Fernando Botero


Fernando Botero is an artist of Colombian origin who is known worldwide for creating large and swollen representations of people, animals and elements that represent the natural world. He found his inspiration in a great diversity of influences ranging from Renaissance masters such as Giotto and Paolo Uccello to the Abstract Expressionist movement that occurred during the 20th century. His work is based on the construction of rounded figures and inflated shapes.


Personal information

  • When was he born:  04/19/1932
  • Where he was born:  Medellín, Colombia

Who is Fernando Botero?

Famous Colombian artist noted for his works and performances swollen and large size of various topics, author of the famous Mona Lisa in 1961, uses expressionism abstract to represent the figures.


Biography of Fernando Botero

Botero nation in the city of Medellin , Colombia, on 19 April 1932, and as a child attended a school that trained matadors bulls for several years of his youth. Later, he decided to leave the bullring to dedicate himself to following one of his biggest dreams, an artistic career . Botero’s paintings were exhibited for the first time in 1948, when he was only 16 years old, and he had his first individual artistic exhibition two years after that date in the city of Bogotá. In its early years, his work found great inspiration in pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial art and in some of the political murals that had been painted by Mexican artist Diego Rivera.Francisco de Goya and Diego Velázquez also played a determining role in his works. In 1950, Botero began studying painting in Madrid , and worked selling copies of paintings to tourists. In 1960 he decided to move to New York City , where he focused on building by applying more proportion and size , and it was at this time that he began to develop his characteristic style. After becoming known worldwide for his type of art, in 1973  Fernando Botero moved to Paris , where he began creating sculptures . In 1975, he devoted himself fully to sculpture in Pietrasantaand in 1977, he exhibited his bronze works at the Grand Palis in Paris for the first time.



The main characteristics that we can observe in Botero’s work are the following;

  • The inflated proportions of his works reflect political satire .
  • Use colors flat , bright and predominant forms.
  • He includes still life and landscapes in his works .
  • He uses an exaggerated volume in his figures, but does not allude to being overweight, his works are more like a balloon filled with air.
  • Despite having a lot of volume, his works crush the perspective in the foreground, making us see the spherical figure in space .
  • The colors he uses are impeccably chosen by the artist and he uses them as a means of communication .
  • Use harmony and dissonance of colors.
  • His painting technique makes his objective to be to give color to the sculpture in a homogeneous way .
  • She uses chalk to finish her paintings and accentuates the bright accents with white acrylic .
  • His works include a wide range of nudes, still lifes, landscapes, saints, portraits, and military situations.

Sculptures by Fernando Botero

There are many sculptures that Fernando Botero has created, all based on his enlargement technique, it is worth mentioning some of the most important, which, in fact, are being exhibited around the world.

  • The Maternity , located and exhibited in Madrid, Spain .Fernando Botero Who is he, biography, characteristics, sculptures, paintings
  • The Horse , sculpture made of bronze and almost four meters high, placed on a granite base and representing the Trojan Horse, full of circular volumes. It is one of his most representative works, mainly because of its size.
  • Hand and Woman with a mirror in Madrid.
  • Reclining woman where she demonstrates the artist’s love for blunt, curvy figures.
  • The Cat on the Rambla del Raval in Barcelona.
  • Las Gordas , sculptures that are exhibited worldwide.

Paintings by Fernando Botero

In one of his main paintings known as ” A family “, Fernando Botero shows the culture and tradition in which he lives, it is the typical portrait of the family from the Colombian era. The painting acclaims manners and was painted with brushstrokes of dark colors and strong contrasts, very close to the technique of expressionism. Some other important works that we can cite are:

  • Amanda Ramírez’s house
  • Massacre in Colombia
  • Dead bishops, where you can see eight different prelates stacked on top of each other.
  • Dictator drinking chocolate, showing the disproportionate disproportion between the military giant and the first lady.
  • Family with Colombian animals
  • The murder of Ana Rosa Calderón
  • The bullfight, which was very famous in Europe and the United States , and shows in a very personal way, the different themes of a plastic universe created by him.
  • Mona Lisa at age twelve, which was one of her earliest works.
  • Self-portrait after Velázquez.

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