Dolores Fonzi


Dolores Fonzi , born in Buenos Aires , is an important actress of Argentine origin recognized for her participation in the telenovela Verano del 98 , with which she achieved fame and recognition .


Personal information

  • When was he born:  07/19/1978
  • Where he was born:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who is Dolores Fonzi?

Dolores Fonzi is a renowned actress of origin Argentine who began his career as a model agency and has participated in a lot of series of television , musical theater and films , beginning his career as an actress with eternal summer.

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Biography of Dolores Fonzi

Dolores Fonzi was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina . His mother María del Rosario Cárrega separated from his father and shortly after the separation they returned to Adrogué , a small town, along with his brothers, Tomás Fonzi and Diego Fonzi . He studied acting at the Carlos Gandolfo school.

In 1996, she had her first television appearance with the series La nena . In 1998, she played Clara Vázquez in Verano del ’98 alongside her brother. Thanks to this successful strip and her role as a villain , she gained popularity and success .


She had a courtship in 1998 with the actor and singer Juan Ponce de león , who worked with her in Summer of 98, however it was a courtship that lasted only one month. She was the partner of Argentine director Luis Ortega and film producer Álvaro Sueiro in 2004.

He also had short relationships with some of his castmates Mariano Martínez and Luciano Castro , and with the musician Emmanuel Horvilleur . In 2008, she focused on a more serious relationship with the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, with whom she had her two children . In August 2014, a series of rumors emerged indicating that García Bernal and Fonzi had ended their relationship, which was confirmed by the actor’s mother.

In 2015, rumors came to light that Fonzi would be in a relationship with the film director Santiago Miter , a situation that was confirmed by the actress after she published a photo of both of them on her Instagram account.


The first of Dolores Fonzi along with Gael García was called Lázaro , he was born in January 2009 in Madrid, and his daughter named Libertad who was born on April 4, 2011 in Buenos Aires.

Films of Dolores Fonzi

There are many films in which Dolores Fonzi participated, below we mention some of them:

  • Burnt Silver
  • Waiting for the Messiah
  • The bottom of the sea
  • The Broken Woman
  • Black box
  • The Cordillera
  • Black snow
  • The money changer
  • Truman
  • Salamander


He has participated in different roles in television series , some of them are the following:

  • Forever little women
  • Summer of ’98
  • Final time
  • Disputes
  • Cold blood
  • Killer Women 1
  • I’m your fan
  • Killer Women 2
  • The lioness
  • Allies
  • Killer Women 3


Dolores Fonzi has received several important awards and nominations throughout her career, including the following:


  • Malaga Festival in 2012 where she was nominated and chosen as the winner as best actress for the film “El Campo”.

Silver condor awards

  • Nominated in the category of revelation in the film Burnt Silver in the year 2000.
  • Nominated for best actress with the film Caja Negra in 2003.
  • Nominated for best actress of distribution in the film The Sea Fund in 2003.
  • Nominated for best actress in the movie El Campo in 2013.
  • Winner for best actress in the movie La Patota in 2016.

Martín Fierro Awards

  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the film El Sodero de mi vida in 2001
  • Nominated for best actress in a miniseries with the series Disputas in 2003.
  • Nominated as best actress in a miniseries also in Cold Blood, in 2004.
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Drama in Mujeres Asesinas, 2007.

Tato Awards

  • In 2012, she was nominated as an actress in ficció n drama for the film in therapy.

South Awards

  • She was the winner of the best leading actress in the movie La Patota in 2015.

Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine Cinémas & Cultures

  • Winner for best actress in the movie La Patota in 2015

SANFIC, Santiago Festival

  • Winner as best actress for the movie La Patota.

Platinum Ibero-American Film Awards

  • She won the award for best female performance with the film La Patota in 2016.

Dolores Fonzi quotes

Some of the most recognized phrases of Dolores Fonzi were the following:

  • For me, being a mother and raising a family is something very intense.
  • Doing it . I do it whatever happens. If not, I die.
  • To build , sometimes you have to destroy .
  • This system condemns women, as if our rights did not belong to us.
  • To be here is to face the monsters of society .
  • This request will not stop growing because it is a natural movement . When you press, you repress in less space what should occupy twice as much. That doesn’t last long, it explodes.
  • The State decides to transform girls and women detained in freedom .
  • What we are discussing has to do with freedom . I am free because of my social and economic condition , because of the education I received. Others do not enjoy these benefits. I’m here, others are gone.

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