Extreme sports


The extreme sports are those types of sports that involve some kind of risk for people who practice them . They are activities that have the ability to release a large amount of adrenaline in the human body and this is captured by the body as a situation that threatens life and survival, causing different types of feelings including fear.


What are extreme sports?

Extreme sports are those physical activities or sports disciplines that in addition to being very demanding , are carried out under special circumstances that may have the implicit danger in the practice and that are also very difficult to carry out.


Characteristics of extreme sports

The sports ends is first characterized by being carried out under situations that may result in a threat to life and health of those who practice them . They are activities that do not have any type of specific regulations nor do they have a specific schedule to be carried out. This type of activity can vary both in pace and intensity , and this will depend on the type of sport that is practiced and the ability of the athlete.


They are very original and are also full of creativity . One of its main objectives is the pursuit of pleasure and personal satisfaction while achieving high levels of adrenaline in the body. The feeling of adventure and risk are two basic aspects that motivate people to do this type of sport. They are sports that have managed to gain a lot of popularity especially during the last decades. The philosophy of this type of activity implies the thought that says that the greater the risk, the greater the satisfaction.


Experts consider that the history of extreme sports comes from ancient times because at that time there were already some activities that could well be classified as extreme sports such is the case of the existence of the Roman coliseums where men had to choose to face warriors or beasts.

In the 1950s when Ernest Hemingway used the definition to refer to mountaineering , auto racing and bullfighting , which were considered as situations that could lead to death. However, as the years progressed, the definition of extreme sport changed, thus uniting other sports.

Over time, the definition changed significantly and are now considered extreme sports all those who can produce a discharge of adrenaline in the body, while obviously hand, the health risk can also reach provoke the moment they are practiced.

Types of extreme sports

There are many types of sports that are currently considered extreme sports. Some types of activities include the following sports modalities:

  • Climbing : consists of climbing or descending high walls of natural or artificial rock. When it is done on ice, it implies a greater risk since it requires specialized equipment to be able to do it.
  • Mountaineering : involves the walk done to reach the top of a mountain and is also known as mountaineering.
  • Skydiving : one of the sports that unleashes incredible amounts of adrenaline in the human body when the person jumps from the air to great heights to try to descend to the ground using a parachute. A sport that puts the health and lives of those who practice it at risk.
  • Rappel : involves the descent down a vertical stone surface using a series of ropes.
  • Paragliding : an adventure sport where the participant uses a type of wing to glide great distances.
  • Rafting : involves making a descent in very turbulent rivers that could perfectly overturn the boat.
  • Parkour : an intense and risky sport that can be life-threatening depending on where it is performed.
  • Highline : This extreme sport is done on a taut rope that is placed high between two surfaces. The athlete must walk on the rope without falling. It involves a very high risk of accidents and even death.
  • Bungee jumping : a jump that people do from hundreds of meters high only tied to an elastic rope that is placed on the feet.


One of the main benefits that can be obtained with the practice of extreme sports is the release of stress . This sport causes a great discharge of energy and adrenaline to be produced in the body while releasing serotonin and endocrines , hormones that are responsible for keeping a person happy. It is also a good source of fun and exercise as they manage to get those who do it out of the routine.

These sports burn a lot of calories so it is a good way to stay healthy , they also significantly improve aspects such as spatial location , concentration and elasticity of the body, in addition to providing a feeling of general well-being . It helps people overcome their fears , achieve goals and objectives, and gain higher levels of self – esteem and confidence .


Extreme sports are activities that can lead to accidents , which will end up causing serious injuries to the body and even death . When an impact occurs on the body while practicing these sports, the energy that is released is capable of producing multiple injuries which will immediately put life at imminent risk. Many accidents can cause head trauma damaging tissues, vessels and even the meninges.

Many doctors consider that sports of this type have a great lack of control with respect to the physiological limits that the human body has and this can lead to serious health problems. Many of the risks are primarily associated with the height at which many of the activities take place and this situation could generally problems related to syncope , lack of oxygen, arrhythmias , accidents heart and even sudden deaths.

What are the newest extreme sports?

Several are the modern sports that have been created as extreme sports. One of them is sandboarding , a sport that consists of moving on a board through the mountains or through the sand, alternating with a series of different pirouettes done in the air. The jumps with sancos is also quite new and uses a type of technology in the stilts that makes possible the execution of jumps that can even reach more than two meters in height.

The glider is also a sport that has become more important in recent years and involves flying down by a parachute from high mountain peaks that have previously been promoted by the athlete. This glider does not have any type of motor and must be planned properly to avoid accidents. The BASE jumping is probably one of the newest sports and most extreme of all, the risk is considerable and can not be done at any time, no emergency parachute making it one of the deadliest in the world.


Some other examples of sports that are considered extreme are:

  • Skateboarding
  • Surf
  • Diving
  • Paragliding
  • Motocross
  • Binding
  • Delta wing
  • Free climbing
  • Skating at ground level

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