Vehicles are composed of several parts, not only internal but also external, which are essential for the proper functioning of this means of transport, one of these parts is the car body . It is also one of the parts of a car in which several mechanical parts are located , which makes it a fundamental part for the vehicle to roll on the road.

What is the bodywork?

The bodywork is a type of structure that automobiles have on which the frame rests and that also carries in its internal part the driver of the vehicle, the passengers and the load , depending on the type of means of transport in which it is located. .

  • Body features
  • What is it for
  • Evolution
  • Body types
  • Body maintenance
  • Importance

Body features

We could say, before mentioning the characteristics of the body of a car, that this is the outer layer that we can observe when we see a vehicle of any type. It is a fundamental structure that allows to create an optimal space in which all the passengers who board the vehicle and the load are placed. Among its main characteristics we can mention the following:

  • It has the ability to give the car a good aesthetic as well as the proper functionality to the vehicle.
  • In it the passengers and the load that is transported in the car are located.
  • It also has a protection function for the vehicle.
  • Its structure has the ability to absorb shocks and stress .
  • It is made up of a front and a rear part and the passenger compartment is located in its central part .
  • It has a front module that protects the central part itself, a central module that is rigid and non-deformable and also provides protection to the passengers of the car and a rear module that has the function of providing protection in the event that the vehicle is collided. behind.
  • It has a high level of rigidity to avoid bending that the forces acting on it can produce.
  • It uses materials for its construction that are resistant and do not age easily.

What is it for

The car body serves mainly to create a space , known by the name of the passenger compartment , which serves to provide a place where passengers, cargo and the driver of the vehicle travel. It provides higher levels of safety thanks to its resistance or controlled deformation variables, which makes it possible for energy to be absorbed by the bodywork in the event of accidents. The body also serves so that, when a crash occurs, the maximum kinetic energy can be transformed to reduce the secondary effects produced by the impact.


The bodywork of the means of transport has been seen since ancient times, in fact, during the 16th century it was normal to observe different types of bodies made of wood which were placed on horse-drawn carts . Little by little, due to its importance, it evolved and more resistant materials such as steel and aluminum began to be used , which also allowed making new, more stylized and moldable designs .

Today, aerodynamics have completely transformed the evolution of the body, making it safer and giving the customer better efficiency and comfort , more speed and protection . A way has been sought to integrate a greater number of parts to the body to improve the operation of the vehicle, to reduce the total weight to control polluting emissions and it has been given a greater protection capacity for passengers, pilot and loads.

Body types

There are several types of bodywork that have evolved over time, including the following:

Body with independent chassis

This type of bodywork is bolted to the chassis and can be detached from the car in case it needs to be repaired. It is used mainly in off – road vehicles and industrial- type vehicles .

Platform with separate body

In this case, the body is located on a platform instead of on the chassis.

Monocoque body

It has elements that are removable such as the engine hood, doors and bumpers.

Self-supporting body

In this case, this is the type of body that is most used today and it is composed of several pieces that are welded together and that give the shape to the structure of the vehicle. In its external part it has some elements such as the doors and its repair cost as well as the spare parts are much cheaper.

Other types

The body of a car can also have several types depending on the volume it has, then it is possible to find the following:

  • Minivan : the boot, the passenger compartment and the engine form a fully integrated volume.
  • Two volumes : the space where the engine is located is independent and on the other hand there is the passenger compartment and the cargo space as a whole.
  • Three volumes : the trunk, passenger compartment and engine have a completely differentiated volume.

There is also a different classification that depends on the shape, in this way the following types of bodies can be found:

  • Sedan or saloon : the type of body that has three volumes.
  • Compact : the body has three to five doors,
  • Familiar : the roof body is higher which allows better access to the load.

Body maintenance

One of the main aspects that must be followed to give proper maintenance to the body of a car is frequent washing in order to keep impurities away that can cause damage to the paint. A layer of protective wax may be applied after each wash to enhance protection. Before applying the soap, it is important to wet the body well with plenty of water to be able to lather, ideally, use shampoos specifically created for this purpose.

After soaping the bodywork, the remaining soap residues should be thoroughly washed to prevent them from drying out and remaining in contact with the structure. Drying everything very well and avoiding stored water is important to avoid corrosion . Every 60,000 kilometers it is also advisable to look for possible rust spots and apply protective waxes in places where deterioration is becoming evident. It is also advisable to cover the car with a protector to prevent the sun or rainwater from damaging the color.


The bodywork is one of the most important parts of a vehicle as it is the place where people and loads that are carried from one place to another are transported . In addition, it turns out to be the part of the car that can provide, in addition to comfort , a lot of safety to all passengers, which is why it turns out to be a vital piece to safeguard the lives of the people who move in it. It also provides high levels of comfort and durability to the means of transport and helps to considerably reduce all types of noise that may be produced inside the car.

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