Criminal lawyer


criminal lawyer or criminal lawyer, as he is also known, is the one who is in charge of helping in the defense of the people and entities that are investigated or accused of having committed a crime . According to the Constitution of many democratic countries, the defendants are innocent until proven his guilt . A criminal lawyer is the one who is in charge of investigating the case and helps to identify the ways to introduce doubts in the question of the guilt of the accused. Based on the facts and evidence , the attorney will develop a strategy , build a case, and identify defenses to help prove the client’s innocence or mitigate his sentence.

What is the criminal lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is a professional in law that when a committed crime and the person is accused , he provides a representation which is responsible for defending it before juries and judges .

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  • Functions of a criminal lawyer
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  • How to be a criminal lawyer
  • How to be a good criminal lawyer
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The main characteristics that a criminal lawyer should have are:

  • The criminal lawyer is a brave person because he cannot suffer stress due to the constant attacks of the opposing party.
  • They have a strong conviction of the position they defend.
  • He does not show any signs of nervousness during trials.
  • He is brave and they manage to stand firm to face the charges against the defendant.
  • He is a ruthless , meticulous person and a good investigator .
  • They must have social skills , since they must know the correct way to express themselves, and they must also know how to listen.
  • They must be people who have empathy , education , cordiality , sympathy and a capacity for wanting to update and be up to date on the legal and technological level , as this is an obligation in a judicial world that is increasingly facing innovation every day.

Functions of a criminal lawyer

The criminal lawyer is the expert in law who is in charge of studying and defending cases in which crimes have been committed either against a person’s assets or a crime against the same person . You must immediately recognize the type of judicial crime you are facing, what the mitigating factors are, and even what the penalty could be for the crime under study. This is a professional who works in trials for crimes of fraud , misappropriation misuse, theft , robbery, murder ,femicide , serious and less serious injuries , rape, sexual assaults , kidnapping, libel and slander , computer crimes, infractions of the Consumer Law , money laundering, corruption, fires and drug trafficking, among other similar crimes.


The lawyers of this branch of the law generally work in an office of lawyers to work as a professional independent . The salary is very difficult to establish exactly. In judicial matters related to criminal matters, it is normal for a series of prices to be established that can be reflected in the Bar Associations, the figures range between 1,500 and 3,000 euros per case.

How to choose a criminal lawyer

Choosing a good criminal lawyer is a fundamental step when a person is being accused of a certain crime . The first thing to do is verify the identity of the lawyer to know the level to exercise the right of defense that he has. Verifying with friends and family about the attorney’s reputation is also of the utmost importance. You should also have an estimate of what the costs of the fees will be .

How to be a criminal lawyer

In order to become a criminal lawyer, you must first acquire all the necessary knowledge in law . First, you must be a lawyer in law and then study for a longer time so that you can obtain the respective specialty in criminal law . The increase knowledge in criminology and criminalistics is necessary to exercise such right the profession .

At the same time, in addition to the degree in Law , you must have the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession . It is also very important as mentioned above that the person obtain and pass courses in English or other languages , as well as computer courses . The most important forms of career opportunities are working independently or in a law firm are the most popular.

A very important issue that must be taken into account and which is increasingly being given greater visibility, is the performance of the practices . The practices established by the university should be established and carried out whenever possible. A good time to enter a law firm is in summer or vacation periods , a time when there is less workload and professionals will be able to help the recent graduate.

How to be a good criminal lawyer

As in all specialties or branches of law, to be a good criminal lawyer, it is necessary to study a law degree at a university . After finishing the degree, it is important to continue with the bachelor’s degree to be able to opt for the specialty of criminal lawyer. An important aspect is that the professional must actively try to stay most of the time, either studying other languages ​​such as computers .


The importance of the criminal lawyer is mainly focused on the defense capacity that he has , obviously also depending on the crime that is presented against the accused.

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