There are several types of intense sports that are gaining more followers every day, one of them without a doubt is cricket . A national sport in England that is played mainly during the summer season and that little by little has spread throughout the world reaching places such as Pakistan, India, Australia and the British Isles.


What is cricket?

Cricket is a type of sport in which players from two different teams face each other, which are made up of eleven of them. It is a very popular game and quite similar to baseball in the sense of batting and running.


What does it consist of

Cricket is a sport in which two different teams play which are made up of eleven players. The main objective of this game is to be able, by means of a bat and a ball , to get as many runs as possible while the opposite team tries to eliminate them. This type of game is played on a field with grass that is almost oval in shape.


Cricket characteristics

Among its main characteristics are the following:

  • The teams that participate in cricket are made up of eleven players each.
  • The main action in the game is to hit the ball and then try to win a race .
  • It is a sport that is practiced mainly during the summer .
  • It is regarded as the national sport of the United Kingdom .
  • The dimensions of cricket courts are very similar to those of baseball .
  • It is played professionally in various locations around the world.


Where it originated is unknown for sure, although there are several theories. Apparently it was a copy of a very similar sport which was practiced by Edward de Nawenden . In the 1550s the sport began to be practiced in schools and little by little it managed to spread with greater force throughout England . By the end of the 18th century , the game was considered as the national sport of that country, committees were created and the rules were established.

Who invented it

It is believed that it was invented by children who lived in small communities located between Kent and Sussex during the Middle Ages.

How to play cricket

In this type of game, the batsmen play the game in pairs , one is placed at the end of the court or pitch exactly in the place where the hit is known as the “striker end” and the other is placed in the place from where the ball is thrown. ball . The player who is in the striker position is in charge of hitting the ball and must do it as far as possible to gain time, in this way the two batters can run to the other end before the ball is returned to one of the two extremes. When this is achieved then a race is scored , which, depending on the distance in which the ball is hit, it can be done several times.

On the other hand, the team in charge of throwing the ball will have to try to reduce the number of runs that the opposing team can make. The ball is thrown by the pitcher and must be collected by the defender . Six pitches of the ball form an over and when the over is over , the pitchers must stay on the side where they are at that moment.


Among its main foundations we can mention that their teams must be made up of eleven players and include one or two as substitutes . The batting team and the defending team are those that must go out onto the playing field of which the defender will have all his players on the field while the batter will have only two. The pitcher must face the batter and the pitcher must prevent the other team from scoring runs by trying to catch the ball before it falls to the ground.


The main rules of this type of game are:

  • The batsmen must run with their bats in their hands , otherwise the race is canceled.
  • The bowler cannot bend his elbow while bowling.
  • When the ball is struck and it leaves the court, there are four runs if it has spiked somewhere and six runs if it has gone through the air .
  • A batter can be eliminated when the ball hits the stakes , when the ball is caught without touching the ground, or when the keeper knocks down the crossbars of the gate.
  • When a team scores more races, they win by difference in total points .
  • There must be two referees , one at each end to control the match.
  • The pointer is the one who has the function of being able to control the runs.


Professional category that includes the following types of cricket:

  • Test Match
  • One-day matches
  • 20-20 matches
  • Matches T10
  • Super Six which is played with teams of six players, and a maximum of five overs per side.
  • Indoor cricket


There are several competitions that take place in the world, the most important of which are the Cricket World Cup , the Asian Games , the Olympic Games , world sports championships such as Twenty Cricket , the County Championship, a first-class league in England and Wales.


The techniques to play cricket include the tactical principles of attack such as sending the ball to spaces where there are no players to achieve greater chances of scoring a run, it is important that speed and agility be used by the players, throwing the ball with force and spin. The tactical principles of defense imply that the player has the ability to move with great speed , distribute the terrain proportionally to reach the ball and move agilely to catch it.

Cricket court

The field generally has an approximate width of 152 meters to 167 meters and a length of between 133 meters and 160 meters . In the central part there should be a strip of short grass which is called a pitch , which should measure 20.12 m long by 3.4 m wide . The pitch must be made up of two areas, one for pitching and the other for batting . On the sides of it you can find the goal, which is given the name of wicketswhich are formed with 3 sticks placed vertically and on them two short sticks called stumps . The rest of the court is divided into the infield and the outfield .


The ball used to play cricket is of a hard consistency and its size is similar to that of tennis . Its weight is around 156 and 163 grams and is manufactured using twine rope which is wound around a cork and then covered with leather . It also has a seam that measures about half a centimeter thick which protrudes from the surface and is known by the name of ” seam ” in the English language.


As for the equipment necessary to practice the sport, the clothing should be a short or long-sleeved shirt , long pants , usually white, a jumper or vest, a jockstrap with pockets, the abdominal guard for protection, cricket caps or baseball, shoes that have tips to improve traction, helmet with or without viscera, shin guards to protect the lower part of the legs and gloves . In addition, you will need the ball , the bat that is usually made of wood and flat, the stumpsor wooden posts, bonds and boundaries that are located using rope.

Famous cricketers

Some famous players of this sport are:

  • Donald Bradman who was considered the most important player and the best hitter in the world.
  • Glenn McGrath, Australia .
  • Wasim Akram, Pakistan.
  • Allan Donald, South Africa.
  • Sir Richard Hadlee, New Zealand.


Although it is the second most famous sport on the planet, it is not yet included in the Olympic Games, although it was played in Paris in 1900, it was not included again. A match was played that began on the morning of March 3, 1939 and ended on March 14 with a draw. It is a very important game in the UK and in fact there are many famous magazines devoted entirely to providing information about the game.

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