Effective communication


The effective communication is something that many think should be instinctive. But when we try to communicate with others, something gets lost. We say one thing, the other person understands something different, and in this way misunderstandings , frustration and conflicts occur , and this is something that can cause problems at home, school and work. For many of us, communicating more clearly and effectively requires learning some important skills . Whether you’re trying to improve family communication , are the boss, or co-workers, learning these skills can deepen connections.with others, build greater trust and respect, and improve teamwork, problem solving , and your overall social and emotional health .


What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a way of being able to communicate in a clear , concise and understandable way for the one who receives the message without producing any type of confusion , doubts or wrong interpretations .

  • What is effective communication?
  • What is it for
  • features
  • Elements
  • Types
  • Strategies to improve effective communication
  • Process
  • Advantages of effective communication
  • Disadvantages
  • Importance
  • Phrases about effective communication
  • Examples

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is to have enough ability to convey a message to the like having the ability to show and externalize our ideas and suggestions, so that in this way our party failed to understand the information and then also to remember what we say and act on this information.


What is it for

Effective communication helps us to transmit a message in a way that can meet all the expectations and objectives that have been established by the issuer and through it we can solve the problems of interpretation that the interlocutors of the message have.


The characteristics of effective communication are as follows:

  • It involves the emission of signals to make a message known.
  • You must have clarity in the message.
  • The information and message must be accurate and complete .
  • The information provided is authentic and true .
  • The messages are timely and appropriate .
  • The message is motivating and interesting for those who receive it.


The basic elements are the message that is the information that we are going to transmit, the sender or the person who emits the message, the receiver who is the one who is going to receive the message, the channel that refers to the means through which that message it is transmitted and we also have a code that the sender and receiver uses and that allows us to understand the message.


The types of effective communication that exist are:  oral , written , gesturing , by means of signals and bodily .

Strategies to improve effective communication

There are a series of strategies or techniques that help improve communication so that it is effective, among them we can mention:

  • The active listening implies listening know.
  • Discuss the different topics one by one.
  • Do not accumulate negative emotions without communicating them in due time.
  • Leave the past behind.
  • Be as specific as possible with what you want to report.
  • Avoid generalizing the information .
  • Be very careful with non-verbal communication .


Remember that communication is the process by which we can transmit a certain message. The process for effective communication begins by preparing the message properly, without errors and is understandable. Choosing a suitable channel to transmit this message is also part of the process, as are the people or recipients to whom we want the message to reach. Finally, it is important to verify that there is no type of barrier that could affect the original message.

Advantages of effective communication

  • It provides us with direction to give clear orders and the vision of the company.
  • You can set the goals so clear and provide the tools to achieve those goals.
  • They provide clarity to avoid possible confusion.
  • They give the clear purpose of the company because by being clear, people know exactly what they should do.
  • It succeeds in persuading the workers of an organization in a positive way .


The disadvantages that we can find in this type of communication are the following:

  • For some members of organizations, having to interact with other people represents a conflict .
  • The personal liability may be affected because the team is seen as a shield.
  • There may be problems of communication .


Communication is a very important tool because it is through it that we are able to promote productivity and we can even establish a series of solid working relationships within a company. Personnel managers who dedicate part of their time to effective communication are able to establish clear guidelines on correct communication that allows, at the same time, to increase positively and quickly the levels of trust that exist among workers, which will translate into greater productivity , better results and positivism .

Phrases about effective communication

Some phrases about effective communication are as follows:

  • To communicate effectively , we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this knowledge as a guide for our communication with others.  Anthony Robbins.
  • When people speak , they listen completely. Most people never listen . Ernest Hemingway .
  • Let us learn to say things quickly , clearly, simply and with a calm determination : let’s speak little, but clearly ; Let’s not say more than what is strictly necessary. Emile Coué.


  • When we communicate by electronic means and we want to convey an emotion , so that it is not misinterpreted, emoticons should be added so that the person understands the phrases you use.
  • If a person is venting , the effective way to understand it is to ask him questions about how he was feeling, or what made him think about his conclusions about the fact.
  • When we speak face-to-face, it makes non-verbal communications reaffirm the message.

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