One of the most fun and popular sports that exist in the world is bowling or bowling as it is also known. This activity can be practiced by anyone and even by those who have different abilities. It is practiced worldwide and there are several international competitions that have thousands of followers around the world.


What is bowling?

The bowls are a type of sport floor whose main objective to overthrow a total 10 pins using the concentration and coordination in each of the 10 inputs or opportunities for the player.


What does it consist of

Bowling is a sport that consists of getting the ball that is thrown down the track to take the correct direction to be able to knock down in the first throw, all the bowling , when this happens, a strike is produced. Each player will have a total of 10 chances to try to throw the pins which are done twice.


Bowling history

Bowling has been played since very ancient times, in Ancient Egypt data have been found that indicate the presence of a primitive type of bowling, a game they called spheristikós. In classical Greece , this sport was also widely practiced as a form of entertainment, in fact, its name comes from the Greek and means piece of stick .

During the 3rd century, the game began to be played by the Germans and at the beginning of the 4th century in European monasteries . Throughout the Middle Ages, the game spread to many populations and became one of the most popular games. A short time later it became a competitive game widely practiced by the nobles. It was in the nineteenth century when the game was regulated and managed to spread to North American countries.

Bowling Characteristics

Its main characteristics are mentioned below

  • It is a sport that needs a lot of coordination .
  • The pines should be placed in the shape of an equilateral triangle .
  • On the track bowling must have marks in the form of dots or arrows to serve as a reference to the player and the shots can be more precise.
  • When all the pines are knocked down in the first attempt it is called chuza and when all the pines are knocked down in both opportunities it is known as spare . In case the pines are not knocked down in both shots, a march occurs .
  • When there are unturned pines , the player is said to have suffered a fall.
  • If the player strikes, he does not need a second shot.

Who invented it

Bowling is one of the oldest games that exist and it is believed that they were born in the Neolithic period and in Ancient Egypt, but there is no exact information on who invented it.


There are several variants or types of skittles that are practiced all over the world, it is possible to find the Palma Skittle in which the maximum amount of skittles in a group of 9 must be knocked down with a wooden ball. The Bolo Celta played a total of 20 pine trees and has two phases, the descent that involves throwing the ball about bowling from about 6 meters and the climb that involves throwing the ball from Streak 10 trying to knock down all the pins. Other types are the Bolo Leonez , Andalusian , Pasabolo Plank and Cuatreada .

How to play

Bowling is played per game which will have a total of 10 spins and each of them has two spins . When performed chuza or strike , in other words, when all the balls are thrown then the player will no longer lazar ball again. The player must take position to throw the ball , hold it and then take his throwing position and then throw the ball and try to knock down the pins.


To play bowling, certain important fundamentals must be followed which are mentioned below.

  • Rationale # 1 : You must find a bowling ball that has a good fit and a conventional grip . The best thing will always be to buy a ball, although it is not necessary when you start. To determine the proper fit for your hand, the thumb must be inserted nearly its full length into the ball’s thumb hole. The thumb hole should be comfortably loose.
  • Fundamental # 2: You must learn the basic approach to bowling which consists of 4 steps. This approach creates momentum , increases the speed of your ball, and is the most important approach to launching the ball down the lane. Also, posture is extremely important in bowling.
  • Fundamental # 3 : Learning basic aiming methods is critical whether it’s with points , arrows, or lines . Understand about the points and arrows on the bowling alley and how to use them, the angles and how to use them when the ball rolls for a strike or for a spare.
  • Fundamental # 4 : You need to understand how the basic shot works . Bowling spares, especially as a beginner, are the most important factor in improving your bowling score. It is possible to get a game just by getting the parts in a game without any strikes.

Bowling rules

The rules to be able to play bowling include the following statutes:

  • Each bowling game consists of a total of 10 turns per person.
  • Players are entitled to two shots per turn, except if on the first shot they manage to knock down all the pins.
  • The number of pines that have been felled in each shot are added together to count the points .
  • When a half shot is made , the points are 10 plus the number of pines that manage to be knocked down in the next turn.
  • If the player puts a foot or crosses the line of fault , the points are not valid.
  • A bowling game must have a total of ten squares .


The most important competitions played worldwide are:

  • La Raza International Bowling Tournament
  • Championship of Spain of Bolo Palma
  • EDICOM Bowling League
  • Winner Group Bowling Championship


Regarding the technique to play bowling, we find three aspects of great importance, these are:

  • Grip or grip: this is the way in which the athlete takes the ball before throwing it. It can be a conventional squeeze where the thumb is inserted into the thumb hole, and the ring and middle finger in the side holes. The finger grip technique can also be used where the tips of the fingers are placed in the lateral trades keeping the thumb in place and we find the palm grip in which the fingers are not put into the holes and the ball is held with the hands.
  • Approach : here we find the steps to be able to play bowling. It is important that you start by placing your foot on the same side as you are throwing , usually between three and six steps are taken as you approach the court.

After these steps, the player places his swinging arm back and then brings the other arm forward by leaning a little. Subsequently, the ball will be let go and must walk away from the lane.

  • Roll : it can be of two types, one straight through the rail and one that curves the ball through the barrel . The objective of this technique is to be able to make the ball rotate to the right.


The track has a measure that must be respected in all bowling alleys and they are built in closed spaces. This track is divided into three parts. The first of them is known as the approach area and is the place where the players are located, it has a measurement of 4.57 meters and reaches the foul line, it is here where the points that indicate the shooting positions which are separated with a measurement of 13.5 centimeters .

The second part is known as the area of ​​the track and it has a length of 18.9 centimeters and has a width of 39 slats. It also measures 1.06 meters and has two gutters . The last area is known as the pin deck area and it is where the pins are placed . It has a length of 1.21 meters to the bottom .


This ball is round and must be constructed of urethane , plastic, and reactive resin . They have a group of three holes where the fingers are inserted. There is a type of ball that is used in the five-club mode that does not have holes. They have a weight of 7.2 kilograms and a circumference of 68.6 centimeters .


To play bowling it is necessary in terms of clothing , to use appropriate shoes for the sport and they are essential for the practice. These shoes have a special sole that makes it possible for the player to move his left foot while the right foot remains without slipping . Another part of the equipment necessary to be able to play bowling is the balls , you also need to use gloves , which have a metal reinforcement on the wrist and gloves to provide protection and prevent the hands from sweating.

Famous players

Among the most famous players worldwide we can find:

  • Lucas Legnani player from Argentina
  • Don Carter , considered a legend of the sport of bowling
  • Mike Fagan United States professional player
  • Jason Belmonte from New Wales

Bowling trivia

Some curiosities of bowling are the following:

  • Del Lawson had the highest score in back bowling, reaching a score of 139 in 2002.
  • In the early 20th century , bowling balls were made of wood and later heavy rubber .
  • The American Bowling Congress was a gentlemen’s club (no ladies allowed) and it was until 1917 that women got their own organization, the National Women’s Bowling Association .
  • In Japan it is the largest bowling center in the world: Inazawa Grand Bowling Center has 116 tracks.

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