In computers, one of the most important components turns out to be the graphics card or video card as it is usually known and it is a component that is integrated into the PC or that can also be installed to improve the capabilities of the computer. It is a type of card that has the function of processing data that are related to images and videos which are reproduced on the computer. There are several types of graphics cards among them we find the GDDR6 , the latest innovation with new memory standards.

What is GDDR6 memory?

The acronym GDDR6 means double graphic data ratio and is a type of memory chip that has greater power and is capable of transmitting and providing transfer speeds of up to 16Gbps.

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GDDR6 Features

The most representative characteristics of this type of graphics card are the following:

  • It has the ability to reach speeds very high in transfer who achieve 16Gbps .
  • They have a bandwidth of 72 GB / s.
  • It can operate at different speeds, for example 2 Gbps, 14 Gbps, and 16 Gbps.
  • Each of the chips that make up that card use a type of BGA package that has 180 pins.
  • The voltage can vary between 1.25 V and 1.35 V.
  • When it works with a voltage of 1.25 it is known as low consumption mode .
  • It has the ability to store from 1 GB to 2 GB .
  • It is widely used in new generation consoles as video memory and as RAM memory .


The first type of graphics card that existed in this category was introduced to the industry by the company Samsung in the month of July of 2007 and the company Hynix Semiconductor introduced in 2007 the first memory GDDR5 60nm class “1Gb” . This device had the ability to support 20GB / s bandwidth on a 32-bit bus, making it possible to make memory configurations from 1GB to 160GB / s with only 8 circuits on a 256-bit bus. The following year, in 2008, Hynix surpassed this technology with its “1 Gb” class 50nm GDDR5 memory.

At present , in the graphics market there are two main types of memories, HBM / HBM2 for high – performance solutions and GDDR5 / GDDR5X for models like NVIDIA and AMD. But this is about to change in history as GDDR6 is about to evolve. The Samsung company has already started the production of the GDDR6 and they promise to revolutionize the field of graphics with its 72 Gbps and 18 Gbps per pin. With this, it is expected that the history of graphics cards will change considerably for the next generations which will be able to offer higher bandwidths with a greater memory capacity.

GDDR6 memory was released for the first time on the market in 2018 under the name of VRAM in Nvidia RTX 2000 graphics cards which are based on a type of architecture known as Nvidia Turing. Currently, they have gained much popularity and became one of the most used cards since they are present within the graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia for PC as well as consoles games of new generation.

What is GDDR6 memory for?

The GDDR6 are acronyms that serve to provide information to the user regarding the generation from which the memory chips that are inside a graphics card come . They have the ability to be faster , more efficient , have better performance , latency and voltage capacity and are used to make better graphics cards so that they can work at high resolutions .

GDDR6 speed

Currently, a better physical layer has been created for GDDR6 memory which will make it capable of increasing its performance reaching speeds of up to 18 Gbps . Today, this card has a speed of 16 Gbps and with this, it seeks to improve the graphics card to the maximum for future generations of cards.


Some of its main advantages are mentioned below:

  • The GDDR6 has managed to match the 21 Gbps of bandwidth with which graphics cards work and it is expected that it can even exceed it in the short term.
  • In a single chip, it has the ability to act as two DRAM memories independently since it has a double channel.
  • It has a memory controller that works more efficiently because it has more channels.
  • Its individual capacity is much larger and can reach up to 4 GB .
  • They are able to double the transfer of data per clock cycle and take 2 to 4.
  • They use a type of technology known as NRZ to be able to encode data in bits when transferring information between the GPU and memory.


The main disadvantage of this type of graphics card is undoubtedly its price and production . In addition, having a controller higher voltage , a fault in the sensitivity could affect and cause several memory errors causing problems of reading what is the end, end up producing a series of hanging problems, pantallazos blue, bad images and others.

How it differs from GDDR5 memory

The main difference between GDDR5 and GDDR6 memory is the operating frequency and the prices . GDDR5 memory has the capacity to have a high bandwidth and produces a moderate consumption reaching transfer speeds that reach 8 Gbps, also using widths of 28GB / s per chip. The GDDR5 also has a capacity from 512 MB to 8 GB with a 32-bit bus width .

GDDR6 memory cards, meanwhile, manage to reach speeds of between 16 and 18 GB / s , thus achieving a bandwidth of up to 72 GB / s . They also have the capacity to be manufactured reaching 32 GB since they are denser cards. They are also much faster and their bandwidth is quite high . It also manages to reach up to 21 Gbps of speed .


The implementation of this new generation of graphics cards has been done mainly by the renowned brand Nvidia, achieving rates of up to 14 Gbps . However, its implementation has been a bit difficult since the price of this card amounts to approximately 70% more than the previous models.


This type of graphics card is compatible with all new generation consoles, functioning as a video memory and as a RAM memory for the system. It is also compatible with Nvidia graphics card systems . It is also important to mention that the equipment must have some specifications to be able to have compatibility with this type of graphics card.

Featured Manufacturers

Among the most important manufacturers in charge of bringing GDDR6 to market are the following:

  • Samsung who is also the main manufacturer.
  • SK Hynix.

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