The Feminism  is a word used to refer to an attitude of arrogance on the part of women to men, bias or discrimination which is obviously more favorable to women in different actions or opinions on a specific topic. Its meaning is the opposite to that of the male chauvinism , but is also included within the sexism and sexual discrimination , with the difference that this term expressed discrimination and prejudices that favor the women and hurt at the end, the men. Different theories have arisen regarding the appearance of the word “hembrismo” . Some people think that its origin came as a result of the entrenched victimization that existed in certain groups of women , while others point out that it arose as a result of men for fear of losing their privileges.

What is hembrism?

It is the opposite definition of machismo , so we can say that it is a set of attitudes and beliefs that seek to justify and promote female and discriminatory behaviors against males .

  • Definition of femininity
  • Characteristics of hembrism
  • How it differs from feminism
  • Controversy
  • Example

Definition of femininity

We can define feminism as the impulse to the preponderance of women avoiding gender equality . It then implies negative discrimination towards the male sex and attacks against them through actions and words . It is an individual and minority position that does not have any kind of real interference within society . That is why the analogy between hembrismo and machismo can be useful to understand the concepts, but without forgetting the privileged position that man enjoyed throughout history and still retains, beyond the advances of recent years.


Many think that the insistence on using the name “hembrismo” has been mainly a desperate attempt to discredit the feminist movements that fight every day for equality. In reality, a “hembrist” could be any woman who is also a feminist and who fights for equality in a way that is considered uncomfortable by other people. That is, it is a completely subjective term that can include anyone depending solely on the eyes with which the woman is seen, especially if it is seen from the macho point of view .

Feminism seeks above all to give preference to the female sex, it tries to enhance the image of women, raise self-esteem , generate a greater sense of capacity in the face of work and seeks to promote leadership in women in a preferential and priority way. It is an attitude and a way of seeing life on the part of some women.

Characteristics of hembrism

Among the main characteristics that we can mention about hembrism are:

  • Sometimes women use victimizing language .
  • It points out the abuses of feminism and its more radical tendencies .
  • It does not seek solutions to discrimination as egalitarian feminism does.
  • It gives a wrong image of the male and even the female sex.
  • There is a different interpretation in the two sexes that can harm men.
  • Female empowerment occurs .
  • Many of the women through feminism have obtained political , social , cultural and legal advantages .
  • Some women are cynical and full of resentment .
  • They like controversy and discussion , and they look for a way to confront all the issues that are possible.

How it differs from feminism

Hembrism and feminism are synonymous words , but each term refers to very different realities of society. While feminism is an attitude of superiority of women over men, feminism deals with the defense of equality between men and women. Many feminist women are called “feminists”, to defend the supremacy of women in society , when in reality that behavior must be defined as a woman, and many times we ignore the fact that feminism is a movement that men also are part.


Part of the great controversy that exists with feminism is that women began to defend their equality and their rights recently and many of them have achieved a lot, but women who consider themselves feminine are the same as macho men, they have their lives full of prejudice , pride and do not want to accept it. This situation generates great problems for both men and women as the fight continues continuously and usually full of insults .


A clear example of feminism can be seen in the way of acting in the film Los Hijos de María Morales, the actress María Morales could be considered this way, because her way of acting is rigid, almost like a man, also in another film called Juana Gallo, and in some soap operas several women have appeared with this type of character.

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