The Sega Dreamcast is a type of video game console made for the home and manufactured by Sega. It emerged as the successor to the Sega Saturn when it came off the market. It was originally released in November 1998, and thus became the first machine to be released in what is now known as the sixth generation of video game consoles, thus anticipating the  PlayStation 2, Nintendo Game Cube. and Xbox . It was the last home video game console made by this company, and it went off the market and was discontinued in early 2001. Despite this, it managed to sell at least 8.2 million units ofhardware and 51,630,000 of units of software in March 2001, and to 10.6 million hardware units in total.

What is the Dreamcast?

Developed by Sega, Dreamcast is a game console designed to replace the Sega Saturn . She was responsible for inaugurating the sixth generation of video consoles and was also the company’s last console.

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  • Dreamcast Features
  • Models
  • Featured Dreamcast Games
  • Curiosities

Dreamcast history

After the failure of the Mega-CD and the 32X , the Sega Saturn was Sega’s hope to reach the fifth generation, but after the launch of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 , the Sega console was far from fulfilling. The expectations. Since 1996, the battle has been between two different fronts; PlayStation and Nintendo 64; Sony vs. Nintendo. The situation in the American market was so bad that when Bernie Stolar became the new president of Sega, he immediately made eliminating the Saturn and creating a new console his only priority. The Dreamcast consoleit managed to be launched between 1998 and 1999 in all the territories that enjoyed it. The console had been kept a secret due to the company’s situation, with shares in the shadows and with virtually no hope of executing what would become his last attempt. This whole situation put Sega’s life at risk. The one who took advantage of the situation in an intelligent way was the Sony company with its  PlayStation 2. Dreamcast managed to have a good level of sales while the PlayStation 2 did not arrive; But once it arrived, with a host of supply issues included, Dreamcast sales not only failed to take off, they actually fell. For its part, PlayStation 2 increased the expectation and sums close to $ 1000 were paid for one on eBay . And is that the PlayStation 2 also acted as a home DVD player at a competitive price compared to the players that existed at the time, something that the Dreamcast could not do.


Dreamcast Features

The main features that we collect about the Dreamcast are the following:

  • His manufacturer house was the renowned company called Sega .
  • Had a major processor of Hitachi SH4 RISC @ brand 200 MHz
  • The format it used was GD-ROM .
  • It had a port with 4 controls.
  • Within its extensive games library we can mention that it had 688 official games . Even today, some companies continue to release unofficial games that bring the number up to 720.
  • The original price of the console was 240 euros .
  • Sales rose to 10.6 million consoles.


The Dreamcast models were as follows:

  • Mazara, which was the first edition of the Dreamcast.
  • Dreamcast Super Black
  • Metallic Silver
  • Pearl Pink
  • Pearl blue
  • Dreamcast Seaman Crystal
  • Dreamcast Seaman Christmas Edition

Featured Dreamcast Games

Among the most prominent games that promoted and made the Dreamcast successful, we can mention the following:

  • Namco Company SoulCalibur
  • Jet Set Radio from Smilebit Company
  • Sonic Adventure / Sonic Adventure 2 from Sonic Team Company
  • Crazy Taxi from the Hitmaker Company
  • Virtual Tennis from the Sega AM3 Company
  • Space Channel 5, United Game Artists Company
  • Skies of Arcadia by Overworks
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes by Capcom
  • Rez of the United Game Artists Company
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica from Capcom Company
  • Blue Stinger from Climax Graphics Company
  • Metropolis Street Racer from the Company called Bizarre Creations
  • Ikaruga of the Treasure Company


It was the first console made to play online and incorporated a 56Kbit / s (US version) or 33.6Kbit / s (EU version) modem that allowed you to play online or download certain content . Although Dreamcast was the pioneer in online gaming, it did not reach its peak until the PS3 and Xbox 360, because in that year the Internet did not reach most homes.

It is one of the biggest errors in terms of anti-copy systems , the first models did not put restrictions  which caused that backups could be executed without installing a chip.

They had two games of the most expensive in the history of video games . Each cost approximately $ 70 million.

Your memory card or memory card was another micro console itself. Many of the games had mini games included.

It had games in practically all genres so it was impossible to get bored playing in it.

In 2001, the game Sega Smash Pack : Volume 1 was released, a game in which there was a way to hack Mega drive games on the Dreamcast.

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