In the world, there are many different types via which a country or place can be governed with the main objective to achieve economic progress , the development proper and positive of the society and strengthening of all institutions that are part of the same. The governance is a type of art that requires the interaction between people and the government .


What is governance?

Governance refers to the way in which the rulers and the people intervene , it is the way in which they can get to relate and participate together for good decision-making . They are all the interactions by which different opportunities can be produced to solve the problems of Laos citizens.

  • Definition
  • Governance characteristics
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  • Types of governance
  • How does it work
  • Importance of governance


Governance can be defined as the set of interactions and agreements that can be defined in order to create a series of opportunities with the main objective of being able to solve all the problems of the inhabitants of a given place. It is the means by which different types of institutions can be built in a country, which are essential to generate change.


It is the means by which the individuals that are part of a society can participate in making decisions considered important in order to guarantee a dignified life through respect , association , freedom of expression and the empowerment of all the rights of human beings. It also implies the great responsibility that the members of the governments acquire so that they can fulfill all their functions, always taking into account the needs and feelings. of citizens who are part of society.

Governance characteristics

Among the main characteristics that can be found in good governance, the following are mentioned:

  • Participation of the people and the people who are part of the government .
  • Transparency in decision making .
  • Equity in all opportunities.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency .
  • You must have an excellent strategic perspective .
  • It includes a set of mechanisms , processes and rules by which authority can be exercised.
  • It can be applied to different areas , for example, to corporations , to the international, national and local field.
  • When it executed properly characterized by promoting the development economic and social .
  • It has different macroeconomic and microeconomic objectives .


According to historians, the term governance comes from the Greek language , from the word ” κυβερνάω ” which refers to the word direction and was applied since societies were established in the world. From the years 90, the term began to be used more strongly in Anglo – Saxon countries and was used to refer to the forms of governments in international institutions as a means of promoting public affairs management.

Types of governance

There are various types of governance in the world. They are briefly mentioned below.

  • Global governance : this type of governance refers to the power relationship that exists between countries . It mainly depends on various factors including respect for the principles of democracy and is related to the ability of the government to be able to solve problems effectively. It is important to mention that this type of governance is governed by five very important principles that include:
    • The legitimacy of power that shows that the rulers are people who can be trusted.
    • The fulfillment of democratic ideals and principles of citizenship.
    • The competence and effectiveness of government institutions.
    • The cooperation of public, private and civil nature.
    • The relationship that occurs between world and local governments .
  • Corporate governance : it contains all the rules and principles that must be followed by companies so that operations can be carried out correctly. It includes all the interactions and relationships that can occur between customers , suppliers and competitors . This type of governance includes all aspects related to sustainability and the environment.
  • Internet governance : here are all the norms , rules and processes that can be applied in order to regulate the use of the internet . This type of governance has the purpose of ensuring that all people can have access to information and to be effective, it must have several important elements that include connection networks , IP addresses , access levels that can be found in the countries, the coverage and the security elements that can be created to safeguard shared information.

How does it work

Governance works by establishing different types of interactions between the private and political fields of the countries, between groups of citizens and the government in order to establish and create solutions to the social and economic problems of a place in order to maintain and find an adequate balance.

For it to work, governments need to be able to act legitimately , responsibly and effectively in order to use public power and resources appropriately in order to achieve and fulfill social objectives . In addition, the state needs to be transparent and accountable to avoid confusion. It works following impartiality , so that all citizens can have the same rights.

Importance of governance

Governance is of utmost importance for all nations as the proper way in which governments have the ability to adequately, efficiently and sustainably manage all aspects that are related to a country, this includes economic , political , cultural , social , environmental and economic . It is the way in which governments manage to gain credibility and respect globally and internationally .

Governance significantly favors the creation and formation of institutions that are more transparent and democratic , because it is the best way to promote equity , participation , responsibility and the rule of law so that it can be more effective, durable and efficient. . It is a way through which you can get to improve and promote the development of peoples, reducing poverty , protecting the middle atmosphere and they fight to promote and achieve gender equality .

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