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The planes are a type of aircraft that has the ability to transport objects or people through the air thanks to the aerodynamic force that is produced on their wings which are known to support . There are currently several types of aircraft and each of them has a specific use and characteristics that represent them, that is the case of combat aircraft , most used during wars .


What is a fighter plane?


The fighter jets are aircraft that have been specially designed to ensure monitoring of the airspace by the destruction of enemy aircraft during the fighting or wars .

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This type of aircraft is a military aircraft that has been designed with the main objective of attacking ground targets by dropping bombs or also carrying out attacks against other aircraft . They turn out to be the primary means by which the armed forces of a country manage to catch a superiority in the field air against their opponents battle.

What is a fighter plane for?

Combat aircraft are aircraft that mainly serve to maintain and ensure control of airspace by destroying other enemy aircraft when there is fighting or war. But these planes also have other uses, through them missiles can be transported , they participate in different types of missions that include surveillance , reconnaissance , and signal detection, since most of them have innovative technology and sensors. It is one of the ideal means that have been used and that have been used in the defense of countries.


Some of the main features of the fighter plane are mentioned below:

  • They are generally small in size , have enormous speed and great maneuverability .
  • Many also have some capabilities to attack land and in this case act as fighter-bombers .
  • They are the main means of the Armed Forces to achieve air superiority.
  • Its main armament consists of missiles and a reserve automatic cannon .
  • They have radars which have a great data transmission capacity thanks to their bandwidth and the low probability of being intercepted.
  • They also have integrated electronic warfare , navigation and communication systems.
  • They have the ability to hide to other radars of search and tracking .
  • They are also known as fighter planes .


Combat aircraft were developed during the First World War so that they could carry out aerial reconnaissance tasks and ground attacks, taking into account that, as the war in the air became more important, the adequate control of airspaces also became essential . The first fighter or combat aircraft had the ability to carry the pilot, a person as an observer and a machine gun, these belonged to a series of aircraft known as Gunbus.

After the start of the war, many scout pilots began to carry pistols , grenades, and weapons to attack other enemy aircraft. This is how the need for power not for weapons planes was born and a method was devised to be able to build a scout plane that had a propulsion configuration . The idea of ​​placing a machine gun so that the pilot could fire it from the propeller bow was also considered.

In 1914 , Roland Garros requested that a synchronization mechanism be installed in a monoplane and Jules Hue was responsible for adding metal wedges to protect the pilot from the possible ricochets of the bullets. This monoplane first flew in 1915 and began combat operations shortly thereafter .

The development of fighter jets slowed down a bit between the wars and in fact several manufacturers withdrew. In 1930 most combat aircraft were still biplanes . By this time the aircraft engines had improved significantly as well as the weapons that were carried in them. In 1944, the first designs for airplanes propelled by means of turbojets began to be created , these were created mainly by the British and Germans .

At the end of the Second World War , the construction and development of the military aircraft industry did not stop and on the contrary increased . In this way, combat aviation became more specialized every day and different types of aircraft with different characteristics emerged.

Who invented it

The first combat aircraft on record was developed by a German manufacturer known as Messerschmitt and was put into operation at the end of World War II.


There are several types of combat aircraft, among the most important are the following.

  • Attack aircraft : they are manufactured specifically to destroy enemy targets either on the ground or at sea.
  • Bombers : they are airplanes designed to be able to carry war charges and then to the poor a certain objective at sea or on land.
  • Fighter Planes – Fighter jets are so well known by the name of interceptors and they are craft that are designed, armed and equipped for the search and destruction of other enemy aircraft.
  • Multipurpose combat aircraft : known by the name of fighter-bomber, it has the function of defending the airspace and serving as an attack platform on the ground.
  • Transport aircraft: these aircraft have a more logistical function as they are responsible for carrying clothes from one place to another or the loads that are necessary.
  • Reconnaissance aircraft : they are used mainly for intelligence operations as they are equipped with a series of cameras and sensors.
  • Aircraft for electronic warfare : these actions are those that have electrical devices that have been to deceive the radars. Hello, other detection systems such as infrared.
  • Military helicopter – This is also a type of fighter plane and is part of the air forces.

Parts of a fighter plane

The main parts that make up a combat aircraft are the following:

  • Roads antennas
  • Stabilizers
  • Rudder and drift
  • Parachute
  • Airbrake
  • Air missile and launch rail
  • Hyper-lift spoiler
  • At
  • Main and front landing gear
  • Dome where the ejection seat is located.


The main materials of combat aircraft are an alloy of aluminum and lithium, since these two elements have the ability to increase the mechanical properties and reduce the density of the aircraft.

How a fighter plane works

The systems that are included today for the operation of this type of aircraft are one of the most modern and effective that exist in the world, which makes these machines have a greater superiority. The flight system of these aircraft is very similar to normal aircraft, but the combat aircraft has a series of information sensors such as radars and GPS . They also have the great capacity to operate in a network so they can link data to send and receive information at any time and place.

They have a high level of maneuverability , are much more agile and can make difficult turns at impressive speed. The takeoff and landing can do to further reactors because they have much speed thrust vectoring functioning as catapults . The super cruiser they have gives them the ability to pass the sound barrier and even maintain supersonic flight thanks to the turbojet that keeps running constantly.


Regarding the maintenance of combat aircraft, inspections are always carried out before and after the flights and any type of damage that may cause a problem with the aircraft is searched for, this is done through daily controls .

Which is the most modern

F-15EX is considered to be the most modern aircraft in the Air Force. This Boeing has a large number of advanced systems and software that make this aircraft unique, providing safety , speed and precision at all times.

Which is the best

Experts consider the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics F-22 to be one of the best fighter jets out there today. It has been designed with an incredible level of air superiority which it achieves thanks to its adaptation and dynamism that even allows it to attack ground targets . This aircraft is considered invisible and undetectable , it is a 2-engine single-seater fighter-bomber considered within the fifth generation group.

What is the fastest fighter plane

The Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird has been considered as an aircraft that, because it is powered by hypersonic rockets, is the fastest combat aircraft in the world. It is a long-range strategic reconnaissance aircraft and has been capable of exceeding record speeds.

Other examples

Some other examples of fighter jets are mentioned below

  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
  • Sukhoi Su-34 (Su-32).
  • Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum, the most famous Russian warplane in the world.
  • Sukhoi Su-35.
  • Xian JH-7.
  • Shenyang J-8.
  • Eurofighter Typhoon, which is the most powerful Spanish fighter plane.
  • F / A-18 Hornet of the Spanish Air Force.

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