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When it comes to the golden years of Hollywood , one of the names that stands out is that of the iconic actor of adventure films, Errol Flynn . The actor participated in a series of feature films that are now considered classics in the film mecca.


Personal information

  • When was he born:  06/20/1909
  • Where he was born:  Battery Point, Australia
  • When he died:  10/14/1959
  • Where he died:  Vancouver, Canada

Who was Errol Flynn?

Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, born in Australia in 1909, was a famous Hollywood actor known for his adventure films that made him the romantic heartthrob of his generation . Among his most outstanding films we can mention Robin of the woods (1938) and They died with boots on (1941) . He was also known for having a rebellious personality and his taste for alcohol and sex. After a life of excess, he died in Vancouver, Canada.

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Errol Flynn Biography

Errol Leslie Thomson Flyn was born in the Australian city Hobart, on June 20, 1909 , into a well-off family. While still a child, his family moved to Sydney. From his childhood, Errol was shown as a child with discipline problems which led to him being expelled from the Australian schools where he studied. Similarly, when his family lived in Britain, Errol was also punished in the schools he attended.

He became a professional tennis player , winning the Davis Jr Cup in 1926 and representing Australia in the 1928 Olympic Games that took place in Amsterdam.

Later, in his teens, Errol got a job in Australia as a maritime mail secretary and soon after, made the decision to travel the world in search of gold . To meet this goal, Errol had to perform various jobs as a fisherman, supervisor of a tobacco plantation in New Guinea, or boxer.

Thanks to his good bearing and athletic physique, Errol attracted the attention of a producer who asked him to work on the Australian film In the wake of the bounty (1933). Errol felt very comfortable with this job and decided to join the British company Northampton Repertory, where he worked for six months.

In 1935, he was hired in the United States by Warner Studios . His first acting job in American cinema was in the pirate movie Captain Blood along with actress Olivia de Havilland. His participation in this film marked the beginning of many successes as an actor and hero of several adventure films, among which we can mention The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), The Prince and the Pauper (1937), Robin of the Woods ( 1938), The Sisters (1938), The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) and Dodge, City without Law (1939).

All this repertoire of films made Errol Flynn one of the favorite gallants of the female audience. However, although in his films he was a hero , in the real world, he was always involved in scandals in which sex, alcohol and drugs were the protagonists. It was even said that the actor injected vodka into oranges in order to be able to consume it on the recording set.

Also, in 1942, he was accused of rape by young teenagers Betty Hansen and Peggy Satterlee. After a long process in which he was defended by a group called the American Boys Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn (ABCDEF), the actor was acquitted.

However, Flynn’s scandalous life did not affect his acting career and the 1940s were also very successful with films such as The Hawk of the Sea (1940), They died with their boots on (1941), Gentleman Jim (1942), On the edge of darkness (1943) and El burlador de Castilla (1948).

However, in the late 1940s, the brilliance of his career began to fade in large part, due to the life of excess he led. Directors began to avoid it and Errol Flynn no longer looked like the female idol of other times. On the other hand, the actor acquired many debts and his finances began to decline.

In the 1950s, Flynn became a parody of himself. Alcohol and drug abuse caused him to age prematurely but he continued to be appreciated for his performances, as he was for the film The Sun Rises Too (1957).

Flynn left Hollywood and decided to go to Europe where he agreed to participate in a low-budget English television series. Flynn was seen drunk in several of the scenes in this production. On the other hand, he did not obtain much success in the European productions where he participated.


Flynn was married three times . First, in 1935 he married the actress Lili Damita , star of the film “This is the night” (1932). With her he had his first son, Sean Flynn. The couple were married until 1942. As a curious fact, Lili Damita had previously been married to director Michael Curtiz, who directed Flynn in many of his films.

Flynn’s bond with Damita was stormy. The actress even threatened to commit suicide on several occasions.

Later, he married the civil servant Nora Eddington in 1943. With Eddington he had two daughters, Deirdre and Rory. The link lasted until 1948, the year in which they divorced. Eddington made a cameo in his film “The Trickster of Castile.”

Finally, in 1950, he married for the third time to fellow actress Patrice Wymore , who appears in his film Cerco de Fuego . From the fruit of this marriage, their daughter Arnella Roma was born.

However, still married to his third wife, Flynn met at the “Hollywood Professional School” the young 15-year-old Beverly Aadland , who participated with the actor in the movie “Cuban Rebel Girls” . The actor courted her for several years and had plans to marry her. However, death reached him before he could fulfill this project.

On the other hand, although it was never confirmed, according to some sources, Flynn was bisexual.


After many years of excesses that included alcohol and drugs, Flynn died in Vancouver, Canada in 1959, due to a heart attack . He also reportedly suffered from cirrhosis and throat cancer. He was in that country to sell his yacht because he had many debts.

The doctor in charge of signing his death certificate thought that Flynn was an old man since his body looked very old.

