The handball team, also called a ball field is a game played between two integrated teams for 7 or 11 players trying to play with a ball inflated to score a goal with the hand at either end of an area of rectangular game while avoiding let your opponents do it.


What is handball?

Handball is considered a collective sport in which two teams participate whose objective is to introduce a ball into the goal of the opposing team using only the hand.


What is handball

Handball is a ball sport in which two teams face each other . Each team consists of 12 players . 7 players play from each team including the goalkeeper . The objective of the game is to score a goal with the ball in hand in the goal of the rival team. The team that after the game, which consists of two 30-minute parts that I managed to score the most goals, is the winner, although there may also be tie situations.



Some historians indicate that it began in ancient times, in ancient Greece , where a ball game was played with the hand known as the ” Ukraine Game “, and in which a ball was used and the competitors had to prevent it from touching the ground . Handball is considered a young sport, which was born in the 20th century, and has developed from a series of similar games.

In 1926 the International Handball Regulations were established and in 1928 the International Amateur Handball Federation was founded , made up of 11 countries during the Summer Olympic Games. This body later became the current International Handball Federation (IHF).

Who Invented Handball

The sport of handball was invented by Holger Louis Nielsen , a Dane born in 1866 in the city of Copenhagen. He was a very popular sportsman who participated in the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens and in addition to inventing it, he was also in charge of establishing its rules.

How to play

Each team must try to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal to score a goal or point and the team that scores the most points wins the match. A match can end in a draw unless it is played in a championship, where a winner needs to be defined. A team scores a goal when the ball manages to penetrate the goal line and then enters the goal. Goals can be scored using any type of shot , be it a goal kick, free kick, throw-in or kick-off.


The fundamentals to play handball are:

  • The pass must be made in the direction of the player located in the most favorable conditions , so that the next action has a greater degree of effectiveness .
  • You must have the largest number of passes to be made.
  • As far as possible, when making the pass , you should not look at the receiver.
  • The pass must be made with force .
  • The pass must be made with precision .
  • The receiver must take control of the ball placed in the most suitable point.
  • If the opponent is close, the ball must be protected by placing the passer between him and the opponent.


The basic rules of handball are the following:

  • A player cannot take more than three steps with the ball in his hands.
  • You can use the boat to get around.
  • After stopping dribbling, it is not possible to dribble again, but three more steps can be taken .
  • Must pass, shoot or dribble within 5 seconds of taking the ball.
  • You must step on the side line of the field to take a throw-in .
  • The ball can be touched from the knee to above . The goalkeeper can do it with any part of his body.
  • You cannot push , hold or hit an opponent.
  • It is not possible to impede the passage to a player with the arms or the legs only with the trunk .
  • It is necessary to step on the line that delimits the 6-meter goal area and enter it, less for the goalkeeper.
  • If the referees consider that a team is wasting time , delaying the shot at goal too much, they can punish this situation by indicating “ passivity ”.


The different categories of handball are the following:

  • Prebenjamin ranging from 3 to 6 years
  • Benjamin from 6 to 10 years old
  • Alevín that includes children from 10 to 12 years old
  • Infant from 12 to 14 years old
  • Cadet from 14 to 16 years old
  • Youth between 16 and 18 years old
  • Senior, which is the category from 18 years of age.

After the senior category the player can start playing in different types of leagues , depending on how advanced he is.


Some of the most famous handball competitions are the following:

  • Championship Spain Handball Youth
  • Women’s Handball World Championship
  • Interamnia World Cup
  • Handball Serbian League
  • SEHA League 2016-17
  • Swedish men’s handball league
  • International handball tournament of Spain


Handball techniques are as follows:

  • The boat:  used to reach the opposing goal. Despite being the least used technique, it is used when the player must travel many meters to reach the opponent’s goal and can serve to protect and preserve the ball in the presence of an opponent.
  • The pass: it  is the most important technical action because it is the one used by the players to approach the goal of the opposing team and score a goal . It can be done frontally , laterally , hip , suspended , behind , rectified and parabola , and all in turn can be chopped or normal.
  • The launch : it is the technique that scores the goal in the opposing goal. It must be done with power and precision so that the ball reaches the net. Players usually perform this technical action with one hand , although it is also possible to practice it with both.
  • Goalkeeper : he must master a totally different technique from the rest of the players except the passes, the actions of the goalkeeper need special training . The goalkeeper must react quickly to reject the ball and therefore must practice the speed of reaction of his limbs and his flexibility .

Handball court

The court where handball is played so must be rectangular and measures ranging from 40 meters in length and 20 of width . In the field of play or court, there must be two areas located in the vicinity of the goals and these must be delimited by the following lines:

  • lines that delimit both band and goal .
  • line center field .
  • 6-meter continuous line that delimits the goal area .
  • 9-meter dashed line that delimits the free-throw area .
  • 7-meter line that is the point of execution of the 7-meter throw.
  • 4-meter line which is the maximum area where the goalkeeper can be located before a 7-meter throw.

Handball ball

The ball must be made of a leather or synthetic material . It must have a spherical shape and depending on the category, it can have different dimensions , such as for the age of 16 years, the recommended size is 50 to 52 cm in circumference for women and 54 to 56 cm for men. .


Handball equipment includes the field, the potteries, the ball, the referees, the timekeeper, the scorer and the players.

Famous players

Among the best handball players we mention:

  • Julen Aguinagalde (Spain)
  • Niklas Landin (Denmark)
  • Aron Palmarsson (Iceland)
  • Domagoj Duvnjak (Croatia)
  • Mikkel Hansen (Denmark)
  • Daniel Narcisse ( France )
  • Andreas Wolff (Germany)

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