Burpee Test


There are several types of tests that can be used with the main objective of being able to evaluate the condition and physical performance , to evaluate and to re-evaluate these conditions in order to be able to know the physical advances or setbacks, if they exist. One of these tests is known of Burpee , which is considered one of the exercises more strong for the cardiovascular system , which can even be done at home.


What is the Burpee test?

The Burpee test is a test that is based on calculating the number of repetitions that can be done through burpees , a type of exercise that must be done until there is no more strength to continue exercising.


What does it consist of

In order to fully understand what the Burpee test consists of, it is necessary to know what this type of exercise is. The Burpee is an exercise that is responsible for measuring the aerobic resistance that a person has and is based on a series of movements that start from the vertical position or standing position , the legs must be placed a little apart and the arms must be be placed open to the height of the shoulders . Subsequently, the legs should be stretched back to be able to do a push-up.


The next step will be to do a push-up in which a bottom is made to be able to touch the ground with the chest and then jump with the legs to return to the horizontal position ending with a small jump and a pat on the back of the leg. head.

So, the Burpee test is based on performing as many burpees as possible in a certain period of time or until the person doing it no longer has the strength to continue doing the exercise.

Burpee test characteristics

Among the main characteristics of the burpee test the following are mentioned:

  • The Burpee test is a type of test that is based on aerobic endurance .
  • During the test there is an accumulation of lactate .
  • In this test, a sequence of movements is made for one minute as many times as possible.
  • It must be done in a preferably closed place where the weather does not affect the person who performs it.
  • The surface where the test is to be carried out must be flat to avoid damage to the hands.
  • Sports- type footwear should be used .


The origin of the Burpee was between the years 1930 and 1939 by Royal H. Burpee , a renowned physiologist from the University of Columbia . It was he who was in charge of developing a thesis which was based on the performance of a fairly simple exercise but at the same time had great intensity and which also does not need more than agility , strength and coordination to be carried out.

At the beginning, the test consisted of four basic steps that were known by the name of ” squat trhust ” which was based on a squat with the hands touching the ground, then it was necessary to stand up on a plank face down, later to the point number one for finally stand standing and during these exercises was done measuring the heart rate before starting the routine and when it ended.

Time later this exercise was introduced in the United States in the year 1942 , as a means to assess the condition and fitness of the soldiers who would participate in the II World War , here the test was to perform as many burpees in a period for 20 minutes . In 1946 , the test varied in number of minutes, reducing to only one. He was then added to the Burpee one bend in the arms or Push-up and armed added two flexures arms.

What is the Burpee test for?

The Burpee test is actually a very complete exercise by means of which all the muscles of the body and the cardiovascular system are put to work It is ideal to achieve a notable increase in cardiac resistance and respiration of those who perform it. It also serves to increase the muscle mass of the body and tone the body quickly, it is a good way to increase metabolism which makes it an ideal exercise to lose or maintain weight, as it also facilitates the burning of body fat .

How it is performed

Burpee test should be performed for a full minute , at which time the participant must make the greater amount of burpees that are possible. The simplest way to perform the Burpee test is as follows:

  • The person should stand with their arms down.
  • body bend is performed to achieve a low position with the feet touching the ground as well as the palms of the hands .
  • Then you should skip to achieve reach a position Push-up or lizard .
  • From this push-up position, you should then perform a full push-up , in other words, you should try to touch the ground with your chest .
  • Then you must return to the second position .
  • Once here, it must be placed in a straight position again to finish taking a jump and then start the whole cycle again .


The Burpee test formula is based on the number of repetitions that can be done during the established time . After the test has been completed, then the number of repetitions must have been counted and then made the comparison in an evaluation table which will indicate the level of physical and lactic resistance.


The table used to determine muscular endurance by means of the burpee test for men is the following:

Number of repetitions Condition
0-30 Bad
31-40 Normal
41-50 Well
51-60 Very good
+60 Excellent

For women, the following table is used:

Number of repetitions Condition
0-25 Bad
26-35 Normal
36-45 Well
46-55 Very good
+55 Excellent

Importance of the Burpee test

This test is important because through it it is possible to get to know and measure the anaerobic lactic resistance of individuals and because it significantly helps to improve functioning and movement capacity , increases strength and muscular endurance and also helps to strengthen bones. It is also a means by which the burning of body fat can be improved and the coordination of the body can be notably improved.

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