The sports area is very broad and has a great variety of disciplines. Perhaps one of the most recognized sports worldwide is soccer, from which futsal is derived. It is also known by the names of microfootball and indoor soccer , a game that was born inspired by soccer and whose bases are based on handball , water polo and basketball.


What is futsal?

Futsal is a type of adaptation or variation to the original football , which also combines elements of handball and basketball , and whose purpose is to score a goal within the framework of the opposing team.


What is futsal?

The football hall is a sport that consists of trying to introduce a ball into the goal of the opposing team in order to score a goal . It also includes the defense of the teams to avoid scoring. It is a sport that is played with the feet only, with the exception of the goalkeeper, who is the only one who can use his hands within his area.



Originally it was known by the name of indoor soccer and it began in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay , a place located in South America in 1930. The game was born as an idea of ​​Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani who practiced the profession in the Christian Association Youth. At that time the Uruguayan team had won the gold medals in the Olympic Games in Amsterdam , Holland in 1924 and in Colombes , France in 1928, the same as the first world championship fought in Montevideo in 1930.

Due to the popularity of the game, in all places of Uruguay a tennis improvised to practice so Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani saw that the young people were encouraged by the sport regardless of the size of the field of play. For this reason he decided to attach some sports like water polo , ball hand , basketball , football , adjusted them and drafted the regulation of this new discipline of football.

In 1952, in Brazil , the sport began to be called Futsal, Professor Habib Maphuz was in charge of organizing the first futsal league and created the Paulista Futsal Federation in June 1955. In 1954 the Futsal Federation had been founded. Metropolitan Futsal Federation , what we know today as the Futsal Federation in Rio de Janeiro . In 1965 the South American Indoor Soccer Confederation was created and in 1971 the International Indoor Soccer Federation (FIFUSA), and in 1982 the First Championship was organized.of the World in which Brazil won. Some time later , FIFA prohibited the use of the word “football” and for this reason it was called “Futsal” . In 1990 the South American federations formed the Pan American Futsal Confederation (PANAFUTSAL). At present we find two important indoor soccer organizations, the AMF and FIFA .

Characteristics of futsal

The main characteristics of futsal are the following:

  • The ground is not made of grass but is a hard surface .
  • The standard measurements of a futsal field are 40 meters long by 20 meters wide.
  • Players play good dynamics because players cannot stand still for more than 3 seconds.
  • The futsal game has two
  • Each goal is worth one point .
  • The teams have only five players .
  • It can be played with smooth rubber shoes .
  • Each of the players has a specific role in the game.

Who invented it

It was invented in Uruguay in 1930 by Professor Juan Carlos Ceriani .

How to play

To play futsal you must know well how to touch the ball , know how to dribble to be superior to the opposing team and have more attack possibilities , it is necessary that the players know the positions and avoid committing fouls continuously. The game begins by placing the players on the court and the ball at the penalty spot . Players must stand 5 meters from where the ball is. Continuous passes must be made to avoid fouls and avoid serious fouls.


The fundamentals of futsal are the following:

  • Pass : is to deliver the ball to another player being precise. They can be short, medium, long, ascending, descending, etc.
  • Driving : necessary to master passing , driving and shooting the ball.
  • Dribble : used to beat one or more players while maintaining control of the ball.
  • Shot on goal : its purpose is to score a goal using any part of the body allowed.
  • Reception : is to receive the ball , control it and place it in the service of the team.
  • Feints: they are used to deceive the adversary .

Futsal rules

The main rules of futsal are the following:

  • A match lasts 40 minutes , with 20 minutes each time , and break of 15 minutes.
  • There are two releases of criminal , one six meters a foul in their own area; and another from 10 meters after a team has accumulated five fouls.
  • There are four referees , two work on the court and the other two are in charge of time and fouls
  • There is no offside and defensive tactics are different. Normally half the team has to be left behind.
  • The gaffes are not permitted distances barriers are five meters and when a party is defined by kicks from the point penalty , are first three.
  • When a player is sent off, his team must play with four footballers for a time of 2 minutes, unless a goal is scored.
  • Each team may request a timeout of one minute period. It must be requested by the coach anytime his team has the ball.
  • Players can switch with the ball in play and the player who goes out can enter
  • The speed , the skill and technique are important aspects, because of this, and is not valid score a goal kick-off.
  • The throw-in is taken with the foot, where the ball left the field, and if the player takes more than four seconds to do so, it is awarded to the opposing team.


