Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno, whose original name is Filippo Bruno , was an Italian-born philosopher , astronomer , mathematician, and occultist whose theories anticipated modern science . The most notable were his theories about the infinite universe and the multiplicity of worlds , in which he rejected traditional geocentric astronomy and intuitively went beyond the Copernican heliocentric theory , which still maintained a finite character, a universe with a sphere of stars. fixed.

  • When was he born:  02/09/1548
  • Where he was born:  Nola, Italy
  • When he died:  02/17/1600
  • Where he died:  Rome, Italy

Who was Giordano Bruno?

He was a theologian , astronomer and intellectual mathematician of Italian origin who made important contributions, and whose liberal religious thought caused him to be criticized, persecuted and led to his death .

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  • Thought
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  • Theory
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  • Works by Giordano Bruno
  • Phrases

Biography of Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno was born in the city of Naples in 1548 . Since he was 15 years old, he joined the Dominican Order , which had been founded by the monks of Italy . Once he entered the order he adopted the name Giordano, and changed his original baptismal name , Filippo Bruno . In this place he spent his time studying the theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle . At age 17, he became part of the Order of Preachers .

Later, Giordano Bruno began to develop ideas that were considered extremely controversial at the time. Among them the denial of religious images other than the crucifix , for which he was accused of heretic and trials were held in Rome. In 1575 he decided to abandon the order.

After some years in pilgrimage and flight, he was arrested in Venice , at the request of the Pope . In Rome, the trial spanned around eight years and he was charged with blasphemy , immoral conduct and heresy . At the trial held on February 8, 1600, he was sentenced to death at the stake , nine days before his death.


Giordano Bruno began by thinking that God would be infinite like the universe, so he was present in all human beings , and that he went beyond humanity . He based his thinking on the theory that opposite poles could be found in the infinite reason for which he defended that God should be present in everything, in the form of wisdom and infinite love , and for him, this was an aspect that humanity I wasn’t ready to understand

Giordano Bruno defended his idea that everything on Earth has some form of life within it, but his liberal ideas were too much for the Church of the time, leading to his condemnation and death .

Contributions from Giordano Bruno

Among his main contributions we can mention:

  • He proposed that the sun was only a star and that the universe had innumerable worlds that were inhabited by animals and intelligent beings.
  • He proposed a form of pantheism that was contrary to the Catholic Church.
  • He defied the inquisition with his ideas and thoughts.
  • It helped to summarize science , philosophy , religion, and magic .
  • He supported Copernicus by agreeing with the sun as the center of the universe.
  • He made autonomous philosophy and naturalism


His theory consisted in proposing that the universe was infinite , that the Sun was merely one star among others and that for that reason other worlds with life must exist . Giordano Bruno thought that as he approached the Moon little by little, the Earth got smaller and smaller until when it was on the lunar surface, it was the Earth that looked like a satellite . In this way he demonstrated the difference between the appearance of things and the true reality . Everything is relative and all things depend on the observer .


Giordano Bruno believed that the Earth revolved around the Sun’s rotation , and that the diurnal was an illusion caused by the Earth’s rotation around its axis. He argued that as God was infinite , the universe reflected this fact and that the universe was infinite, immobile , incomprehensible, and endless . He stated that the stars were suns from other planets and that the universe was homogeneous , in addition to being made up of four different elements:  water, earth, fire and air .

For him, there was no place in his stable universe for Christian thoughts of Creation and the Last Judgment.

Works by Giordano Bruno

Among his most outstanding works per year are:


  • Ars memoriae
  • By umbris idearum
  • By compendiosa architectura
  • Candelaio or Candelajo


  • Ars reminicendi Triginta Sigilli
  • Explicatio triginta sigillorum


  • The Ceneri Dinner
  • Of the cause, principle, et One
  • From the infinite universe et Mondi
  • Trionfante Beast Spaccio


  • Caballo del cavallo Pegaseo – Asino Cillenico
  • By gli heroici furori
  • Figuratio Aristotelici Physiciauditus


  • Dialogi duo
  • Idiot triumphans
  • From somni interpretatione with l ‘Insomniun
  • Centun et viginti articuli denatura et mundo adversus peripateticos
  • Animadversions circa lampaden lullianan
  • Lampas triginta statuarum


  • Lulliana combinatorial delampade
  • De progresu et lampade venatoria logicorum


  • Oratio valedictoria
  • Camoeracensis Acrotismus
  • By specierum scrutinio
  • Articuli centum et sexaginta adversus huius tempestatis mathematicos atque Philosophos
  • By vinculis in Genere

Works that have no date

  • Of mathematical magic
  • De rerum principiis et elementis et causis
  • Lullian Medicine


Among the most famous phrases of Giordano Bruno we mention the following:

  • No matter how dark the night is , I wait for the dawn , and those who live in the day wait for the night. So rejoice, and keep your integrity, if you can, and return love for love.
  • Blind who does not see the sun, fool who does not know it, ungrateful who does not thank him, if so much is the light, so much good, so much benefit, with which it shines, with which it stands out, with which it favors us, master of the senses, father of substances, author of life.
  • … in each man, in each individual, a world , a universe is contemplated …
  • Why do you seek it so far hidden if in yourselves you find paradise ?
  • There is no death , but also no permanence of numerical individualities. Only the single substance remains (the universal soul-matter) mutating into new individualities.

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