Leonardo Da Vinci Short Biography with Techniques and Works

Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance scholar whose areas of interest include invention, painting, sculpture , architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been variously called the father of paleontology, iconology, architecture and is considered one of the greatest painters of all time. He is … Read more

What is literature? Definition Characteristics Concept

What is literature?  When we speak of literature, we refer to a type of artistic expression that is based mainly on the use of oral language and written language . In this sense, the author of literary works uses the word as the means that will serve to express a feeling, dream, desire, idea, event or experience, which may … Read more

What is Sculpture? Types, Definition, Characteristics, Concept and Evolution

What is sculpture? For thousands of years sculpture , being also works of art, has filled the spirit of human life. Therefore, the earliest sculpture was probably made to provide magical aid to hunters. Then in the early days of civilization, statues were used to represent the gods. Likewise, ancient kings, possibly hoping to become immortal, had carvings and sculptures of their likeness. … Read more

What is Architecture Definition, Concepts, Types and Characteristics

In general, architecture is art in the sense of technique, of projecting and constructing not only buildings, but also other objects. In the same way, architecture can be defined as the set and perspective that a building presents. Likewise, some define it as the art of building with the principles of beauty and harmony. In the same way, the word architecture also … Read more

What is the history of art?

By “art” is understood any product made by the human being with a communicational or aesthetic purpose, where an idea that the artist has about some object or scene, real or imaginary, is embodied. Artistic expressions dating back many years have been found, such as sculptures, paintings and architectural works that today are considered the … Read more

What is art in simple words? Origin and importance

During this postmodern era, there are many who have questioned What is art? Lately artistic expressions have developed a lot, due to the growing interest that has been aroused around the arts. art in simple words A precise definition indicates that “Art” is the word that groups together all expressions made by men that attempt to express a sensitive … Read more

What is the definition of art?

Art is a term that takes all that creation and representation that has been made by humans and that tries to express and show a sentimental perception about the world, an imaginary world or a real world. To make this representation, products such as plastic, sound products or even the language itself are used, in addition the definition … Read more

What is Baroque Art? Definition, Concept and Characteristics

We explain that what is Baroque Art? its definition, concept and characteristics in detail. Baroque art definition Definition of Baroque Art Baroque art definition The Baroque art  began as a continuation of the Renaissance. However, scholars of the time began to see the drastic differences between the two styles, and also, how the Renaissance style gave way … Read more