Creativity, also known as creative or divergent thinking, is a capacity that human beings have to be able to carry out a series of activities by generating new ideas in order to find solutions to problems in a simple and valid way. But may also occur in animals, creativity is considered a quality proper of individuals since the brains of both have many differences and the human being is more specialized for answers.


What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability of the human being to be able to create or invent things, be they objects, ideas or representations in order to later generate new concepts with the main objective of being able to create and find solutions to the different problems that he faces.

  • Characteristics of creativity
  • What is it for
  • Types of creativity
  • Development of creativity
  • Techniques
  • Importance of creativity
  • Examples

Characteristics of creativity

Creativity is considered as a typical quality that can be developed in the human being and can be found in a pure and free way in the early stages of childhood . This can be perfected or enhanced depending always on the habits , customs and preferences that a specific individual has. Among its main features are the following:

  • It is spontaneous , in other words it is not planned.
  • It has high levels of freedom so it is not subject to the rules.
  • It is sensitive , as it includes the ability to take on new and different perspectives.
  • It can be stimulated through culture .
  • It is a process that takes place in the human brain .
  • It is considered as an intrinsic ability of the individual.
  • Different types of mental processes intervene in it, which are also related to each other.
  • It is also closely linked with imagination , sensitivity and curiosity .

What is it for

The creativity is a quality of the human being that serves to generate new ideas , original and innovative with the main objective to find solutions optimal for solving the problems . The creative being can also bring great benefits to humans, for example, is a means by which to find and improve well – being , accomplished individuals feel the personal success through feelings of accomplishment and has the ability to develop the human capacity and understanding .

It is one of the best methods by which man can find his true passion in what he does, it describes the attitudes of individuals and the perspective of a personal nature that surrounds the circumstances of the individual. In addition, it is very functional to be able to find new opportunities because with it, the mind manages to be open to new options.

Types of creativity

There are five different types of creativity, which are briefly explained below.

  • Mimetic creativity : this type of creativity involves imitation to create ideas . It is the way in which an idea can be taken and then applied in a different field.
  • Bisociative creativity : in this case, it refers to the connection that occurs in the rational and intuitive thoughts of the human being and with this, a more innovative concept can be generated. It is a type of creativity that is based on the fluidity that comes from the diversity of ideas, the flexibility that can be given to them and the possibility that exists of being able to place them in a different environment.
  • Analog creativity : makes use of analogies to be able to think outside the parameters that are considered common to later be able to create and generate new ideas.
  • Narrative creativity : refers to the ability of the individual to be able to describe in writing all their ideas and thoughts in order to connect people on a more personal level.
  • Intuitive creativity : this type of creativity highly valued by organizations , especially when they need to hire new talent. This type of creativity allows individuals to develop the desire to experiment and to find highly innovative solutions . It is the way in which the brain can collect all kinds of valuable information which is stored in the brain.

Development of creativity

Creativity can be developed following a series of phases, which, according to experts, are part of the different states of consciousness . These phases are as follows:

  • Logical phase : in this phase the formulation of the problem is presented . The collection of the necessary data on a specific matter begins to be generated in order to start searching for possible solutions .
  • Intuitive phase : in it, the problem is studied again, but the solution options begin to mature even more. It can be a long-term phase as it may culminate until the individual has been able to find and express their solution options to the problem.
  • Critical phase : in it, the individual dedicates himself to making an exhaustive analysis of everything that he has managed to discover so far, verifying at the same time the validity of the same.

It is also important to mention that, for a correct development of creativity, man must be guided and focus on various factors , which may also vary from one individual to another. Among these factors we find flexibility , originality , fluidity and the sensitivity that the individual has for the correct analysis of the details that are shown. In addition, all human beings have the ability to develop creativity, and this can even be fostered in different ways. It is not a linear type developmentRather, it can evolve using different forms of motivation and procedures . Creativity can also be developed at any age and can increase over the years and with experience.


There are several techniques that can be implemented to develop and improve creativity, among them we mention some examples.

  • Rain of ideas : this is a type of group exercise in which free thought is allowed to express as many ideas which must be associated with the original problem.
  • Lateral thinking : this type of thinking has as its main objective to be able to find solutions to problems taking as a starting point the organization of thought.
  • Mind maps : it is a graphic technique by means of which ideas can be generated by association and then the information can be properly organized.
  • Scamper : it is a mixture of different techniques widely used to improve products and services. In this technique, a list of questions is made in order to provoke the thought of different solutions and alternatives.
  • Attributes : this technique is very useful when what is needed is to improve the products that already exist. To do so, a list of the characteristics of the product must be made, then each one of them must be analyzed and finally, the best ideas are selected for further evaluation.

Importance of creativity

Importance is a fundamental and vital aspect in the life and evolution of human beings since thanks to it, man has developed the ability to cope with situations that are presented to him in a creative way , thus managing to find different solutions . It is also considered an important human talent since many of today’s sciences depend heavily on it.

It is one of the best means by which it is possible to generate new resources that are more original and effective . It is also the way in which men can fulfill their personal or even group desires , using techniques that allow them to do so more quickly, in a simpler and more efficient way.


Some examples of creativity are mentioned as follows:

  • The scientific innovation : technology advances are based on creativity.
  • Different works of art such as sculpture, painting, music and literature . In fact all the different types of artistic expressions are considered as part of the creativity of the human being.
  • The forms of advertising that exist today have been born thanks to creativity. Today, presentations are more fun, innovative and have the ability to attract the attention of users thanks to creativity.

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