received threats from Triple A , so he could not return to Argentina again and stayed to live in Spain , where he managed to obtain Spanish nationality.


Alterio has been married to Bacaicoa, Tita since 1969 and they have two children.


Héctor Alterio has two children, Ernesto Alterio and Malena Alterio , who also act as actors. He acted with his son in the television series called “ En Vientos de agua ”, a series that narrates the phenomenon of immigration through the exile of a man of Spanish origin to Argentina , fleeing political problems , and the return of his son in 2001 due to the economic crisis in that country.

Hector Alterio films

He played small roles when he began his career in films such as My name is shadow , I have a house, You will die in Chafarinas, Belmonte, More than love and Frenzy . He starred in a film together with Jordi Mollà and Juan Echanove which was called Los años barbaros , and was inspired by the life of the historian Nicolás Sánchez-Albornoz who had written on the façade of the Complutense University of Philosophy and Letters! Long live the free university! For this reason, he was sent to the Valley of the Fallen, from where he fled to France .

Other films  by Héctor Alterio were The Havana Quartet, Kashbah, Buñuel and King Solomon’s Table , Insomnia, The Barbarian Years, Desire, Incautos, The Method, The Two Sides of the Bed, Rivals, Rain and the Widows of the youths.


Héctor Alterio also recorded several television series, among which we can mention the following:

  • Thieves go to the office : Spanish comic television series.
  • Colegio Mayor: Spanish series of the sitcom genre.
  • All Men Are Equal – Comedy TV series based on a movie with the same name.
  • Winds of water : series that tells of immigration through the exile of an Australian.
  • The girl from yesterday : a police series.
  • Marco, the story of a child: cartoon miniseries.
  • Cable Girls : a Netflix original series that was produced in Spain.
  • Narcos : is a historical fiction web series based on the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia


Among its main recognitions we can mention the following:

  • Silver Condor for Best Supporting Actor in 1973, organized by the Association of Cinematographic Chroniclers of Argentina.
  • Silver Shell for best actor in 1977, official award granted during the San Sebastián International Film Festival.
  • Martín Fierro 1973 and 1996 for the best leading dramatic actor , this is a radio and television award from Argentina, which is organized by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists
  • Konex Award – Diploma of Merit 1981 and 1991, which is organized by the Konex Foundation , from Argentina, and is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the country.
  • Goya of Honor in 2004, which is the award granted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain to an artist who has dedicated his life to cinema.
  • Union of Actors Award in 2004
  • Max Award in 2005 or Max Awards for Performing Arts , which are awards granted to performing arts professionals in Spain.
  • Silver Condor to the trajectory in 2008

Hector Alterio quotes

Some of the main phrases said by Héctor Alterio are the following:

  • No one can say ” I am apolitical ” because that word does not exist. When you go out, even in the attitude of going out to say no, you are exercising politics . Choosing the ” I don’t get involved ” is collaborating with something so that it continues: isn’t that political?
  • The man risks his own life every time you choose -and that makes it free!
  • The Argentines have always exported phrases and attitudes: the word disappeared , the pot – banging, the “Do not mess” … And “there must be” which is a very painful phrase, and I know because I touched directly to me.
  • We had a monastic attitude in defense of independent theater, which led me to say no to many large, interesting proposals. At that time we were all working ad honorem , and more than once I had to refuse a salary “
  • For someone to die doing their thing can be barbaric as a consolation for those who stay, but they should not care too much about who leaves.

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