Federal Republic


republic is one of the many types of government that exist in the world and the way in which a State can be organized where public power is exercised through the representatives of the people. There are also several types of republics, one of them is known as a federal republic .

What is a federal republic?

federal republic is a type of political organization that is characterized mainly by having an executive , a judicial and a legislative power represented by a central administration .

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Definition of federal republic

The federal republic is a type of grouping of social entities that are institutionalized and that is made up of a series of territorial divisions that have the capacity to govern themselves. In it, the State is also divided into three important powers , the executive , the legislative and the judicial .


It is a type of government in which the organization of the State is carried out at each of its levels and at a particular level on each of them at a particular level , in other words, a division is created in the different territories and then the administration is established. of the territories.

Characteristics of the federal republic

Among the main characteristics of the federal republic the following are mentioned:

  • It is divided into different regions which have autonomy .
  • It is made up of the executive , judicial and legislative powers .
  • It manages to avoid an agglomeration in the powers of the State.
  • It is characteristic of democratic regimes .
  • It has a central administration that is in charge of coordinating the needs and problems of the autonomies.
  • It is given the collection of taxes .
  • Their main means of participation in the Republic is the vote .
  • They have various types of difficulty related to legislation .


The federal republic is a type of organization that arose as a consequence of the need to prevent a series of excesses of power from occurring It dates back several centuries to the time of Roman civilization during the 6th century BC . after the monarchy ended and when the citizens decided to confront and get in touch with the king by installing eight different systems in which the people had most or all of the power with respect to public affairs .


The federal republic is a type of government that turns out to be of great importance for nations since thanks to it a government considered as democratic can be established , and with this, it is avoided that all power is concentrated in a single power of the State . It is a simple way of being able to grant the territories greater autonomy in terms of the political and legal field .

In addition, thanks to the division of powers that occurs in it, it is possible to have a group of people who are in charge of being able to improve all aspects related to the lives of the inhabitants in the case of the executive branch , to be able to discuss and decide the laws and sanctions in the case of the legislative power and a last power that will be in charge of administering justice correctly so that there is equality between its inhabitants with the case of the judicial power .

Examples of federal republic

Federal Republic of Central America:

The Republic Federal Central was born as the union of the states of Guatemala, Honduras , Nicaragua , El Salvador and Costa Rica on November 22 of the year 18424 . The idea of ​​its creation arose from a unifying constitution that was born after these colonies separated from Spain in 1821 .

After the proclamation of the independence of Central America, the nations continued under the rule of the Mexican Empire until the year 1823 when the countries began to try to separate from the traditional Spanish government and then adopt federalism. At present, all these countries have a democratic and independent political system, also preserving a type of union through different market treaties, regional agreements, and Central American Highway networks .

Federal Republic of Germany

The German Federal Republic was founded on May 23, 1949 and remained until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, on November 9, together with the German reunification that took place in October 1990. In the year 1969 was when the two German states were able to recognize each other for the first time, also establishing a suitable situation of coexistence . However, during this process the former territories became part of the former West Germany which was in charge of maintaining its position and legal and political organization, which in fact has been maintained to this day.

First Federal Republic

It is known by the name of First Federal Republic to a period within the history of the Mexican people in which it was possible to establish a type of federal regime as a form of government in the Mexican State . It was proclaimed as a Republic on November 1, 1823 thanks to the Constituent Congress after the dissolution of the Mexican Empire that had been established by Agustín Iturbide . It lasted approximately two years, ending when the Centralist Republic was established on October 23, 1835.

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