Soccer without a doubt, in addition to being one of the favorite sports of many, is a sport that is played 11 against 11 , and in it there is a figure that turns out to be fundamental in this type of sport, this player goes by the name as a striker because he is needed so that the goals in a match can be scored.


What is a forward?

striker is a player who is placed in the position closest to the place where the goal of the opposing team and is the central figure of the match with his team because he is responsible for scoring goals.


Striker characteristics

Among the main characteristics that can be observed in a player who fulfills the role of forward, the following can be found:

  • He is considered the main player on a team.
  • He is responsible, with the help of the team, to score the goals .
  • It is characterized by having a good shot on goal .
  • They have good sense to know how to read the game and to analyze the weaknesses that the defense can have.
  • They are very fast and can unbalance the defenses of the opposing team.
  • His abilities focus on his blast skills rather than endurance .
  • Must have the ability to shoot , drive , control and dribble the ball on the right and left side.
  • This player also has to have a certain degree of malice and must distrust all his rivals.
  • These players are characterized by wearing the number 9 on their jersey .


Forwards are considered to have been born along with football although they were probably not called by this name initially. With the passage of time, the player was renamed forward. The history of the forward is not clear and defined.

Striker types

The strikers can have different functions and characteristics and based on this, various types of strikers can be found, which are mentioned below.

  • Center forward : he is also known by the name of striker and his function is to score the greatest number of goals for his team, assisted by midfielders and wingers. He is in charge of positioning himself in the opponent’s area to be attentive in case a pass is sent to him. He must have excellent reflexes and his shot must be very powerful .
  • Midfielder : in that case, it is also his function to score goals through a more defensive position , he is also in charge of being able to distribute the game throughout the midfield and that is why he also has a midfielder function . He has great dribbling skills and great technical ability.
  • Second point : must be placed behind the center forward. This position is very technical and is also responsible for giving a better movement to the game as well as improving the attack. He must find a way to open holes in the defense of the opposing team and his position is not fixed.
  • Winger : this type of forward is also called by the name of forward and must always play close to the band to advance through it until reaching the end of the field of play. It must be a very fast man or woman and must be very precise . His long-distance shot must also be outstanding.
  • Pointer : also known as a false winger must be a player who has very good control of the ball and must also be very fast . He manages to reach the goal following a diagonal line and must face the defense and the goalkeeper of the opposing team.


The main function of a striker is to try to reach the goal of the opposing team to score a goal , but his functions do not end there, but go further. One of them is to fulfill an offensive function and for this reason, it must be kept in an advanced position during the game.


The formations for the forward have been modified with the passage of time in an important way, the most common is that a formation is made with two of them. So generally , they are located one in the middle of the field and one that will handle face the goal . It may be that one plays the game behind the midfield or also from the sides . The formations of the forwards are as follows:

  • 4-4-1-1: consists of a striker and a mid striker or a second striker. It is a position that needs a lot of dynamics from the midfield point.
  • 4-3-3: this type of formation is used to be able to dominate the center of the field and the players do offensive tasks.
  • 4-2-1-3: the attack on the wings is very important here, a lot of support must also be given by the wings and the offense must be reinforced by adding two defensive midfielders.
  • 5-3-2: the defenders must be part of the attack as many times as necessary, relying on the organizing midfielders.


One of the most important figures in a soccer team is the striker, since he is the player whose main functions are to score the goal . Their functions are of the utmost importance to achieve the win of their team and they are in many occasions in charge of being able to mark the important differences in a match.

Best forwards

Throughout history, you have been able to see many forwards who have managed to mark an important era in the history of football , and each of them have had their own style that characterizes them. Some of these historic forwards are as follows:

  • Pelé : Pelé has been one of the most important players in the world, and is actually considered the best striker in football. He had the ability to score many goals and managed to put his team in the first place in the world.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo : a player known internationally, cataloged as the best striker in the world today, little by little he became the idol of Real Madrid, winning the Champions League and the Ballons d’Or on several occasions.
  • Romario : Brazilian player who has been seen as one of the most important defining players in world football. He participated in important world tournaments such as the Champions League, the Seoul Olympic Games and the World Cup in Brazil, obtaining very good results.
  • Gabriel Batistuta – One of the greatest players of all time, a scorer who practically never missed a single shot. He was the greatest idol in the history of the Fiorentina club.
  • Lionel Messi : another player of Argentine nationality who is seen as the greatest player in the entire history of Barcelona football. He managed to win a total of five Ballon d’Or and four from the Champions League. OR
  • Neymar : another explosive player who knows very well how to reach the frame without problems. Of Brazilian nationality, he has shown all his skills at Barcelona.

Other examples

Some other examples of renowned strikers who have shown their skills throughout history include the following:

  • Miroslav Klose (Germany)
  • Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon)
  • Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
  • Eric Cantona ( France )
  • Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Argentina)
  • Ronaldo Nazario (Brazil)

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