The positions of the futsal players are as follows:

  • Closure or Libero : it is the player located in front of the goalkeeper as the base for the line of three attacking players and the last defensive field player . He moves a lot in the game, and must organize the team.
  • Wings : these players are located on the wings and their function is to go up and down without stopping looking for the support of their teammates.
  • Pivot : he is the player closest to the rival goal , who receives and plays the ball behind the goal, also makes defensive plays and must be in constant movement, looking for any gap to offer himself a pass .
  • Goalkeeper : He is also known as a goalkeeper and his main objective is to prevent the ball from entering his goal .


The futsal categories are the following:

  • Prebenjamines 6-8 years
  • Benjamins 8-10 years
  • Fingerlings 10-12 years
  • Children 12-14 years
  • Cadet 14-16 years
  • Youth 16-18 years


Some of the most important competitions held worldwide are the following:

  • FIFA Futsal World Cup
  • World Cup of National Teams
  • Confederations Cup futsal
  • European Championship of Futsal
  • Pan American and South American Copa América Futsal
  • Championship African Futsal
  • Championship Asian Futsal
  • Championship CONCACAF Futsal
  • OFC Futsal Championship


The technique in futsal is based on the execution of the basic fundamentals of the game which are passing , shooting , control and dribbling .

  • Pass : it is the action of giving the ball to one of the teammates with any part of the body that is authorized by the regulations .
  • Shooting: consists of throwing the ball to the opposing goal and depends on the power with which the ball is hit. The toe is the shot that is made with the toe of the foot and is made to throw a ball with enough power. It can be done inside with the inside of the foot, it can be with the instep which is done with the front of the foot, and finally it can be with the heel of the foot.
  • Control : are those contacts made with some part of the body so that the ball is close to our body.
  • Dribble : used to beat the opposing player with some part of the foot.


The playing court or playing field must be rectangular in shape . The length of the court is 38 to 42 meters and its width must be between 18 and 25 meters. Exists within the court flashes a penalty which is bounded by three lines, these include a line of three meters in length that is parallel with the bottom line and the other two lines found will be two curved lines.


The ball used to practice futsal must be approved by the federations before being used in a match. They are made in the body and have a circumference of between 62 and 64 centimeters. Regarding the weight of the ball, it must range between 400 and 440 grams . An important part of the futsal ball is that, when it makes its first strike on the ground, it should not bounce less than 50 centimeters or more than 65 centimeters.


Generally, the equipment used by futsal players consists of a shirt that must have the number on its back to recognize it, and this number must be in a color that contrasts with that of the shirt so that it can be easily seen. They should wear shorts made of a fabric that transpires sweat and is generally the same color as the shirt. The shoes must be rubber soled or made of similar material, they must use shin guards as it is mandatory. The goalkeepers of the team must bedifferent from that of the players and they can also wear long pants .

How many players are there in a futsal team?

In futsal, each of the teams will be made up of 5 players , one of which must be the goalkeeper , and in terms of player changes there will be no substitution limit. It is for this reason that any of the players who are substituted can return to the game again. When a player is sent off by means of a red card , he may be substituted by another player after the 2 minutes have elapsed with which the team that sent off the player is punished.

How long does an indoor soccer game last?

A futsal game lasts 40 minutes that are timed and that are separated in times of 20 minutes each. There is also a gap of 10 minutes between the two times of 20. Each team can have a dead time of one minute for each of the periods that are played. The games end with the sound of the horn that is not equal to the man’s whistle.

Famous players

Some famous futsal players are:

  • Carosini
  • Paulo Roberto
  • Eremenko
  • Luis Amado Tarodo
  • Manuel Tobias
  • Ricardinho


Some curiosities of the sport are:

  • When one of the teams commits more than 5 fouls , at that moment they no longer have the right to exercise the advantage law .
  • In futsal there are only two referees, the main and the assistant .
  • When a player is sent off with a red card , the team must remain with four players for two minutes.
  • Goalkeepers in this type of game do not need gloves.

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