Creative Thinking


The creative thinking is that peculiar condition that not all retain the joy of having, being thus an incredible gift, since the innovation and ingenuity that this kind of thinking can get to bring to humanity is immense.


What is creative thinking?

To understand creative thinking we must first recognize what thought is, this is the action of analyzing and reflecting on various situations that could arise, so it is something relatively logical under normal conditions, on the other hand creativity is that gift and power to create and innovate different things in expected and unexpected ways ; then by bringing both individual concepts together we can have what creative thinking is , what would be understood as that intelligence and intellectual capacity to be flexible and originalto the point of finding creativity in many aspects of their life, which could be developed as a strategy or cognitive tool that not many enjoy.


Definition of creative thinking

Creative thinking is nothing more than the ability that a subject can acquire to have totally new, viable and functional ideas and concepts , in this way, firm mixtures and combinations are created that would manage to load a void or a momentary need , such as some Problem that at first glance has no solution and that through systemic thinking has not been able to find any answer to solve said conflict.


In the same way, creative thinking can be recognized as the ability or flexibility to allow imagination to be closely linked with cognition, thus creating new thoughts that are unusual and unusual, one of the main objectives of this type of thinking. it is to see beyond logic and the everyday ; Thanks to creative thinking, many individuals have managed to get out of a stalemate.


Creative thinking had its signs when Howard Gardner coined it, this personality explained that individuals could not be creative for everything , however, they could be creative for certain things such as the administration of some material, writing, art, among others , so Gardner exhibited that a person could be inventive and inventive in some things, but not in others.

However, these creative currents, even if they were oriented in a single environment, would be capable of solving problems in a simple and effective way , since innovation in value strategies would help accelerate the passage of the problem, putting an end to it with radical speed, although Gardner Most of his life he thought about creativity and its link with thought in a very weak way, he was sure that creative thinking could be even more evolved than other thoughts, however, this in turn seemed unreality.

Finally, Gardner came to the conclusion that creative thinking was not just that, it went further, it became a lifestyle.


Creative thinking has an infinity of characteristics , since it is based on creating and innovating, it is very flexible and its characteristics are the same, some of the most relevant are the following:

  • It is a particular and innovative way of thinking and generating solutions quickly.
  • The purpose of this thinking is to give the correct solution to any conflict or problem situation.
  • See beyond the logic and normality that is seen every day.
  • Innovate .
  • Creative thinking is not just that, it is a lifestyle.
  • The term was coined by Howard Gardner.
  • Stimulates brain activity.
  • Trust is paramount.

Elements of creative thinking

Although creative thinking could have many elements, some of the most relevant are the following:

  • Observe the environment and the problem.
  • Write down the ideas that appear, it is not known which of these is correct.
  • Self-confidence and the ability to resolve conflict.
  • Surround yourself with positive people so they don’t overshadow your creativity.
  • Share ideas so that in this way they can be developed in the most correct way.
  • Don’t get bogged down in logic.

What is it for

Creative thinking can be feasible for many things , however, it can be used very well in the resolution of any conflict , since innovation in this is a fundamental characteristic for effective solutions.


In creative thinking there are many skills, however, there are few that stand out the most, which are the following:

Although they are few, they are the skills that most distinguish individuals who enjoy creative thinking.


Creative thinking has only four stages, which are the following:

  • Preparation stage: In which the problem is analyzed.
  • Incubation stage: When the problem, its root and the possible solutions that it could have, is internalized and fully thinks.
  • Lighting stage: It is the moment in which the solution emerges from the neuronal walls in the form of an innovative idea.
  • Verification stage: This is the last stage, in which the application of the solution is analyzed and it is validated, so that there are no future problems.

Techniques for developing creative thinking

Some of the techniques to develop creative thinking are as follows:

  • Morphological analysis
  • Analogies
  • Bionics
  • Brainstorming or rain of Ideas
  • Blue slip
  • Brainwriting
  • Forced morphological connections
  • Create in dreams
  • CRE-IN
  • DO IT
  • The art of asking
  • The catalog
  • The why of things (the compass)
  • Stratal
  • Hall of Fame

In addition to these techniques, you can perform some exercises to trigger cognitive creativity, such as: Relax, disperse and free yourself from all the burdens that prevent us from being children again, since as it is known, children are the teachers in the field of creativity.


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A very good example of creative thinking can be seen in the following everyday scenes:

  • Juan was asked what the length of a building was, from physics , he replied that simply throw a long rope and that when it reached the floor a mark was made at the other end, in this way the length would be known, not However, although the answer was not incorrect, he was asked to repeat it again, but he could not say anything; When they asked him why the situation was wrong, he replied that he had many answers to the question, but he did not know which one was the correct one.
  • Creative thinking can be observed in a kindergarten, where children are seen playing with carts, assembling their own tracks, creating solutions to imaginary problems and various other situations.

Importance of creative thinking

This type of thinking is extremely important , since the most effective solutions are born from this , in addition to this, creativity is one of the gifts given to the most valuable human beings, from this innovative and ingenious articles and objects have come out that in addition to Winning over the public has evolved from generation to generation.

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