Digital art


The digital is a type of artistic expression that is produced through the use of technology digital or electronic . This type of art is made through the creation of digital images that are the result of a process in which light is replaced by mathematical calculation that is carried out by means of a computer.


what is digital art?

Digital art is the type of art that can be understood as the result of a creative process by means of which a series of digital resources are used to elaborate the artistic work or so that it can be enjoyed by other people.



Digital art is considered a type of artistic discipline that is characterized by grouping works of art that are created with digital media . It is then all creation that is made through different technologies , processes and digital devices , and that covers areas such as engineering, mechanics, pneumatics, robotics, biotechnology , electronics, music , etc. We can say then that digital art is a product of computer technology and that this technology in turn acts as an instrument or procedure that makes it possible to create something in the same way as a brush or spatula would.


Characteristics of digital art

The main characteristic of digital art is that it is a type of immaterial art, since the information needs a reproduction device.


The origin of digital art is found in an American artist and professor, Charles “Chuck” Csuri , who is considered the father of computer- aided art and a pioneer of animation. His first work was with computer graphics in 1964 and, in 1965, he began creating computerized animations . The first art forms associated with computing and computers were born in the second half of the 20th century.  These first artistic works that were created by a computer were executed by both artists and researchers in the field of science.


The first artistic animation on record was made by means of a computer called Hummingbird and was made by artist Charles Csuri.  In 1967 he received an award at the Belgian International Experimental Film Competition . The subject of the animation was a hummingbird drawn only with lines and to be able to make more than 30,000 images were generated in order to achieve 25 sequences of movement. The computer used by Csuri was an IBM 1130 , and the animation was identified as “” .

The first use of the term digital art was made early in the early 1980s when computer engineers devised a program of paint that was used by digital artist considered one of the most important pioneers of this art, Harold Cohen . This program became known as AARON , and it was a robotic machine designed to make large drawings on sheets of paper placed on the floor. Since this early foray into artificial intelligence , Cohen has continued to fine-tune the AARON program as the technology becomes more sophisticated.


The main types of digital art are mentioned below:

  • 3D modeling , three-dimensional art.
  • Airbrushing or digital airbrush.
  • Pixelart or art made with pixels.
  • Vectorart or vector art.
  • Fractals .
  • art or art with the internet as a support medium.

Digital art by country


In this country, one of the main exponents is Solimán López , who has made the public reflect on this type of contemporary technology by confronting it with classical and material art. This type of art has not yet been well propagated throughout the country, which is why the author has promoted exhibitions based on the digital age.


In Spain digital art has developed positively and there are even education centers where different lessons are given to learn how to develop this type of art. Exhibitions are also constantly being held in different centers to capture the attention of viewers.


In Chile , art has developed positively and every day true professionals and teachers of animation and video games are born , based on digital art . Different courses teach the fundamental techniques of digital art.


Some of the main representatives of digital art have been:

  • George nees
  • Manfred mohr
  • Vera molnar
  • Laurence gartel
  • Victor acevedo
  • Margaret Eicher
  • Myron krueger
  • Norman white
  • Yves netzhammer


Among the most recognized works of this type of art we can mention:

  • Satori by Sam Hue
  • Isolation by Daniel Tatarinow
  • Harlem Renaissance by Joseph Converse
  • Howard Winterson’s Lit
  • Voyage by Adrien Andre
  • Ari Bennett Temple
  • Sanguine by Christopher Pham
  • Leviathan of Clyzm
  • Return of the Debris by Josue Iniguez

Digital art books

Various digital art books and even magazines have been written . Books like Lectures on Digital Art , Techniques for Illustrators Digital Art , Digital Artist , Digital Art Masters , The Encyclopedia of Digital Art , Digital Fantasy and many more.

Programs to make digital art

The most used programs to make digital art are the following:

  • Photoshop : this is one of the most used programs worldwide and belongs to Adobe . It is primarily used for editing , for photo retouching, and as a digital painting canvas . It also allows the use of brushes , textures , filters , shadow and color modifiers and is quite useful .
  • Easy Paint Tool SAI : This program is very easy to learn and work with and focuses mainly on drawing and painting . With it you can make color mixtures and customize the brushes to be able to change the textures and the shapes, sizes and densities.
  • Painter : is a program that focuses on producing digital painting , very similar to acrylic paints or watercolors on a canvas. It is quite heavy software and you need a computer with enough power to work with it.
  • Paint Studio Clip : This type of software works primarily in drawing comics or mangas and has instruments that are easy to use to express speeds and states of mind . It also has a library of 3D poses to modify the appearance.


In addition to having had a great evolution over time, digital art is an extremely important means of communication due to its effectiveness and that we currently live in a completely technological and visual world . Through digital art we are able to express emotions and at the same time develop interactive and innovative digital applications in many areas, making the user interact more and more with technology.

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