The croquet is a type of sport that has gained popularity which is played to the outdoors on the lawn or in a specially designed court in which players who practice hitting the balls with mallets long through hoops or wickets.


What is croquet?

Croquet is a game of competition or pastime in which players hit a wooden or plastic ball so that they can pass through a series of metal arches that have been previously buried in the playing field.


What does it consist of

Croquet is a sport that many consider a hobby, however, it is also given at a professional and competitive level. It consists of using a mallet to hit different balls made of plastic or wood with the main objective of being able to introduce the ball into the arches that the playing field has.


Croquet characteristics

Among the main characteristics of croquet are:

  • It is a type of game that requires a lot of concentration , patience , precision and a good strategy .
  • It is the favorite sport of many in Great Britain and even Spain .
  • The winner of the game will be the one who managed to pass the most balls under the hoops.
  • It can be played by anyone regardless of gender or age .
  • Two fundamental qualities of sport are education and courtesy .
  • The sense of ethics of the players who practice it is very high.


Its history dates from the 12th and 13th century when it was practiced mainly by the Languedoc nobility . Little by little the game survived the passage of time until it reached the modern croquet that is known today. This type of updated sport has its origins in Ireland during the year 1830 and was called crooky . It spread throughout England during the 19th century and was initially widely practiced by women. The rules began to be established for the sport and the first national competitions began, becoming the most important sport of the time.

Who invented it

The invention of the game is given to Isaac Spratt , who was in charge of recording the first rules of the game in November 1856 in London.

How to play croquet

Each of the players will have in his possession two balls, one will have the red and the yellow one while the other will have the black and the blue one . They will have to try to pass the two balls through all the arches that are on the court in order and in the correct direction . Each time the ball successfully passes the arc then a point will be scored. It is important to mention that players will have the right to make one hit per turn alternatively with their opponent.


Among its fundamentals it can be mentioned that the ball will be out of the court if it crosses or is on the boundary line. Any ball that leaves the field of play must be placed on the nearest line . Turns end if the wrong ball is hit by a player, when a double hit is made , when a hit occurs in which the ball is pushed against a hoop by the mallet or when either of the player’s two balls goes out of the way. full. After the ball has reached and passed through the final hoop then a rover is counted. The game is finally won when both of the player’s balls have managed to pass through all the hoops.


The main rules are as follows:

  • The balls are played in order of colors , blue, red, black and yellow.
  • The game is started by flipping a coin .
  • When a ball manages to cross an arc , a point is added and the player shoots again.
  • It is played individually or in teams .
  • All players have 3 strokes at the start of the game but if they fail on the third try then the other player will continue their turn.
  • Turns end when the player is unable to touch the ball or pass it through the goal.


This type of game can be practiced by all categories of children, youth, adults and older adults.


The competitions of this sport are held worldwide but mainly internal tournaments are held in the countries of Spain and England . Some competitions take place in Egypt and Sweden like the European Cup . The British Open is considered one of the most important competitions in the world.

Croquet techniques

The croquet technique is closely related to the type of hit that can be executed to get the ball through the exact places. There are several techniques for this which are:

  • Ordinary shot : this type of shot is used to start giving movement to the ball, it is unique and then the turn ends.
  • Croquet shot: it is a free choice shot and when it manages to make an impact it produces a double bonus. It is a play that can involve shooting from the place where the ball came to rest or throwing the hit ball from the side.
  • Impact : which is the shock produced by the ball that has been touched and which must be at least 16 cm away to achieve a bonus.
  • Live balls : when the player starts the turn with his ball then the ones inside can be hit for a double bonus.
  • Carambola : implies the collision of the ball that has been thrown against two that are positioned within the court.

Basketball court

The court should ideally be an outdoor space and needs to be at least 32 meters long by 25.60 wide . This surface should preferably be smooth to avoid that the holes in the grass are an obstacle for the passage of the ball. It should be well pruned, ideally 6 mm high . The court will have the arches , which are twelve, and the route that the ball will take must be traced.


The croquet ball is made mainly using wood but can also be made from plastic or resin . They are generally painted blue , red , yellow and black and have a diameter of 9.2 centimeters and a weight of approximately 453.60 grams .


To be able to play croquet, it is first necessary to have a properly defined outdoor grass field with its arches in place. The croquet mallet is a fundamental implement within the team and it must be straight and made of wood. The balls are also part of the equipment and the use of comfortable and fresh clothes.

Famous croquet players

Some famous croquet players are:

  • José Riva from Spain
  • Juan Ojeda from Spain
  • Robert Fletcher from Australia
  • Reg Bamford from South Africa
  • Aiken Hakes from New Zealand


There is an aperitif of French origin that has the same name, which is a type of bitter wine. In London there are two streets that are named after the person who was in charge of propelling the game. It is a three dimensional game and Wimbledon was previously a croquet club.

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