Bungee Jumping


In the sports world, there are several types of activities that produce great adrenaline rushes and are also considered high-risk sports . This is the case of bungee jumping , one of the most extreme sports that a participant who loves sport can practice.


What is bungee jumping?

The bungee jumping is one of the most sporting experiences exciting and full of adrenaline that can make extreme athletes which is launching a bridge attached a rope to thereby form a pendulum in the fall.


What does it consist of

The bungee jumping is one of the extreme sports and higher discharge adrenaline that exist in sport which involves jumping into the void from bridge using a safety harness and climbing rope that goes under the bridge. The athlete then falls in the shape of a pendulum with the feet firmly secured to the safety system provided by the rope.


Bungee jumping features

Among the main features are the following:

  • The rope he uses is a climbing rope and therefore has a minimal stretch which makes calculating the distance of the fall easier.
  • It is a string jump modality .
  • The string he uses is dynamic and shaped like a pendulum .
  • To practice it, it is necessary to use bridges that have a great height.
  • It is currently considered one of the extreme sports that give the most excitement to those who practice it.
  • It is one of the extreme sports more insurance that can be practiced today.


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that was invented in the 1970s in France , in a city known as Cruseilles. It was a climber of German origin who managed to connect a rope to one of the bridges that crossed the Les Usses river and then made a jump from another bridge at a distance of approximately 50 meters, so he made a pendulum between the two bridges .

This type of activity was known by the name of Kiene’s pendulum and in Spanish it was known by the name of bungee jumping . Little by little the sport began to spread throughout Spain and by the 80s , several climbers from other countries were doing the saint on the same bridge.

Who invented it

Bungee jumping was invented by Helmut Kiene in the 1970s.

Where to go bungee jumping

Bungee jumping can be practiced on bridges that are quite high , the highest of which is around 365 feet high and is known as the Victoria Falls Bridge, located in Zimbabwe. This sport is practiced in many parts of the world and there are well-known places such as the Macao Tower located in China , the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, Bloukrans in South Africa, the Navajo Bridge in Arizona, the Rio Grande in New Mexico and the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland.


The main basics of bungee jumping are mentioned below:

  • The bridge must have the adequate measure to be able to perform the jumps.
  • You must always have the appropriate safety equipment to prevent accidents.
  • The ropes must be checked and must have adequate strength.
  • The jump must be done following a strategy in which the person can propel himself forward from the railing .

Types of bungee jumping

There are several types of bungee jumping that can be performed by the participants. These are mentioned below:

  • Pendulum : in this type of bungee jumping, the athlete is tied to one end of the rope which is attached to the bridge structure and the other end is attached to the harness worn by the person.
  • Bungee jumping : an elastic rope is used to jump which makes it possible for the participant to fall freely instead of perpendicular . It has a great capacity of falling speed and deceleration .
  • Goming : the elastic rope that is used can stretch up to four times, allowing a free fall and vertically . Produces a greater adrenaline rush.
  • Backward jump: this jump is one of the most fearful because it is practically jumping into the void without actually knowing where it is going.


To practice bungee jumping correctly, it is necessary to know the main techniques as well as the differences it has with other types of jumps. The rope that is used stretches very little, so the bridges must be very high, which allows the fall to be calculated in a better way. The harness must also have specific characteristics to avoid the risk of accidents.


To practice this sport you need the following equipment:

  • Two dynamic climbing ropes measuring 10.5 to 12 mm in diameter and having a resistance greater than 2,500 kilograms.
  • Made of steel chains that are as thick as possible and that have shackles to be able to close them.
  • Two ” eights ” with safety carabiners .
  • The harness .
  • coil of auxiliary rope that is longer than the height of the bridge.
  • Comfortable clothes and gloves .


When bungee jumping is done correctly it represents a low risk , however, there are some risks that can occur while playing the sport. The jump may be in bad shape and this represents the greatest risk in this sport. If, when jumping, the person bends backwards, it can cause damage to the waist and if he jumps from the front he can hit his face with the same ropes.

The poor facilities of the rope and breaking of it can be fatal. Jumping without the guide’s permission also tends to cause some problems. This type of sport is not recommended in people who have heart or anxiety disorders as it could alter the heart rate due to the amount of adrenaline it releases.

Famous people who go bungee jumping

Some of the celebrities who have or who practice this type of activity are:

  • Redha Rozlan
  • Alan John “AJ” Hackett
  • Thierry Devaux


Some curiosities of bungee jumping are the following:

  • The largest official jump that has been made worldwide was made in South Africa .
  • In bungee jumping, up to two people can jump at the same time.
  • Most of the bridges where it is practiced are 40 meters high.
  • The record of people doing this activity was in Russia when a total of 135 participants jumped.

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