Family Lawyers


In the term family lawyer there are two definitions that are very important. The first of these is the family , the set of people who are united by marriage , kinship or adoption , considered as a natural and universal community , as the basis of every society. The second important term is the lawyer , in other words, the person who is in charge of judicial or administrative processes , and who provides support, advice and advice in the legal field.

What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a professional in the area of law who is in charge of providing support and legal advice with respect to all issues that concern the family environment .

  • Characteristics of family lawyers
  • Features
  • Fee
  • How to choose a family lawyer
  • How to be a family lawyer
  • Importance of family lawyers

Characteristics of family lawyers

His most notable characteristics  of family lawyers are the following:

  • The family lawyer must be a specialized professional who has experience in family matters so that he can advise on the rights and obligations .
  • It must be an empathic person , a person who can put himself in the client’s shoes, since family law involves personal and intimate issues where emotions come into play.
  • It must be a lawyer who has a series of negotiating skills and who always exhausts the friendly route first in search of agreements in which all parties win.
  • Family law requires that the lawyer have a close relationship with the people with whom he works and that he also be flexible to achieve trust with the client.
  • In addition, it is important that you be a professional with extensive experience before the courts, since when an amicable agreement has not been reached , you may have to go to trial .


The main functions performed by family lawyers are the following:

  • It is responsible for applying legal concepts within the scope of the family procedure .
  • Apply the essential institutions of the legal system in the field that involves the substantive law of the family.
  • It is also in charge of applying the different norms and principles that family law has to a specific problem.
  • Solve aspects of such legal within the grounds of the family process.
  • It is in charge of debating the legal form in an oral litigation procedure or of executing the different procedures that are needed in the field of family courts .
  • Integrate the moral assessment of legal techniques into their knowledge .
  • Participates in separations and divorces and in couple conflicts. It seeks to help reach an agreement and draft a regulatory agreement or to administer a procedure before the courts when the friendly way is exhausted and there is a need to go to trial.
  • They are in charge of carrying out wills and inheritances . A family lawyer can inform you about your will or about the acceptance of an inheritance.


You must know what the cost of the services of the lawyer , and who will be responsible for payment of other charges and expenses . There are some rules of professional ethics for charging reasonable fees. Attorneys should itemize their fees , preferably in writing , within a reasonable period of time. In some cases, attorneys are required to submit their fees in writing before starting the case.

How to choose a family lawyer

To choose a good family lawyer, you should look for a person who has experience since cases related to the family are very important and need excellent advice . You should look for a lawyer who is empathetic with family problems and someone in whom you can really trust your problems, for this reason, it must be a person with a high level of professionalism . It is always better to choose a lawyer who is specialized in the specific case so that you can find the best solution to the problem . Finally, it is important that you be a realistic lawyer , that you know the optionspositive and negative that can be obtained from a specific case.

How to be a family lawyer

To be a family lawyer, the first thing you must have is an inclination towards the law , sociology , philosophy and history , mainly before justice . The first thing to do is get a law degree or a law degree , as it is called in some countries. This profession can be carried out in different areas , and one of them is the family . There are a large number of degrees , academic and postgraduate programsthat people can study to be able to pursue a career. It is also important that after completing the degree, they enroll in the Bar Association that practices in the country to be able to practice the career properly and under the law.

Importance of family lawyers

The importance lies in the presence of divorce , family support and other problems , which is the moment when the family lawyer puts his knowledge to the test. He is the right person to provide advice and to say what should be done depending on the procedure. He is in charge of representing one of the parties to find a solution always following the path of the law .

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