The drought is an environmental anomaly that is highly relevant, since because of this, many individuals are losing their homes, their families, their crops , since the effects of drought will end up destroying their environment and the environment.

What is drought?

Drought, unlike other various things that occur in the environment, is not a phenomenon, this would be more of an environmental anomaly, or it could be called a climatological anomaly , it occurs when the water in some locations or regions the water it is not enough or scarce to supply and nourish the plants and green areas of the environment, in turn, affecting the living beings that inhabit this locality, that is, that in the state in which the earth is found, also you can find the people and animals that inhabit said environment.

  • features
  • Types
  • Causes
  • Consequences
  • Dehydration
  • What to do in case of drought
  • Prevention
  • Regions most affected
  • Examples by country


The most relevant characteristics of drought are:

  • Lack of vital fluid, that is, water.
  • Barrenness.
  • Dry.
  • It is caused by the lack of rain.
  • It is a climatological anomaly.
  • It affects all living things.


Some types of drought are as follows:

  • Meteorological.
  • Agricultural.
  • Hydrological.


Although the drought could have various causes , this is not the case, this part of the lack of rain in some areas, which is why nature begins to die and the environment dry out, leaving an inhospitable and uninhabited air .


Some of the consequences of drought are as follows:

  • Dries crops.
  • Drains the vitality of plants and green areas .


Decrease in agricultural production.

  • As animals will proceed to die, lack of food will gradually develop , causing famine.
  • Migration .
  • Dust storms.

What to do in case of drought

One of the most effective recommendations  is saving and collecting supplies, water, dry foods that do not have expiration date, they are one of the best tools when going through a drought, in this way, survival is ensured. to said crisis or anomaly.


One of the most effective ways to avoid drought is by having water reserves and taking full care of the environment , since it is part of the vitality of a nation.

Regions most affected

Some of the regions most affected by the drought are:

  • The inhospitable desert of the Horn of Africa .
  • Glaciers in the Himalayas.
  • India.
  • West Coast of North America.
  • Rocky mountains .
  • Sierra Nevada .

Examples by country


Although in Venezuela it rains constantly, it is taken into account since this country does not have seasons, like most, half of the year is rain and the other half is drought, therefore, the people who live here must take that into consideration.

middle East

It is one of the countries that is currently most vulnerable to drought, along with some countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Lebanon, of which the former 4 of the aforementioned, already suffer what are recognized as the repercussions of the drought.

China and India

These countries are not far behind, since they are presenting in the same way shortages and it is hypothesized that soon they will not have the privilege of vital liquid.

United States

Although it has been presenting drawbacks with what is both potable water, and not, they have been known to administer so far in an optimal way.

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