The boxing is a sport type of physical contact known worldwide in which two people face fighting . It is a sport of an Olympic nature that also has a series of world tournaments during the year through which boxers try to maintain their marks and first places. A sport that has been practiced mostly by men but that, with the passage of time, has gained a place in the women’s field.


What is boxing?

Boxing is a sport in which two fighters face each other only using their fists , which are protected by a pair of gloves with which they will hit their opponent until they achieve victory.


What does it consist of

Boxing is a contact and combat sport that is practiced within a ring, where two people fight and face each other in a duel using only their fists , which in turn, must remain covered by gloves throughout the match.


Boxing characteristics

The main characteristics of boxing are mentioned below:

  • This sport is practiced in an area known as the ring .
  • The opponents must be located in the same category depending on the weight.
  • The fights are supervised by referees who indicate the start of the game and enforce the regulations.
  • The fights are divided into rounds , which can be nine or twelve depending on the category.
  • Each round must last two minutes and must also have a 60 second break between them.


According to historians, boxing is a sport that had its beginnings in England in the early 18th century.  It originated as a result of the search for a term that could differentiate the struggles that occurred at the time following a series of rules and the fights that occurred in the streets to resolve personal conflicts. The first rules that came to regulate this sport originated in 1743 and the use of gloves as a protective measure occurred in 1889 .

By the 19th century , boxing began to spread throughout Europe and developed as a worldwide activity. At that time a series of rules were established such as the prohibition of hitting the opponent if he fell to the ground or fighting hand-to-hand. These rules were created in the year 1730 by Jack Broughton . There are data that indicate that boxing was present in the Olympic Games of antiquity , during the year 668 BC In modern times, the modality was introduced to the Olympic Games of San Luis in 1904 and remains part of this activity today.

Who invented it

Although it is not known for sure who invented boxing since it is a sport that has been practiced since the times before Christ, it is known that it was the Marquis of Queensberry who, together with John Graham Chambers , decided to create a series of rules and regulations to regularize the sport and also decided to implement the use of gloves as a protective measure.

Female boxing

In 1920, the Women Boxing Club was created in London, a club that would give way to the training of female boxers in the region, and that later, would expand throughout the world, winning more and more female fighters interested in the sport. At the end of the 19th century , there were already different boxing circuits and in the Olympics held in 1904 , the exhibition of this sport in its female branch was given for the first time.

In 1996 , female boxing gained more followers who began to invest in the sport and in 1997 , in the United States , the first female boxing championship originated , from this moment, many countries worldwide authorize this sport in the female category and the champions in each category began to emerge. A sport that has gone hand in hand with the oppression against the female sex , which little by little was opening up space in current sports and that today is finally recognized as a professional discipline .


The main techniques of boxing are:

  • Have a number of skills that allow the boxer to move so agile and quick during the fight.
  • Master the punches properly and know how to interlace them.
  • Have a good guard and know the defense mechanisms .
  • Know how to perform a counter attack
  • Maintain good leg offsets to be able to slide through the ring.
  • Make different types of combinations to reduce the opponent’s defense.
  • Know how to avoid blows by learning techniques to move backwards or laterally.
  • Have a good body balance that allows you to move your feet and torso from side to side to maintain good stability.
  • Know the guarding and blocking methods , mainly defensive.

Boxing rules

Among its most important rules we find a series of prohibitions such as, for example, you cannot hit the back of the opponent’s neck or the back of the head, you cannot hit the opponent with kicks , boxers cannot turn your back on his opponents, blows below the belt area are not allowed nor are blows with the head allowed.

In professional boxing , the rounds must be only 3 or 4, the use of head protectors is not allowed , although the referee has the power to stop the fight if he observes a blow that puts the boxer’s life at risk. Each participant must have a personal doctor who attends to him in case of severe blows, and the players must go bare-chested during the fight.


The boxing categories are established depending on the weights of the competitors and are the following: Straw (47kg), Mini Fly (49kg), Fly (51kg), Super Fly (52kg), Rooster (54kg), Super Rooster (55kg) , Feather (57kg), Super Feather (59kg), Light (61kg), Super Light (64kg), Welterweight (67kg), Super Welterweight (70kg), Medium (73kg), Super Medium (73kg), Light Heavy (79kg) , Cruiser (91kg), Complete (more than 91kg).


Boxing, like many others, has a series of tournaments or competitions both nationally and internationally . These internal competitions in the countries are carried out with the aim that boxers go up in the rankings, especially in the national aspect. It is a sport that is also included in the Olympic Games that are held every four years. There are competitions such as the Mediterranean Games , the European Championships and the World Championships where boxers defend first place.


The team that a boxer needs to be able to face an opponent is the following:

  • Gloves : they are used as a means of protection and cover the hands of boxers. They also have the function of softening the blow a bit during combat, thus reducing the amount of wounds on the face.
  • Mouthguard : used, as the name implies, to protect the boxer’s mouth . It is made of a synthetic material that helps take care of the teeth, tongue and jaw.
  • Shorts : also known as trousers, it is a garment that all boxers should wear and that ideally, it should be made with breathable material and with an elastic at the waist to improve mobility.
  • Boots : Boots should provide good support to the boxer on the foot and ankle. They must also have padding that gives greater protection to the joints and tissues.
  • Ring : it is a square structure that must measure at least 5 x 5 meters, for international matches it must measure 6 x 10 meters. The surface of this ring must be covered by a canvas and the construction must be solid and well leveled.

Featured boxers

Some of the most prominent boxers in the world are mentioned below:

  • Muhammad Ali considered the best boxer in the world and in history .
  • Carlos Monzón , Argentine who was world champion on several occasions.
  • Jake LaMotta , American middleweight champion.
  • Salvador Sánchez , Mexican featherweight champion.
  • Mike Tyson a controversial boxer from the United States.
  • Rocky Marciano , an Italian and American national, was famous for his knockouts.

Boxing trivia

The largest boxing assault in the world occurred on April 6, 1883, a fight between Jack Burka and Andy Brown . This fight lasted a total of 110 rounds and lasted seven hours and fifteen minutes. On September 5, 1923, in a confrontation between Gene LarRue and Kid Pancho , the two players hit a blow at the same time so they fell to the canvas without being able to get up. The shortest fight was in Minnesota in 1947, a fight that lasted only four seconds. The boxer highestOf the story was Gomea Mitu, a Romanian who was 2.33 meters tall and weighed 148 kilograms. Lastly, the only boxer to remain undefeated throughout his career was Rocky Marciano who retired from the sport in 1955.

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