Donkey Kong Jr.

If there is a game longed for by video game lovers, it is Donkey Kong Jr. , its special character lies in the novel nature of the story, where DK Jr. becomes a hero and Mario the villain . In addition to the legacy that the game leaves in the field of video games , it can be considered that its argument contributed to the analysis of the conversion of anti -heroes to heroes on the big screen.

Information of interest

  • Release date: 1982
  • Designer:  Shigeru Miyamoto

What is Donkey Kong Jr.?

Better known by the acronym DK Jr., it is a sequel to Donkey Kong , an arcade game. It was released in 1982 and programmed by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo . In this version, Mario has trapped Donkey Kongs and his son, Donkey Kong Jr. is on a mission to rescue him.

  • Features of the Donkey Kongs Jr.
  • Story
  • Mechanics of the Donkey Kongs Jr.
  • On which platforms it has been launched
  • Donkey Kongs Jr.
  • Curiosities about the Donkey Kongs Jr.
  • Legacy

Features of the Donkey Kong Jr.

  • Includes the first and only appearance of Mario as the villain of the game.
  • It has multiple levels.
  • His scenes are short.
  • The characters are original.
  • It is an Arcade , Action, Platform , Single and Multiplayer video game .


Donkey Kong Jr. is a Nintendo character who went out into the world in the game of the same name, under the tutelage of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Arcades in 1982 .

His mission is to rescue his father who has been captured by Mario, for this he will have to overcome four levels by jumping and climbing the stages until he reaches the top .

He has made appearances in other Nintendo games such as Super Mario Kart and Mario Tennis ; also as an extra in the remake of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Marios All Stars.

Mechanics of the Donkey Kong Jr.

DK Jr. appears in the first scene with the mission to climb lianas and walk on platforms avoiding animated traps that Mario throws at him, until he reaches a platform next to Donkey Kongs.

In the second scene, DK Jr. must go through trampolines, mobile platforms and lianas, avoiding the birds that Mario releases. The scene ends when it is placed on the Donkey Kongs platform, the difference with the previous scene is that it only has sound effects, no music .

The next scene, third, consists of DK Jr. jumping over enemies similar to electric sparks, inside what could be a computer ; some of the ‘sparks’ remain static and others move in a circuit. DK Jr. has to reach Donkey Kong’s platform while Mario throws more ‘sparks’ at him . The background music is similar to the sound effects of an old computer.

The final scene shows Donkey Kongs chained inside a cage, for each of the eight chains, there is a lock and a key (at opposite ends) ; DK Jr.’s mission is to go up and down the chains like lianas to open the padlocks with the keys, while Mario throws crocodiles and birds. At the conclusion, Donkey Kongs falls free, DK Jr. catches him and flees.

On which platforms it has been launched

  • Arcadian
  • Atari 2600 .
  • Apple II.
  • Commodore 64.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Virtual console.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. was welcomed by the captive audience of his predecessor Donkey Kong, with the important characteristic of this time being the gorilla who acquires a leading role and saves his father from the evil Mario .

The success of the game contributed to a third version and years after the creation of a complete saga that included new characters and adventures on different platforms.

Curiosities about the Donkey Kong Jr.

  • It is common to confuse Donkey Kong Jr. with Diddy Kong .
  • It also appeared on Game & Watch handheld consoles .
  • There are only theories about Donkey Kong Jr.’s paternity on DK, it was never stated in the game.
  • The Game & Watch version of the game is available on the Nintendo DSi Store.
  • It is one of the 16 games offered by NES Remix .
  • In the intro to the Arcade version, two Marios appear pulling Donkey Kong’s cage.
  • Donkey Kongs Jr. appears in one of the 9 – Volt minigames from the video game WarioWare: Twisted! for Game Boy Advance .
  • Universal studio sued Nintendo for considering that Donkey was a King Kongs plagiarism, but lost the lawsuit.


After the release of Donkey Kong Country on SNES in 1994, Donkey Kongs Junior had a son named Donkey Kong Junior Junior, who, due to his extensive name, was renamed DK and Donkey Kong Junior’s father was renamed to Cranky Kongs .

There is a video game released by the Game Boy called Donkey Kong ’94, which included the 4 original levels and 97 more.

In 1990, the Rare company , chose to revive Donkey Kong thanks to its popularity in 1980. By having the license, Rare completely modified Donkey’s universe, to begin with, he changed the original Donkey Kong into Cranky Kong , a cranky old man who He represented the old generation of successful games, while also making malicious comments about today’s video games . As an example, phrases like ‘all these animations make me dizzy. In my time we only had two frames , but we enjoyed ourselves like dwarves! ‘ DK Jr. , who could be the son or grandson, according to the source, grew up and took on the appearance of the Donkey Kongs original.

Also, Rare devised and produced a complete collection of secondary characters such as Diddy Kong, who assumed the role destined for DK Jr., becoming the young and faithful companion of the main protagonist; his dream more of the character is becoming a star of video games like Donkey Kong.

There are also the other characters such as Funky, in charge of giving the protagonists the opportunity to move from one point of the game to another through his airline service and Candy Kong, the gorilla that allows the game to be recorded. In addition, Rare invented the Kremling , type of crocodiles addicted to bananas and peeled with the Kong family.

In 2004, Nintendo opted to make Donkey Kongs a video game villain for Mario to stop him. Additionally, Nintendo Software Technology created a puzzle-based video game named Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Game Boy Advance; the sequel to the Nintendo DS was Mario vs. Donkey Kong: the march of the minis .

In the area of ​​platforms, Nintendo and Namco teamed up to create DK Bongos to control a series of three music-inspired video games : Donkey Konga.

Some consider that the typecasting of the character as bad, despite having protagonists in which he overcomes adversity, served as the basis for the history of Ralf the Demolisher (the film), in which the curse of always being the bad guy is questioned rebels against his destiny.

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