In the market there are different instruments that can be used to measure the noise , these instruments are known as decibel meters or sonometers also called. The decibelmeter is an instrument that allows us to make measurements on the sound pressure level , expressed in dB . It is an instrument that has been created to be able to respond to sound almost in the same way as the human ear and provide objective and reproducible measurements of the sound pressure level. . The instrument basically consists of a microphone, a signal processing section and a reading unit.


What is the decibelmeter?

The decibel is an instrument used to make measurements of the sound and to measure levels of pressure sound at a given place and a time specific.

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What is the decibelmeter for?

The decibelmeter is an instrument used to measure what we normally know as noise pollution , which is the noise we hear in a certain soundscape. It is also used to be able to measure situations of this type of contamination, even those that are very degraded . Measures the response of the ear to a type of sound of low intensity and establishes the risk that may suffer the human being to being exposed constantly to the noise .



The types of decibelmeter that exist are the following:

  • Decibelímetro integrated : it is an instrument used to measure the sound level so continuous that is equivalent a interval of time already selected. It adds up all the noise it receives when weighting based on the different frequencies it receives.
  • Simple decibelmeter : this is the most common type of all and it measures sound using a technique known as exponential averaging and can be used to instantly obtain the level of noise emission that is present at a given moment .
  • Noise decibelmeter or audio dosimeter : this is a device that specializes in measuring the noise exposure of a certain person in a certain period of time . It is frequently used to measure occupational noises associated with a certain type of work seeking industrial hygiene .
  • Traffic light decibelmeter : it incorporates a sound level meter that is connected to a series of light bulbs that resemble a traffic light and that provide a visual display of the noise level that is presented.
  • Class 1 decibelmeter : these  are the types of approved built- in decibelmeters that are considered suitable for industrial-type measurements.
  • Class 2 decibelmeter: these  are professional noise meters that are categorized depending on current regulations.


The decibelmeter was developed thanks to the scientist Cirrus Research . However, there is no exact date on which this device appeared or began to be used in the world. It is known that it arose from the need for human beings to study the noise that occurs in some specific parts through amplitude and acoustic intensity .


The main characteristics that we can observe in a decibelmeter are the following:

  • The measurement that is made with these instruments can be manual or can be programmed in advance-
  • Measurements can be manual or scheduled.
  • Some decibelmeters allow automatic storage.
  • They can have a switch to be able to choose a dynamic range of amplitudes that is more specific.
  • Most decibelmeters have a measurement range of 35-135 as a variant.
  • It must be calibrated before being used.
  • They can be used outdoors, in factories, schools, colleges, industries, etc.


The parts that every decibelmeter must have are the following:

  • microphone : it must have a frequency response that is similar to that of audio frequencies , this measurement is generally between 8 Hz and 22 kHz.
  • circuit : this is responsible for processing such electronics the signal .
  • reading unit : which can be from a level meter , led , digital screen , etc.
  • Output : Many decibelmeters have an output or a type of Jack connector that is located on the side , which allows it to be connected to an oscilloscope so that the sound pressure measurement is complemented with the visualization of the waveform. .

It is important to mention that decibelmeters are generally accompanied by several accessories that are also part of the device:

  • Portable acoustic calibrators : they are used to adjust the sound level meters of the acoustic calibrators.
  • Tripods
  • Anti- wind screens
  • Extenders
  • Power supplies
  • Transport suitcases
  • Filters

How a decibelmeter works

The decibelmeter works by means of a microphone that is responsible for making the measurements and that converts the acoustic signal that is received into an electrical signal that is equivalent to sound. This electrical signal is processed through a series of amplifiers that handle adapt the sensitivity having the signal within the system of measurement . After this first measurement has been made, the signal enters into a detector that has the function of obtaining the values that represent the signal. Then, the signal that is obtained is sent to an algorithmic linear converter that makes it possible to convert from a linear scale to a logarithmic scale so that the electrical voltage generated in this stage is proportional to the pressure level considered.

Sometimes if you need to get a type of detailed information that comes from a complex signal, audible frequency ranges can be divided into bands of frequency . This division is carried out by means of electronic band filters , which can reject signals that have frequencies that are located outside the band that has been selected.


Its importance lies in the fact that it is an instrument that allows us to know the extent to which noise can affect the hearing health that affects the human being and the ear. It is important to know this aspect since in situations of damage to the ear continuously , people can generate high levels of stress , aggressiveness and even high blood pressure.

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