Currently, there is a wide variety of sports including cycling , a type of sport that has been gaining importance over the years and is gaining more and more followers around the world. A sport that gives its athletes the ability to enjoy different types of routines, routes and ways of practicing sport.


What is ?

Cycling is a high- performance sport that is practiced by means of a bicycle and whose main objective is to travel a certain distance in the shortest time possible, while following a series of rules and regulations that must be respected.


Cycling is a type of sport where the main figure is the bicycle . It is a completely competitive sport that can sometimes include teamwork or it can be completely individual . There are also different types of cycling and it is a sport that brings a considerable improvement to health and at the same time improves the discipline of those who practice it.


Cycling characteristics

Some of the main characteristics that can be mentioned related to cycling are the following:

  • It is an extreme sport that involves the use of muscle strength constantly.
  • It can be done on different types of slopes , from streets to mountains.
  • The bicycles used to practice the sport must be adjusted to the type of terrain where it is carried out.
  • Bicycles must have a series of important specifications in order to be used in sport.
  • It is a sport that helps maintain good health in general .
  • The cyclist’s equipment is also important and must be adequate to improve the practice of it and to avoid accidents.
  • The cyclist’s diet must be adapted for this type of sport.

What is it for

Cycling has a series of benefits that make its practice one of the best options to maintain a good state of health in general , in addition, other benefits of sport can be mentioned, such as:

  • Improved muscle tone .
  • Reduces the amount of cellulite in the body.
  • It reduces blood pressure and reduces the possibility of suffering from heart disease as it increases the body’s defenses.
  • Minimizes the appearance of bone diseases such as osteoarthritis .
  • Improves heart function .
  • It helps to balance and maintain a healthy weight , and in case of obesity, it helps to reduce weight .
  • It reduces the possibility that exists to suffer hernias or spinal problems .
  • It notably improves the body’s joints and also increases the calcium levels in the bones.


The history of cycling dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt , China and India where one of the first means of transportation was the bicycle. The sport had its beginnings in more modern times and according to historians, it appeared in Germany in 1817. The first bicycle that existed was called a “ running machine ” and since it appeared in the world it was seen as a means of exercise and competition.

Cycling history

Although it did not have a chain or pedals, it is considered that the first bicycle to exist was the celeriferous , which would later be called a velocipede , wooden instruments that were first propelled by means of the feet until wheels or pedals were added.

The first race that was carried out using a bicycle took place in 1870 in Italy, the competition was held from Florence to Pistoia and it was 33 kilometers, with the American Rynner Van Neste winning the victory. The first world-wide cycling championship took place in Aylestone Roads, in Great Britain and during the last years of the 19th century, the sport of cycling began to be further enshrined as a way of life. By the 20th century, the great stage races such as the Tour de France , the Giro d’Italia and the Cycling Tour of Spain were born .

Female cycling

Women’s cycling began on the same day that the cyclist turned to Spain in 1935. The first race had a distance of 22 kilometers and the second was a 2-kilometer circuit in which the participants had to complete a total of 14 laps. . It was not an easy process to integrate women into cycling, because at the beginning, the sport was seen as a style properly for men.


There are several types of cycling which are briefly explained below.

Cycling RPM

It is a variation that consists of performing musical choreographies to the rhythm of the music on a stationary bicycle. It is an intense type of exercise that is both fun and easy to do.

Indoor cycling

It is a training program that has specific characteristics and is performed with background music . It must be taught by a qualified instructor who follows a series of specific objectives.

Road cycling

It is a competition that takes place on the road and is quite demanding. It includes a series of tests including online tests in one day, the test that takes place in stages, a closed-circuit test and the individual time trial.

Track cycling

It is carried out in a velodrome and special bicycles are used for this type of sport. These bikes do not have brakes or gears and consist of several different types of events such as individual and team speed, kilometer time trial, individual and team pursuit and points race.

Mountain biking

A sport that has become very important in recent years and is performed in mountainous terrain , it is an endurance exercise and can be practiced in mud, dirt, crossing rivers and sand and where the athlete will have to face a series of obstacles to achieve the goal.

Cross cycle

It is a discipline that executes a set number of laps on an asphalt or mountainous circuit, in which a series of natural or artificial difficulties are encountered.


It is a type of mountain biking where the participant must jump a series of obstacles along different sections that have already been established. Generally, there are ten different places that must be visited to finish the competition.


The classification of the participants to cycling competitions is made depending on the regulations of each country . To participate in international competitions, cyclists must win the country’s own tests to achieve the best times in this way.

Cycling rules

Among the main rules that participants must follow are the following:

  • Respect the specific supply sites although it can also be done while they are on the move.
  • At the time of sprinting , the rider cannot make a sudden change in direction or block the path of the opponent who is closer.
  • The physical integrity of all participants must be kept .
  • Know in advance the terrain where they must circulate to avoid accidents.
  • All necessary protective equipment and clothing should always be used in all cycling categories.


When it comes to cycling track, it refers mainly to the modality that bears the same name and the track is known by the name of velodrome . This has a measure of 250 meters in length and its surface will be completely flat , homogeneous and cannot have any material that makes it abrasive .

For its construction you can use coated cement and it can be painted, you can also use varnished wood . The curves that the velodrome must have must measure between 22 ° and 42 ° to give cyclists greater safety and prevent them from leaving the track.

Other elements

There are a series of basic and fundamental elements that every cyclist must use when practicing this sport. These elements are the following:

  • Helmet : the helmet is one of the most important elements that every cyclist must use, not using it can cause a fall on a bicycle to become a mortal risk.
  • Clothing according to sport : cycling jerseys and lycra are made with materials that allow the cyclist to stay cool, have pockets to store small objects, fruits or seeds and give the athlete greater comfort and flexibility.
  • Gloves : they serve to protect the cyclist’s hands while on the bike, they also help prevent the fingers from falling asleep and maintain a good grip on the bike frame thus preventing falls.
  • Inflator : this is a fundamental element that helps the cyclist to repair the bicycle’s tires in case they go flat.
  • Caramanola : place where the water bottle can be placed.
  • Accessories : There are many modern accessories available to cyclists today including glasses, frequency meters, minicomputers and more.

Featured Championships

The main world championships are:

  • Tour de France.
  • Paris-Roubaix.
  • Liège-Bastogne-Liège.
  • Italy spin.
  • Back to Spain.
  • Flanders Tour.

Cyclists unleashed

Some of the best world-renowned cyclists are mentioned below:

  • Jacques Anquetil from France
  • Fausto Coppi from Italy
  • Miguel Induráin from Spain
  • Sean Kelly from Ireland
  • Chris Froome from Great Britain

Importance of cycling

Cycling is an important sport because in addition to promoting good body health in general, it is one of the best ways to perform healthy routines that positively influence physical and emotional health . It is an exercise that can help eliminate health problems including obesity and that considerably improves the heart health of those who practice it.

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