Criminal lawyer


We know that law is a word that refers to all the postulates of justice that are part of the normative order of a society. Law as such has a wide variety of branches, and one of them is criminal law . This type of law is the branch that is responsible for establishing and regulating the punishment that must be imposed for crimes and offenses through the imposition of penalties, including imprisonment . The criminal lawyer is the one who studies and specializes in criminal law.

What is a criminal lawyer?

The criminal lawyer is the lawyer who has the function of acting as a defender or accuser representing a complainant or an investigated before the courts in relation to criminal matters.

  • Characteristics of a criminal lawyer
  • Features
  • Fee
  • How to choose a criminal lawyer
  • How to be a criminal lawyer
  • How it differs from the criminal lawyer
  • Importance

Characteristics of a criminal lawyer

The main characteristics of the criminal lawyer are the following.

  • He is in charge of translating all the legal language for his client.
  • Presents before the magistrates the different legal-criminal arguments .
  • Present the necessary evidence to demonstrate with conviction a favorable version of the facts.
  • He is responsible for the freedom of individuals who are facing criminal proceedings .
  • You must also act in a psychologist role .
  • You must be a human person and with enough understanding to help your client maintain their integrity.
  • You must have a very high level of integrity and also be investigative .
  • You must also be a good negotiator , have a strong character and a good attitude.
  • He develops good strategies and is adept at making decisions without hesitation.
  • They have very good communication skills with others.


One of its main functions is to prepare and keep track via a specific strategy of defense or prosecution as the case, which has as main objective to convince the judges that the client is who has the truth and reason . It is the criminal lawyer who has the function of selecting all the evidence in order to win the criminal process. It also has the responsibility of dealing with matters related to homicides , divorces , custody , robberies , assaults of all kinds,rapes and thefts .


In general , the fees that must be paid to a criminal lawyer will depend on the type of procedure and is calculated depending on the assets at stake and the complexity of the problem. It is important to mention that criminal matters include financial punishment through civil liability , which entails restitution, reparation or compensation for the victim; which will then make the criminal lawyer recover his fees .

How to choose a criminal lawyer

Many people try to choose the best criminal lawyer and for this it is important to know some information. It is important that the lawyer hired has sufficient experience and is a specialist in the matter, mainly in the legal system . He must also be a person of trust and be accessible so that he can answer your questions when they arise. Also you must have good references and a high rate of success because it is a factor that shows how competent can be.

It is also important that you carefully study the fees and possible scenarios , both positive and negative . When a criminal lawyer offers you prices well below the market, it is better to distrust . You should also look for an attorney who is accessible .

How to be a criminal lawyer

The first thing to keep in mind is that we must study a career in law and law . It is important to choose a college or study center which has an excellent program of career in which include all the necessary things you should learn. After studying law, you must join the Bar Association of the country where you live in order to work according to the law .

How it differs from the criminal lawyer

Criminal law is the set of legal rules that are established by the State and whose function is the association between a crime that has been committed with the penalty that corresponds to it as a legitimate consequence. The criminal law implies a lawyer who specializes in criminology , which is the science that studies the materials related to a crime .

A criminal lawyer is the one who handles everything related to a crime from the legal point of view and may be defending a defendant or supporting whom he accuses. As for the purpose generally or criminal law mission, this is ultimately protect the society . On the other hand, the purpose of criminology is to establish existence , to search for possible details consistent with a crime .


Criminal lawyers are of the utmost importance because they hold the future of many people in their hands. They are responsible for collecting all evidence either to make that someone who is unjustly blamed exit at liberty , or someone who has committed one crime , pay for his crime .

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