The track cars are railway vehicles for maintenance of railways . Although they are very few known to the general public, they have an important role in industrial heritage. Information of interest Vehicle Type: Light Rail Inventor: Karl Christian Ludwig Drais von Sauerbronn Year:  1817 What is dresin? The dresine is a light railway vehicle, driven by one person and conditioned to transport personnel or … Read more


In the exploration of the underwater world, the bathyscaphe is one of the most used vehicles due to its design and its ability to explore the deep sea, withstanding the high pressures of the ocean. Key questions What kind of vehicle is it? Submersible Who invented it? Augusto Picard In what year was the first one made? 1937 How deep … Read more


The hovercraft is the only fully amphibious mechanical device, as it can go everywhere: on land, water, sand, snow or ice. The principle of the hovercraft is simple: you just need to send air permanently underneath to lift it and make it move. Information of interest Vehicle Type: Aircraft Inventor:  Christopher Cockerell Year:  1952 Main uses:  Civil, sports, military What is a … Read more

Marine Transport

The shipping has become the backbone of the world trade and globalization . Twenty-four hours a day and throughout the year, ships carry loads to all corners of the world. World trade and maritime transport are, therefore, essential to maintain the economic growth of countries and to extend world prosperity , thus fulfilling a very important social and economic function for human life. It is one of the best means … Read more

Air Transport

The airlift is a type of media capable of performing transfers of passengers or property by aircraft or other means that travel through the air. It is considered as the safest means of transport today as it enjoys great technical advances, great security and a large number of electronic instruments that guarantee your safety. Its displacement is controlled by the air and consists of motors to give it flight capacity. What is air transport? … Read more

Backhoe Loader

The backhoe is an industrial and mechanical machine that is used to achieve large excavations in all types of terrain. It has an excavation bucket located at the end of an articulated arm in two different parts. Typically this arm is attached to the back of a tractor and is used on earthworks, for construction, piping, and drainage. What is a backhoe? The backhoe is a machine that has the purpose and use of making large excavations of … Read more


The airfields are actually very similar to those airports , as both have tracks and different equipment for landing aircraft. They are, in short, land that has been used to build facilities for an aircraft to be able to take off or land . They can be private , which are fully regulated by the authorities that control the airspace to function, or they can be sports , which are the aerodromes that are intended … Read more

Hot air balloon

Man always dreamed of flying through the air and even thought that he could leave the earth in the same way that the bird did. For a long time in which it stuck feathers on its body and flapped its “wings” forcefully, it could not fly. He needed to find a real invention and that much desired invention was the  hot air balloon or  hot … Read more


An airship is a large balloon of gas of consistency lighter than air that can be navigated through the use of a set of propellers driven by a motor that gives it movement. There are three different types of airships: rigid airships that have an internal metal frame that serves to maintain the shape of the envelope that the airship has; the semi-rigid in which the rigid … Read more

Multimodal Transport

In today’s world, multimodal transport is a basic element for the transfer of merchandise from one place to another using different vehicles so that the cargo reaches its destination quickly and safely with a single transport contract.   What is multimodal transport? Multimodal transport is the coordination of different modes of transport used to move materials or … Read more