Fernando Belaúnde Terry

Many important figures have occupied the presidential chair of Peru, one of them Fernando Belaúnde Terry , a renowned engineer and politician who managed to be president of the country on two different occasions, one in 1964 and another in 1981 . A man who managed to become president thanks to the support of young Democrats .

Personal information

  • When was he born: 10/07/1912
  • Where he was born: Lima, Peru
  • When did he die: 06/04/2002
  • Where he died: Lima, Peru

Who was Fernando Belaúnde Terry?

Fernando Belaúnde Terry was a politician of Peruvian nationality who managed to occupy the position of President of the Republic on two occasions, between 1963 and 1968 and later between 1980 and 1985 .

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What did

Fernando Belaunde Terry is regarded as the man who managed to improve and establish the democracy in Peru seeking above all proper integration of the country also fought against the Odria dictatorship , why managed to reach an important support from university students . A man who managed to carry out a large number of important works mainly in the field of housing and communication .

Biography of Fernando Belaúnde Terry

Fernando Belaúnde Terry was born on October 7, 1912 . As a child he studied in his country but was later exiled along with his father so he continued his studies in Paris, where he studied industrial mechanics and electricity , then graduated as an architect . He returned to Peru and served as a professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Lima.

After his university studies, he dedicated himself for a time to academic life and to disseminate the new currents related to urbanism while promoting the architecture of Peru. This is how he founded the magazine called El Arquitecto Peruano , the Association of Architects of Peru and later gave shape to the Institute of Urbanism of that same country.


Fernando Belaúnde Terry died on June 5, 2002 when he was 82 years old. The cause of his death was a stroke .

Political career

His career in politics had its beginnings when he collaborated in the formation of the National Democratic Front , at which time he was also elected to serve as deputy for Lima . After Congress was dissolved by the military, he returned to work as an urban planning professor and in 1956 , he decided to run as a presidential candidate for the Democratic Youth Front , a party that would later give rise to Popular Action, however in that moment does not manage to win the elections. In the year 1962He decides to run as a candidate and a year later he is elected as President of the Republic thanks to the Popular Action and Christian Democracy parties.

First government of Fernando Belaúnde Terry

During his first government, Fernando Belaúnde Terry dedicated himself to establishing the first Agrarian Reform Law , he managed to create several development corporations by departments in order to decentralize the administration that was in the hands of the State and managed to reestablish the municipal elections . He was also in charge of establishing that teaching was free . This first government ended on October 3, 1968 when Juan Velasco Armadas organized a coup . For this reason, he spent time in exile in Argentina and later inUnited States .

Second government

During his second government, Fernando Belaúnde Terry had to face a highly indebted Peru , a country that had suffered serious damage to the economy , mainly caused by the El Niño phenomenon in 1983. On May 17, 1980 he had to face the first attack by the Communist Party of Peru known as the Shining Path , which caused an increase in violence. When this period of government ended, 32 of the provinces were already in a state of emergency .

The economy of his country began a moderate privatization process in the companies, taking into account mainly mining , banking and oil . This caused the currency to depreciate gradually out that the external debt will increase and these two aspects were the main problems of his government.

What study

Fernando Belaúnde Terry completed his first primary studies at the Colegio de La Recoleta , located in Lima. Later, he studied his secondary studies in Paris and later entered the University of Austin , Texas in the United States from where he graduated in 1935.


Its main ideology was based on popular action, giving greater importance to the people . He had a great interest in finding the solidarity of society, in putting aside social classes and improving citizenship . His ideology was also based on the beginning of the historical past of the Inca , in other words, Peru as a type of doctrine. He also gave importance to institutions and customs in order to rescue the indigenous tradition of the Peruvian inhabitants.

Contributions of Fernando Belaúnde Terry

There were many contributions made by Belaúnde. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • He created several means of communication that communicated the towns of the interior.
  • He made a lot of works of civil engineering.
  • He built the Highway Marginal de la Selva .
  • He founded the reservoir of the Tinajones .
  • He expanded the hydroelectric power station of the Canyon of the Duck .
  • He created the Banco de la Nación and the Banco de Materiales .
  • He managed to build several housing complexes and was in charge of modernizing airports nationwide.

Physical characteristics

Fernando Belaunde Terry was a man tall , of medium build, her hair color , black and straight . His skin was brown , his nose was large and not well shaped.


Belaúnde was a man who had a very chivalrous personality , he was a man of honor and he gave great importance to forms. He was also considered a great visionary , a man of his word and at the same time of action . His personality was also charismatic , he was very wise and also honest , which allowed him to exercise leadership full of vision.


His father, Rafael Belaunde Diez Canseco and his mother, Lucila Terry García .


His first marriage took place in 1963 , when he married Carola Aubry Bravo , however, they divorced shortly after. He married Violeta Correa Miller in 1970 , who was the daughter of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Javier Correa, whom he considered the true love of his life.


Together with Carola he had three children: Carolina , Rafael and Fernando Belaúnde Aubry .


Thanks to Fernando Belaúnde it was possible to establish a series of important reforms in the State with the aim of consolidating the inclusion of members of society. Thanks to him, it was possible to establish a free , secret and also universal vote in Peru . He managed to give greater importance to those most dispossessed, promoted the construction of roads and with his motto ” The people did it “, he managed to promote a large number of local and regional works, thus establishing the Popular Cooperation system which was based on the joint action of the State and the people.

He also gave great importance to miscegenation in order to maintain and improve national identity , while giving more value to cultural diversity . It also managed to solve a large part of the deficit in terms of educational infrastructure and raised the need for the media to be at the service of education.


He based his works on his knowledge of Peru as well as on his travels throughout the territory. Among them the following are mentioned:

  • Town by town
  • The Conquest of Peru by the Peruvians
  • The Marginal Highway of the Jungle


Various civic events are held in Peru to celebrate the birth of Fernando Belaúnde. He is recognized and remembered for having been one of the most honest presidents the country has ever had, the only one who did not have to face any kind of trial for corruption in any of his terms.

Quotes by Fernando Belaúnde Terry

Some of his most recognized phrases were the following:

  • As in any political party, there will always be some people who arrive without political training, without ideology, principles, and these can stain the honor of an entire political group.
  • Opportunism has managed to enter society, it enters one party and tomorrow it will be in another and then another.
  • We want there to be political schools where the youth can be trained in doctrine.


Some curiosities of Fernando Belaúnde are mentioned below:

  • He was and still continues to be considered one of the main architects of Peruvian architectural history .
  • As a child, he had to move to France with his family because they were politically persecuted.
  • His first government ended due to a military coup .

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