The actor was buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery . It is said that his friends put six bottles of vodka in his coffin.

Offspring of Errol Flynn

Sean Flynn (son)

Sean was born out of Errol Flynn’s relationship with Lili Damita . He was raised by his mother. His parents spent many years fighting for custody of the child. Sean grew up in Palm Beach, Florida and attended Palm Beach private school. Summers were spent with his father in Jamaica. He enrolled at Duke University but shortly after, accepted a contract to appear in the sequel to his father’s film “Captain Blood” (1935), entitled “The Son of Captain Blood” (1962). He also made some other films in Europe, in which he was noted for his incredible appeal but without showing acting skills.. In 1965, he grew bored with acting and traveled to Africa where he was a hunter. Then, in 1966, he went to Vietnam to cover the war as a correspondent photographer for Paris-Match. In 1968, he returned to Vietnam, where he sells photographs and stories to major organizations and makes plans for a documentary film. In April 1970, while covering the fighting in the Cambodian border area, Sean Flynn and his colleague Dana Stone disappeared. It was presumed that they were captured by Vietnamese. His whereabouts were never known again.

Rory Flynn and Deidre Flynn (daughters)

Rory and Deidre Flynn are born from the union of Errol Flynn with Nora Eddington .

Rory was known for her work on “Return of the Living Dead” (1985), “Remote Control” (1988) and “The Adventures of Tennessee Buck” (1988).

On the other hand, Deidre, who was born in Mexico , was an actress and costume designer, known for her work on “I love you… Good-by” (1974), Forgotten Heroes (1990) and Poltergeist II (1986).

Arnella Flynn (daughter)

Arnella Roma Flynn was born in Rome, Italy in 1953 from the union of Errol Flynn with his wife, Patricia Wymore . Arnella spent her early years traveling the world and sailing with her parents. Later, he settled with his mother in Hollywood and his father died long before his sixth birthday. At the age of 14, Arnella and her mother moved to Jamaica. During her youth, Arnella moved to London and began a career in modeling. Later, she married photographer Carl Stoecker from whom she had a son, Luke.

Sean Flynn (grandson)

Errol Flynn’s grandson and Rory Flynn’s son were born and raised in Los Angeles. He began his acting career by appearing in a couple of commercials. Then at the age of 14, she worked on the television series Zoey 101. Currently, she is 24 years old and continues in the acting field.

Errol Flynn Featured Movies

Captain Blood (1935)

It is with this film that Flynn established himself as a Hollywood celebrity . The actor became a swashbuckling stuntman. This feature film directed by Michael Curtiz and in which Flynn was accompanied by Olivia de Havilland, received five Oscar nominations.

The film tells the story of Dr. Peter Blood , who in 1684, is arrested for assisting a wounded rebel during a revolt against the King of England Jacques II Stuart. The doctor is sentenced to deportation in Jamaica where he is bought as a slave by Arabella, the niece of an influential planter, Colonel Bishop. His medical skills give him the possibility of living in a semi- free regime that allows him to help his companions and to start a complicated relationship with Arabella.

The Prince and the Pauper (1937)

The film takes place in the Tudor era , in the 19th century, in London. Prince Edward Tudor proposes to a street beggar, with whom he bears an uncanny resemblance, to exchange their lives. When the king dies and leaves the prince as heir to the throne, no one believes when the true prince tells the truth.

Robin of the Woods (1938)

In 1191, the monarch Richard I, is imprisoned by the Austrians who demand a significant rescue. His brother, Prince John, thus seizes power in Nottingham, England and oppresses the Saxons with the complicity of his faithful adviser Guy de Gisbourne. Robin of Locksley , an archer of great value, refuses to recognize Juan and organizes in Sherwood Forest, the resistance to combat the injustice imposed by the usurper and save their king.

They died with their boots on (1941)

In this film, Errol Flynn plays George Custer , a cadet who is known for being arrogant and vain at the West Point Military Academy. During his military career, he was sent to the front lines to fight in the Civil War and later, he fought the Indians at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

The Trickster of Castile (1948)

In this film Errol Flyn plays the role of Don Juan de Mañara , a nobleman who has been discredited for his reputation as a womanizer. After being involved in a scandal in the queen’s court and breaking with a marriage of convenience imposed by the Crown, Don Juan de Mañara returns to his native country, Spain . Once there, he begins a career as a fencing instructor and regains his social position.

Famous phrases

  • I like old whiskey and young women
  • In Hollywood, they have a lot of respect for the dead and none for the living
  • It’s not what they say about you, it’s what they whisper
  • My problem is reconciling my gross habits with my net income
  • Always carry a large bottle of whiskey with you in case of a snake bite. And besides, always carry a little snake

Acknowledgments to Errol Flynn

Despite having participated in several classic Hollywood feature films, Errol Flynn was never nominated for an Oscars.

  • 1951: Received the Best Actor award at the Bambi Awards.
  • 1960: Receives a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

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