JD Salinger

Throughout the 20th century, a series of writers have emerged who have been characterized by their style and their themes and who have become emblematic figures over time. One of them is JD Salinger , a man who had a life marked by World War II and who at the same time had an incredible literary ability that would later make him one of the most … Read more

Jacinto benavente

Jacinto Benavente was a recognized and important playwright of Spanish nationality whose work made it possible to glimpse a profound renewal within the theater in Castilian. The value of his extensive work made him the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature and he was an author producing a series of modern European references within Spanish theater, adding a series of influences that managed to highlight … Read more

Juan Ramon Jimenez

One of the most recognized Spanish writers is without a doubt Juan Ramón Jiménez , a man who was also part of the group of writers who joined after the loss of the colonies of Spain to the United States . His work starred in a renaissance in the literary field. His great style of poetry, influenced mainly by German romanticism and French symbolism , led him to occupy an important field in … Read more

Gabriela Mistral

Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, who used a literary pseudonym known worldwide as Gabriela Mistral, was the first female author in Latin America to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature . An important representative figure of the entire history and culture of the continent. A great poet who managed to win the admiration of the world for her works , with their cultural values and the traditions that she had from a continent recognized in the literary field. Personal … Read more

Jose Zorrilla

One of the most recognized authors was José Zorrilla , a Spanish playwright and poet who focused his literary work on developing three different genres of poetry , epic , lyrical and dramatic . Despite the fact that his works did not have much background, he was in charge of putting aside the approaches related to ideological issues . He was a faithful representative of romanticism despite not having had great teachers in his life. Personal information When … Read more

Pablo Neruda

Many important poets have existed in the field of literature, but nevertheless one of the most influential and read during the 20th century in all of America was Pablo Neruda , a writer of Chilean nationality who was considered the best poet in the Spanish language throughout his life mainly thanks to his odes and his love poems . Personal information When was he born: 07/12/1904 Where he was born: Parral, … Read more

Jose Saramago

Many famous and recognized writers have been born in Portugal , José Saramago was one of them and in fact he has been considered one of the most important voices in all world literature. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998, he was recognized internationally not only for his great literary work but also for his political position . Personal information When was he born: 11/16/1922 Where he was born: Azinhaga, … Read more

Jose de Espronceda

José de Espronceda was an important and renowned poet of Spain also considered one of the most important authors of the Spanish romanticism . He was a man who actively participated in politics giving his support to the liberal cause, being part of the different bourgeois revolutions that occurred in the 19th century, which caused his exile until 1833. Personal information When was he born: 03/25/1808 Where he was born: Almendralejo, … Read more

Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa was an important author and writer who managed to introduce gradually in the literature in Europe the Portuguese modernism . Despite the fact that his work was quite extensive and that his contributions were important, he was able to obtain recognition until after his death. Personal information When was he born: 06/13/1888 Where he was born: Lisbon, Portugal When he died: 11/30/1935 Where he died: Lisbon, … Read more

Mario Benedetti

One of the most recognized writers in the world has undoubtedly been Mario Benedetti , an important writer of Uruguayan nationality who marked the generations through his lyrics. He was a quite controversial writer who had his own positions in the political field which also caused him a life in exile and having to keep traveling from one place to another constantly. Personal information When was he born: 09/14/1920 Where he was … Read more