Football 7


You are probably wondering what football 7 is and what are its differences with respect to the other types of football that exist. This type of sport differs from the others mainly because of the way the teams are made up , but there are also other differences that make it a unique sport.


What is football 7?

Soccer 7 is a sport that is derived from the original type of soccer in which the teams are made up of a total of seven players from which its name is derived.


What is football 7

It’s soccer 7 is a sport that is born from regular soccer , where the teams are made up of a total of seven players on the playing field . In this type of football practically everything is well regulated , and the rules are applied in all the countries where it is practiced, in addition to being recognized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.



The history of football 7 originates in Europe during the last half of the sixties . Initially it was known by the name of “five a side” , which in Spanish means five per side. It was practiced by professional teams on a hockey field where they drew a circle and where they covered the field with synthetic grass . In the seventies the game reached the United States , where it was christened “indoor soccer . ” In 1977 an institution began in this country that was dedicated to regulating some of the championships. In 1993, a new professional league for soccer seven emerged calledContinental Indoor Soccer League making the sport popular in Latin America and Mexico .


Its main characteristics are the following:

  • There is greater contact with the ball by the players .
  • The heart rate is generally higher in athletes who practice it.
  • The competitive level is higher.

Who invented it

Soccer 7 was invented by Paco Díez , approximately 27 years ago. He also made the statutes, designed the playing field , the goal and the ball .

How to play football 7

A 7-a-side football game is organized on a football field . It can be played in sports halls prepared for sport, delimiting the dimensions of the field with lines with a specific color to make the difference between a 5-a-side soccer match or a 7-a-side soccer match . The game is made with two teams of 7 players where each one puts the ball into play . The goalkeeper has to make sure that the goal is cared for. The defenders are in charge of preventing the forwards from scoring.


  • Cover : the defender’s ability that allows him to help a teammate.
  • Entry : it is the defensive physical technical action to meet the opponent and is executed with the foot.
  • Marking : it is the position adopted by a player while performing a defensive task to anticipate , anticipate and counteract the opponent’s movements or actions.
  • Swap : when a defending player tries to occupy the defensive placeleft by a teammate who goes out to defend the opponent who overflowed it.
  • Retract : set of movements of retreat to his field after losing possession of the ball in the offensive phase to recover as quickly as their positions and defensive formation .

Soccer 7 Rules

Some of the basic rules of football 7 are:

  • The ball must be special for Soccer -7- and its use is mandatory .
  • Two teams of 7 players each play, one of them is the goalkeeper. The game starts with a minimum of 5 players .
  • The substituted players may return to the pitch as often as appropriate.
  • When during a match, a team has less than 5 players, the referee will consider the match suspended , pending the appropriate decision of the Competition Committee .
  • referee directs each match. His power to sanction includes infractions that are committed during a temporary suspension of the game and when the ball is out of play and his decisions will be final.
  • A player who has been replaced can replace another.
  • The coach may be at court level to give instructions .
  • Players must wear uniform sportswear .
  • To take a free kick, the ball must be stationary .
  • When 6 fouls are added , a penalty will be charged .


The football 7 positions are:

  • Goalkeeper:  one of the most important players and victory depends a lot on him as he must protect the goal. Must be leader and coordinator of defensive work and set pieces.
  • Defense: they  occupy 3 positions in football:  central , and right and left sides . There may be two or three defenders depending on the strategy.
  • Midfield or Midfielders:  there are one to three midfield players depending on the system proposed .
  • Attacking or forward positions:  one right and one for the left side are used .


The football 7 categories are as follows:

  • Pre-baby : 6 to 7 years old.
  • Benjamin : 8 to 9 years old.
  • Alevín : from 10 to 11 years old.
  • Infant : from 12 years to 13 years.
  • Cadet : 14 years to 15 years.
  • Juvenile : from 16 years to 18 years.
  • Amateur


  • world Cup
  • Summer Olympics
  • Continental championships
  • Champions League


Some of the techniques used in soccer are the following:

  • 1-3-3 system: it is the most common of all and includes a goalkeeper , three defenders and three forwards .
  • 1-3-1-2 system : seeks to stagger the defensive and offensive game by improving space and delaying the position of one of the forwards in the center of the field.
  • 1-3-2-1 system : reinforces the midfield by improving the distribution of space and the efforts of the players. Generally includes one goalkeeper , 3 defenders , 2 midfielders and one forward .
  • 1-4-2 system: used to take advantage of its affinity with the distribution of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders and 2 midfielders.
  • 1-2-3-1 system : overtake one of the defenders towards the midfield line . It is used to take advantage of the distribution.

Soccer field 7

On the field of play you have two longer lines which are called touch lines . The shortest lines on the field of play are called goal lines . The field must be rectangular and the length of the touch lines must be greater than those of the goal lines. The touchline length must be a minimum of 50 meters and a maximum of 65 meters and the width must be a minimum of 30 meters and a maximum of 45 meters. The lines on the ground must be continuous and must be equally wide. The terrain can be dirtnatural or artificial grass and green, the center of the field will be marked with a dot placed in the middle that divides the part into two equal ones.


The ball must be spherical in shape and its cover is made of leather or a similar material . To make it you should not use any type of material that could endanger the health of the players. Its circumference is 66 centimeters, it cannot be less than 62 centimeters. It has a weight that does not exceed 390 grams nor can it be less than 340 grams. Its pressure is 400 to 600 grams per square centimeter at sea level.


The basic equipment consists of a shirt with sleeves , shorts , socks and suitable footwear depending on the surface of the terrain. If leotards or leggings are used , they must be the same color as the uniforms . It is also important that they wear shin guards to prevent injuries . No jewelry is worn and the goalkeeper dresses differently.

How many players are in a soccer team 7

In total there are seven players that include:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Right side defense
  • Central defense
  • Left side defense
  • Middle center
  • Front left
  • Front right

How long does a soccer game last 7

The match lasts a total of two halves that have the same duration unless by agreement between the two teams and the referee , they decide otherwise. For the fry category the matches last a total of 30 minutes . For the youngest and pre- youngest categories , the periods last 25 minutes . Players are entitled to a break in the middle of matches that should not exceed ten minutes .

Famous players

There are many teams around the world but there is not yet a specific list of the best players or famous players.


Soccer 7 is derived from the original soccer but with the difference that only seven players remain . In this type of football an unlimited change of players is allowed in a match. There is no type of body recognized worldwide.

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