Environmental deterioration


Our planet and environment are faced every day with a series of threats that cause great damage as time progresses. All these dangers that nature faces, produce a series of damages to the environment and cause it to deteriorate more and more every day. The factors are different and most are man-made . For this reason, it is vitally important to find effective solutions to try to correct them.


What is environmental degradation?

The environmental degradation is the degradation of several factors essential found in the environment including the loss of the quantity and quality of basic services for men as are the water , the soil , the air and even living things which include animals and plants.

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It is vitally important to know that the environment is the place where all living and non-living beings are found, all the components that make up the planet. We can say that environmental deterioration is the consequence that is obtained as a result of a series of damages that are caused to the environment in which we live. This type of damage usually has different types of causes , including actions carried out by human beings, large companies and pollution also produced by man.


This type of deterioration occurs when the environment no longer has the capacity to meet all the needs of the planet’s biodiversity , when natural resources begin to deplete or suffer significant damage, causing a series of consequences that include the extinction of natural resources. different species that inhabit the earth.

Characteristics of environmental deterioration

The main characteristics of environmental deterioration are the following:

  • Environmental deterioration produces a series of damages to the environment .
  • It is one of the main problems facing the countries of the earth.
  • It is caused by a number of different causes , most of them man-made.
  • It produces effects that are negative for humans and animals that inhabit the planet.
  • It produces a shortage of natural resources necessary for human life.
  • It has short and long term negative effects .


The types of environmental deterioration can be different but all of them will cause great and serious problems to the environment in which we live. These types are explained below.

Water deterioration

This type of deterioration causes serious damage to the waters of the planet and is mainly produced by the garbage that is deposited in rivers, lakes and oceans and by the release of a series of dangerous and harmful materials or substances into the waters. People are responsible for this type of pollution as well as the industries that throw their waste into the seas.

Deterioration of the land

Soil, which is the habitat for many spices and the medium by which food can be grown, is vital to maintaining a good ecological balance . The soil deteriorates due to the disposal of harmful waste and the constant use of chemicals that damage the composition of the earth. These residues cannot be properly degraded by the soil, causing damage to the fertility and security of the land.

Deterioration of the atmosphere

It is produced by the pollution that occurs in the air and produces a series of environmental problems that affect humans and animals in addition to producing significant global warming . This can bring a series of health problems as well as major climatic changes.


The main causes of environmental deterioration are:

  • Economy that produces a greater interest in the profits produced than in caring for the environment.
  • Uncontrolled production of garbage that is not properly disposed of.
  • The industrial development that produces emissions that cause greenhouse gases and rain acidic.
  • The creation of nuclear plants that do not have a safe way to degrade nuclear waste.
  • The extraction of fossil fuels and minerals, mainly open pit mining.
  • Weathering of rocks that produces the release of heavy metals.
  • The systems of agriculture that overuse of land.
  • Use of fertilizers , pesticides and medicines in plants and animals.
  • Extraction of environmental resources and mismanagement of the forest industry.
  • Forest fires and trawling .
  • Transportation by land, sea and air.
  • Disproportionate population growth .


The consequences of environmental deterioration are many and all affect humans and the environment. The loss of drinking water sources is one of them and is probably the most serious of all. This deterioration also causes a negative impact on all wildlife, mainly due to water pollution, the same situation occurs with the quality of the air that is breathed which decreases considerably causing health problems, the large accumulation that is produced by rust. of nitrogen , sulfur and CO2 produce acid rain that pollutes the soil and water.

The deterioration also causes that the soils that are used for agriculture suffer considerable damage as there is significant damage to the topsoil . The loss of biodiversity is also a cause of environmental deterioration and is mainly produced by human activities. A series of ecological imbalances occur which causes ecosystems to die. Finally, environmental deterioration causes global warming through the emission of greenhouse gases caused by the destruction of forests that cause a considerable increase in global temperature.

Social costs

Environmental deterioration produces a series of problems in the social costs of the countries, mainly in those that are considered underdeveloped , the lack of access of people to drinking water and natural resources that are caused by this type of deterioration causes health problems , spread of disease-causing insects and health-damaging pathogens . All this causes society to deteriorate little by little causing serious economic problems for nations.


The solutions are focused on the population so that they understand the seriousness of the problem. The education regarding the importance of reducing environmental degradation is essential and for this, you need to make a change in habits and lifestyle , involving less use of natural resources. Having an economic model that is sustainable is of vital importance as it is the best way to avoid wasting resources. It is also important that as part of the solution, countries should be concerned with creating policies that protect the environment .

How it differs from environmental impact

Environmental deterioration is caused as a result of the damage that occurs in the environment for different reasons, while environmental impact is all the effects and consequences that occur due to the way of acting of the human being and that damage the environment .

Environmental deterioration in Mexico

In this country, environmental degradation is mainly caused by pollution of the atmosphere , by the creation of large cities, producing large amounts of waste that are not properly and destruction of green areas treated. Currently, work is being done to stop deforestation, conserve natural habitats and protect species that are threatened.

Environmental degradation in the United States

The environmental deterioration in this country every day is increasing mainly due to the presidential policies that increase the fossil fuel industry and the lack of interest in combating climate change . Its carbon dioxide emissions have increased considerably and it is the second country with the highest rate of pollution in the world . With the withdrawal of the country from the Paris Agreement, the extraction of coal in its mines has increased and this, added to vehicle pollution , make up the two main sources of pollution.

Environmental deterioration in Spain

Its economic model has caused great damage to the ecology producing greater environmental deterioration. The climate change can cause environmental impacts serious and already have some problems related to water quality.

Environmental deterioration in Colombia

In this country, expansive industrial activity affects ecosystems, deteriorating the environment and causing damage to water regulation and soil stability . At present, there is a struggle to maintain ecological integrity as this country is classified as one of the most biologically diverse.

Environmental deterioration in Argentina

The deterioration has increased considerably in recent years and it is urgent for the country to reverse this situation. Problems such as water pollution and poor solid waste management are its main problems. Fortunately, the villagers have become more aware and have realized the damage that uncontrolled human activity can cause .


Environmental degradation, as we have explained previously, can cause serious problems both for the environment and for the people who inhabit it. For this reason, it is vitally important that countries become aware of and begin to implement a series of measures that can counteract the negative effects it produces. The best way to avoid this type of deterioration is undoubtedly environmental education , which to be effective, must be implemented from an early age so that, when they reach adulthood, these people can understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment.


Some examples of environmental degradation include the destruction of the ozone layer , air and river pollution, the depletion of soils, the production of radioactive waste, the melting of the poles, the expansion of deserts and overpopulation .

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