Caligula , whose full name was Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus , born on August 31 in Artium, Italy , was a Roman emperor who was chosen as a succession to Tiberius , who effected the transfer of the last legion of a state that had been under a proconsul senatorial to an imperial legacy , thus completing the emperor’s monopoly of army command. The accounts of his reign by ancient historians are so biased against him that the truth is almost impossible to unravel.


Personal information

  • When he was born:  08/31 of the year 12 d. C.
  • Where he was born:  Anzio, Italy
  • When he died:  01/24, AD 41. C.
  • Where he died:  Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy

Who is Caligula?

Caligula was a man who served as emperor of the Roman Empire for a few years. The records depict him as a cruel and unpredictable leader who restored treason trials and killed many people.

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Caligula Biography

The Roman leader Caligula was born on August 31 , AD 12 in Antium, Italy. He was the third of the six children of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder . His great-great-grandfather was Julius Caesar and his great-grandfather was Augustus , while his father, Germanicus, was a beloved leader in his own right . His nickname was acquired during his childhood and meant booty .

In the year 19, his father died of poisoning, ordered to be executed by order of Emperor Tiberius , who saw him all the time as a threat. On August 19, in the year 14, Augustus died. Tiberius quickly assumed power and quickly sent Germanicus to the eastern provinces of Rome to carry out a diplomatic mission . When he arrived at the place he fell ill and soon died, which linked Tiberius with the death of his political rival. Agrippina the Elder  publicly blamed Tiberios for her husband’s death and wanted to take revenge for what Tiberios counterattacked by imprisoning Agrippina the Elder on a remote island , where she starved to death. The emperor laterHe imprisoned his two oldest sons , one of whom committed suicide; the other died. Due to his young age, Caligula was saved and was forced to live with his great-grandmother, Livia , Augusto’s wife .

In AD 31, Caligula was summoned by Tiberius to the island of Capri , where he was adopted by the man who had murdered his father and was treated as a prisoner . Forced to suppress his anger and show respect to Tiberius, despite his hatred of him, Caligula was likely mentally traumatized by the situation, causing him to take away his emotions for others. So, he reveled in watching torture and executions , and spent nights in orgies of gluttony and passion . Even the unstable Tiberius could see that Caligula was unhinged.. In March 37 Tiberius fell ill. He died a month later and the Romans were happy about his death, because the empire now belonged to Caligula, whom the citizens believed had the same qualities as his esteemed deceased father. The Roman Senate appointed 24-year-old Caligula, who had no experience in government, diplomacy, or war, as the sole emperor of Rome.

Death of Caligula

His death happened when he was only 28 years old , on January 24, 41 as the result of a great conspiracy that was developed by senators and praetorians , who were looking for a way to install a republic. The main character of Caligula’s death was the old Casio Chaerea who intercepted Caligula when he was walking in an underground gallery stabbing one knife in the neck.

Emperor of rome

In ancient Rome , we find a great legacy that has lasted to this day. One of the greatest emperors was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus , better known as Caligula . He was emperor from the month of March of the year 37 AD to 41 AD. He was characterized by carrying out a series of follies that characterized him, he ordered to kill all those who had betrayed him by word of mouth. Some historians believe that he lost his mind after a serious mental illness.  He had a pleasure to kill and to torturetheir prisoners. He also made the mistake of using the Empire’s contributions for his eccentric amusements. He built huge ships and bathtubs using gold coins. This behavior caused a great conspiracy to be created against him, during which he was assassinated .


Some of his most important and recognized phrases are the following:

  • I wish that whole Rome had a single head, so that it could be cut off.
  • The world is Rome, and Rome is the emperor … victory imperator Caligula.
  • Let them hate me , as long as they fear me.
  • What once was will not be.
  • I have existed since the beginning of the world and my existence will last until the last star of the night falls . Although I have taken the form of Gaius called Caligula, I am no man and I am all men, because I am… one God.
  • Still alive .

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