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In order to refer to the term feature film , we must also know that it is part of a film production , in other words, the group of specialists who are responsible for participating in the making of a film . The cinema, in addition to being an art and a whole important industry , is also a means of communication that has had a great influence within society and part of this great area is the feature film. When we see film productions, we can realize that some of them have a shorter time and others one more long than duration , and this is when we hear the word feature film .


What is the feature film?

The film is all production of film that comes to have a time duration that is greater than or equal to sixty minutes , or which has a longer duration to forty and five minutes to be produced in format support 70 mm and minimum 8 image perforations .

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We know as a feature film the audiovisual production or cinematographic production which has a minimum duration of 60 minutes, it is also considered a feature film that production that having a duration greater than forty-five minutes is produced in a 70 format support mm with a minimum of 8 perforations per image.


Feature film features

The most outstanding characteristics of a feature film are the following:

  • They last 30 minutes or longer.
  • Feature films that exceed 45 minutes are produced on a 70-millimeter medium .
  • They have a wide variety of classes and genres .
  • The length of the feature film may also vary depending on the country where it is made.


The origin of the feature film is documented in Lubin’s Passion Play, a representation of the Passion produced by the Lubin Manufacturing Company and released in January 1903. The film was divided into thirty-one parts , and had a total duration of sixty minutes . Some time later, the French company Pathé Frères would launch its own film representation of the Passion of Christ: La Vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ, which was divided into thirty-two parts and lasted forty-four minutes .


According to the record kept in the Register of ” Memory of the World ” of UNESCO , the first feature of the story that was filmed he was called in English The Story of the Kelly Gang , which was a silent film from Australia shortlived over an hour and it was written and directed by Charles Tait .

Types of feature film

The classification of the feature film is quite extensive , and to carry it out, several different aspects are taken into consideration in order to classify depending on the style , setting , format or type of audience . In this way we have to:

According to your style or tone

  • Drama : are those films that focus mainly on the development of a conflict between the protagonists .
  • Comedy : these are films that have been filmed to provoke humor , entertainment and laughter in the viewer that sometimes have a reflective message.
  • Action : these are films that have a plot that involves the moral interaction that occurs through violence or physical force .
  • Adventure Cinema : this type of cinema contains dangerous and risky situations .
  • Horror : these are films that are made to provoke tension and fear within the audience.
  • Science fiction cinema : these are films that are responsible for showing the progression from the unknown to the known by solving a series of enigmas.
  • Romantic cinema : these are films that specifically refer to romantic elements.
  • Musical cinema : these are films that contain some small interruptions while they are developed, to be able to introduce a musical fragment that can be sung or accompanied by a choreography.
  • Melodrama : films with a strong or emotional emotional or moral charge.
  • Catastrophe cinema : these are films whose main theme The main theme is the great catastrophes that have happened or that may happen.
  • Fantasy : films that contain a series of fantasy events, worlds, creatures or things.
  • Pornographic : Contains explicit sexual scenes.

According to its setting

  • Historical : they tell us stories that have occurred in the past, with the intention of making a historical recreation .
  • Police : this type of feature film tells us about the defeat of “evil” through police action .
  • War : refers to battlefields and times of war.
  • From the West or also known as Western : these are films that take place during the colonial period of the United States of America .
  • Science fiction cinema : they show us the space dominated by man or future civilizations.
  • Fantasy : refers to mythical worlds that are born from the author’s imagination.
  • Sports : tells us stories in settings or events related to a sport .

According to its format

  • Animation : they are films also known as cartoons that are composed of frames that are drawn by hand and that make the illusion of movement.
  • Real image , or live action : these are movies filmed with real actors.

By your type of audience

  • Children : they are feature films aimed at children .
  • Juvenile : feature films that are aimed at teenagers .
  • Family : made with the intention to be attractive to people of all the ages .
  • Adult : aimed at the adult audience ; Much of its content includes scenes of violence, threatening themes, shocking words, or explicit sex.

How long does it last

The feature film is a film that is sixty minutes or longer than this number. The term also includes those films that have a duration of more than forty – five minutes, and that are produced in 70 mm format support , with a minimum of 8 perforations per image.

How it differs from the short film

When we talk about short films we are referring to productions that have a duration that is equal to or less than 30 minutes and can represent any existing genre as long as it adapts to the length of the footage, although it is more common to see experimental subjects and art cinema . With regard to feature films , these are all productions that have a duration that is equal to or greater than 60 minutes .

Featured feature films

Some examples of feature films that have stood out over time are:

  • Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane)
  • The Godfather
  • 2001: Space Odyssey
  • Singing in the rain
  • White House
  • The Godfather II

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