Agrarian law

The agrarian law comes from the Latin ” directum ” and consists of the principles of justice that are part of the order normative and institutional within a society. It is a set of norms that allow the people to resolve all types of social conflict. The term agrarian refers properly to the field of agriculture , which consists of those jobs that are related to the soil , … Read more

Natural law

If we look at the word natural law , we clearly see that it is made up of two different words. The word law comes from the Latin “ directum ” and could be translated as things “that is in accordance with the law” and it is also everything that allows us to develop the different statements of justice that constitute the organization of … Read more

Positive law

The positive law is a set of rules legal act with force in the State determined at a given time, it does independently by sources as appropriate, is provided by the competent bodies for this function. It is the system of coercive norms , which govern or governed social coexistence at a certain moment. When speaking of positive, mention is made of someone who establishes it. The … Read more

Objective right

The objective right is the type of right that contains all kinds of obligations that have been imposed by the State and whose legislative power has the power to establish a complicated system of norms to regulate the behavior of men within society . It is founded from the analysis and application of the basic moral principles that a society must have. Within the objective law it is important to … Read more

Public Law

Public law is the branch of law whose main purpose is to regulate and monitor the different links that are established between individuals and private institutions that are related to public power , as long as these sectors are protected by the public powers of a legitimate nature and following the statutes of the law . It is a group of norms whose function is to regulate all those activities carried out by the Statewith respect to their sovereign functions … Read more

Commercial law

The commercial law or right commercial as it is also known worldwide is the branch of law that is responsible for regulating the different relationships that exist between individuals , the contracts and trade . It is part of private law, which includes the different rules regarding the development of commercial work. What is commercial law? Commercial law is the branch of law that is responsible for exercising the different laws to … Read more

Family right

The family law is an area that takes care of all the legal issues that are related to family relationships , such as adoption, divorce and child custody. Attorneys who practice family law are generally in charge of separating the spouses, determining who will get custody of the children, everything related to child support and other related legal matters. Some family law attorneys specialize in adoption , paternity , emancipationor other matters that are … Read more

Social law

The social rights consist of a group of rights that are guaranteed by the legislation ordinary , social rights are fundamental and are affirmed by the Constitution and by international human rights treaties . They are inspired by justice and are in charge of regulating the behavior of people within society, thus allowing them to resolve social conflicts that may arise in a given place. Find a way to control and establish equalitiesbetween the individuals of a … Read more


The case is the philosophy of law, science that is responsible for treating the principles of the positive law and legal relations . This science of law is formal , or analytical, rather than material. It is the science of real or positive law. In the proper sense of the word, the term refers to the science of law, that is, that science whose main function is to determine the principles on which legal rules are based , in order … Read more

Private right

The private law refers to the set of legal doctrines and rules governing relations between individuals of character private . It is very different from public law, which covers the relationship between the state and the individual. This type of law covers a number of key areas of the law: contracts, property, equity and trusts, torts, probate, and family law are among the most important. While many of the basic … Read more